I buy her flowers, sometimes. I bring her breakfast. I look after her. I do everything for her, because she is special. I don't know if it's love, because I don't know if I've felt this way before. She is amazing and I want her to see me more than just a playboy across his desk. I want her to really see the sensitive and romantic man I really am.

Yesterday I gave her her favorite chocolate. She said thanks and then walked away. That much of seeing me.

The day before that I got her flowers. I got her tulips – she seems to like them, beside roses is too usual, I wanted to give her something special. She seemed to like them. But that was it. No thank you and you are such a great guy or friend or something. Anything that meant something to her.

All he did was want a sign.

I have sent her flowers to home, let people deliver packages with candy and romantic letters. She is an investigator – she should figure the person out. Of course it wouldn't be like that if she was seeing someone, then she'd think that she knows, who the person is, but really doesn't. Or maybe she already knows, but doesn't want others to think that she knows. Doesn't want me to know it.

I'm in love, but I don't know how she feels. I day I read the book "Gone with the wind", by the way they made a movie of it in 1939, starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh and Leigh got an Oscar for her performance and the movie got many more Oscars. But the point is that I read the book. It was good. Kind of like our story – I want her, but she doesn't want me. They say that crush always knows, so she has to know.

I do stupid things to get her attention. I piss her off, so I can see her angry face, which is so adorable. I like when she is so angry and is throwing fire. She is so cute. That means that we have the sparkle, we'd be great together.

Today I sent her 12 roses to home with a beautiful poem. Also there was a box of the best candy in a heart-shaped-box. There was a letter with a letter A.D. At the bottom as Anthony DiNozzo.

She hasn't said anything. In the middle of the day a musicians came to play to her. She was flattened, but she didn't say anything. The musicians played in Italian, so she had to know. Yet she didn't say a word.

Kate is an amazing woman and he still believes that they would have worked together. They would have ended up together with kids. They would have gotten married. It doesn't matter that she is no longer here. Tony has loved her for a long time and will love forever.

Time doesn't change love. Time doesn't change people. People change people. Kate has changed Tony and he has changed her. He is a romantic man for Kate... was a romantic man for Kate.