Amy launched herself out of yet another TARDIS dream, annoyed with herself for having one. She knew those days were over. She had a life now. Everything she'd ever wanted to have. She had her kids, three of them, four if you counted River, wherever she was. Her gorgeous husband who she would never let out of her sight again. Her dream house at the end of Bannerman Road. Her perfect life.

But it wasn't life on the TARDIS. It wasn't life with the Doctor. By comparison, this new life was boring. Nowhere near enough running involved. Nowhere near enough aliens. Nowhere near enough Doctor.

Rory rolled over to look at her.

"Again?" He asked, looking at his wife's face, knowing immediately that she'd awaken thinking that she was on the TRADIS again. She just looked back at him. She could see he was hurt. He always was when she had a TARDIS dream.

"It's not like it's something I can control, Rory." Amy said bluntly, throwing the bed covers aside and walking through to the bathroom.

"Er, you could try!" Rory said quickly, jumping out of bed and following her through.

"I am trying!" Amy said, getting frustrated. Rory may be wonderful, and amazing, and he may have looked over her for over two thousand years without her knowing, but he couldn't half be irritating sometimes!

"Amy, we have a life now!" Rory said, desperately, "We have kids; I have a job, a proper job, one where I haven't got sacked because I've found an alien living in my fiancé's house! We have friends."

"We had friends before, too," Amy said awkwardly. They had promised to never talk of the 'Mels' incident. Or Hitler's involvement. "And besides, our friends are ex-companions of the Doctor; Sarah Jane, Martha. Jack..."

"Oh, no, you are not counting Captain Jack as a friend!" Rory said, running his hand through his hair in despair before stomping back through into the bedroom to sulk.

"Oh come on, he was nice!" Amy said, following him.

"Oh, that is just like you," Rory said getting back into bed and pulling the covers over his head.

"What is?" Amy said indignantly, pulling the covers off the bed all together.

"You!" Rory said, "One guy acts all flattering and charming and you just melt right into them!"

"Okay, apart from with Jack, when has that ever happened?" Amy said, doing her 'Amy-thing' and putting her hands on her hips and glaring at Rory.

"Er, hmm, let me think, The Doctor?" He said, pulling his pyjama top off and walking across the bedroom in a hump. Amy just stood and stared at him. He felt her eyes baring into the back of his head. He pulled on his t-shirt before turning around and walking over to her.

"Sorry. It just...annoys me, I suppose," Rory said, wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning his head against her's, "I just thought it was all over, that's all." She wrapped her arms around his neck.

"We're never leaving that behind," she said, "But..." she trailed off as shouts erupted from their oldest daughter's bedroom.

"Eugh!" Rory said, lifting his arms up to remove Amy's arms form his neck. He gave her a quick kiss before climbing the stairs to the attic bedroom they had redecorated for their oldest daughter, Isabella.

"What in the universe is going on?" Rory said, walking in to duvets and pillows thrown onto the floor and the twins wrestling on Izzy's bed.

"They came in, jumped on my bed and said they wanted to 'play a game'," Izzy said, sounding immensely annoyed, "It's a Saturday! One of only two days a week when I don't have to get up early and they ruined it!"

Rory lifted their girl twin, Jenny, off of the bed, whilst the other, Oliver, just rolled off the side onto a pile of pillows giggling.

"I don't know what you two are laughing about!" Rory said faking angriness, "Neither of you were waking Izzy up properly. If you wanted to do it properly, you'd have done it like this." Izzy was glaring at him. He always takes their side, she thought angrily.

Rory put Jenny back onto the bed, before walking over to where Izzy was a hoisting her over his shoulder before parading around the room with Izzy laughing wildly.

"Dad! Stop it! Put me down, I'm going to wet myself!" Rory carefully put her back on the floor, and she rushed off into the 1st floor toilet, still laughing. Amy stood in the doorway, smiling. There was her Rory. There was the wonderful, beautiful, English boy she'd fallen in love with. Her Last Centurion. Her Plastic Auton. The guy who'd put up with her, and looked after her, and never once got annoyed with her in their time in the TARDIS. Her Rory.

The twins were pestering Rory to do with them what he did with Izzy. "Nope," Rory said, putting Jenny on his shoulders and Olly on his back, "Time for breakfast I think."

As Amy grabbed the cereal boxes out of the cupboard, Rory plonked Jenny on one side of the table and Olly on the other.

"No arguing," he said, moving a pointing finger between the two of them. They just giggled. Rory went over to the fridge to get the orange juice, the milk and the butter, like he did every morning. Amy placed the cereal on the table then went to the toaster to make four slices of toast, before getting the jam out of a different cupboard, like she did every morning.

Rory glanced out of the window, and, seeing Clyde and Rani walking down the road together towards Sarah Jane's house, smiled and waved at them. Amy sat down at the table after putting the now toasted bread on a plate in the middle of the table, thinking about her dream. It had been so real. She'd been back in the TARDIS again, with her boys, all excited after another adventure with the Doctor. Then the TARDIS had landed again, and Amy, curious about their current destination, had gone outside to investigate with Rory hot on her heels. As soon as the door had slammed shut, the familiar 'vworp, vworp' had started up and the TARDIS had disappeared. Amy had run to the spot where it had been just seconds earlier, screaming for the Doctor to come back. But he never did.

"Mum, guess what!" Izzy said, running into the kitchen whilst simultaneously tying her hair into a pony tail.

"Umm... aliens have taken over the planet and they've taken you're teacher prisoner so the whole school's closed for a week?" Amy said, smiling at her nine year old daughter.

"No! Don't be silly mum; aliens would never take Mrs Taylor prisoner!" Izzy said laughing, "And even if they did, Mr Chandra would neverclose the school! No, Luke's coming back from Oxford next week and Sarah Jane wants us all to come over for dinner!"

Amy looked over at Rory, who smiled, "Well we'd better tell her we're coming then, hadn't we?" Amy said, before putting toast on Izzy's plate, "Now, sit down and eat! We've got a very busy day."

"We have?" Rory asked, sounding surprised. Amy waved him over to the fridge, where she casually pretended to look for something on a shelf.

"What I was going to ask you earlier: if our lives could be partly how they are now, and partly like they were when we were on the TARDIS, would you want to live like that?" Amy asked him, looking deep into his eyes to show him that she was deadly serious.

"Umm...if it would make you happy, and if I knew that the kids wouldn't be in danger, and if I could still kind of keep my job, because I've worked really hard to get there..."

"Rory." Amy stopped him, "Yes, or no?" He just looked at her. He knew it meant the world to her for him to say yes...

"Yeah," he said, "Yeah I would." He shook his head, suddenly confused, "Why are you asking exactly?" Amy smiled an excited smile.

"Because the TARDIS is in our back garden." She said, throwing the fridge door shut and running outside.

Rory just stood there completely in shock, before running outside after her.