Once in awhile everybody does crazy things, even in the middle of an undercover mission. Gibbs considered himself not a romantic guy, but sometimes even he could make something special. For the special lady of course. And at the moment, he didn't have problems with the special lady.

It was Tuesday, when Jenny came to their small apartment and saw, that the candles were all over the place, flowers – roses and orchids were placed on every table in the room. The smell of chocolate cake baking came to her nostrils and she went to the kitchen.

The kitchen was empty and the chocolate cake wasn't baking – it was already ready and waiting on the kitchen counter.

It's not something that Jethro does, so he must have screwed up something or it's their anniversary. And since they don't have an anniversary yet, he must have done something bad.

Jenny decided to look into the bedroom, in case he is there. She was lucky – Jethro was there holding her favorite flowers – orchids in his hands and smiling brightly.

"What did you do ?" she asked in a tired voice.

"Happy Valentine's day darling," he said ignoring her question.

"Ah, Valentine's day. Happy Valentine's day to you too," she said after reminding herself that this is 14th February indeed. How could have she forgotten it.

"I love you Jenny and I want you to have a great and romantic night, because even I can be romantic once in awhile for the very special woman. I can be a better man with you and today I am giving you something back. Today I am yours," he said and that's all she needs, at the moment.

"I love you too," she said nearly above whisper before she leaned in and their lips met.

If Jethro could be romantic, then all men could do it.