Everybody makes decisions. Some stand out, some are long forgotten when you make a new one. Those decisions leave scars – some are visual, some not. For her it's a circle on her thigh. Well, it's more like an ellipse, but the meaning stays the same. Every time she looks at the scar, she thinks of him. Jethro.

It was in the Czech Republic, where she got shot. It was pretty bad and probably she'll never forget how helpless Jethro was, but the same how begging and loving at the same time. She could swear that there were tears in his eyes, but she never told him. She was scared too – scared to die and leave everything behind, because she wasn't done yet. She was no-where near being finished with her plan.

They were sent far from Prague – it was Brno, where they stayed – near the Austia-Czech border. He was so good at taking care of her, what she never asked of course, but he was good nevertheless, even if she never admitted to that.

Now, years later, when she is his boss and he is just a lead agent, they don't have it anymore. They are not Jenny and Jethro anymore or whoever they were in Europe a long time ago. It was times ago, but some things stay. For her it's an ellipse on her right thigh along with other mental scars, there is just one thing so visible, so impersonal, but the same it's her memory.

Even though Jenny didn't like the decision she had to make, it doesn't matter that it's not right. It was the right thing to do, damage was already made in every way. So all she has is an ellipse on her thigh.