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"Woohoo!" Spidey yelled as he did three flips and spun another wen to swing to another building. As he was swinging passed a building, it blew up and made Spider-Man fly backwards to another building. He turned at last second and landed on his hands and feet on the building. He crawled up the building into he was at the top and looked down at the scene. He saw a chubby man in a suit, a top hat, a glass bottle stuck in his left eye, and an umbrella? The weirdest thing was when he walked, he squawked. Spidey burst out laughing, this guy was a joke. Spider-Man webbed down and landed on a lamppost in front of the squawking man. The man squawked in surprise and yelled, "Who the hell are you?"

"You don't know me? You must be new," Spidey said as he hung himself upside down and stuck out his hand, "hi I'm Spider-Man."

"Nice name kid, come up that yourself?" the dwarf mused

"Why yes I did, and I got to tell you, it's been working wonders for me. Now who are you?"


Spider-Man couldn't hold it in, he burst out laughing. Penguin was startled by this, "What's so funny boy?"

He continued laughing as he said, "It's just that…you look like…and are the SIZE of a penguin…and your name is just…oh God you're just so funny!"

'The Penguin glared and aimed his umbrella at him and said, "You think my name's a joke kid?"

"Yes, hence why I'm laughing," Spidey responding without missing a beat. That made Penguin shot at Spidey, which he dodged gracefully. "Hey! That could've hit me!" Spidey complained.

"That's the point kid," Penguin said with a gruff as he continued to try and shoot Spider-Man, but to no avail.

"And here I was thinking that penguins were cute and cuddly, I guess you hatched a little too early." Spidey said as he spun a web that attacked to his umbrella and took it away from him. Penguin then grabbed his money and started to run, and Spider-Man followed. He swooped over Penguin and grabbed his hat. He landed in front of Penguin, wearing the top hat, umbrella in one hand leaning on it, and a hand held out to make him stop. "Hold it there chap," Spidey said in his fake British accent and he twirled the umbrella. He leapt forward and hit Penguin with the umbrella, and he was down for the before swinging away.


"Hey Batman, come look at this," Robin said to Batman while motioning him over.

"What is it?"

"It's the news for New York, just watch." Robin pressed the play button:

"We're here live in New York reporting that another robbery was stopped by Spider-Man. This man behind me is being taken away as we speak, and refers himself as; The Penguin-"

Batman pressed paused it. "So Penguin is down, we'll go retrieve him later, what about the others. Joker doesn't like to play with others, so it's a low chance that he'll be in New York."

"Well if you didn't press pause, you'd find out that that's not the cause," Robin retorted, getting a glare from Batman. Robin pressed play again.

"Spider-Man was only given a short break, when plants started sprouting from the ground. He is currently fighting off a green lady that's controlling the plants and-"

The ground shook, making the reporter man stop. The ground started cracking, and then finally burst and out came Killer Croc. People ran away screaming, but the reporter didn't. Killer Croc was charging at them when the reporter man and the camera guy was swept away by Spider-Man. They were a good distance away and were watching the fight, and it was not going in Spidey-Man's favor. "Where are these guys coming from?" the reporter asked. Suddenly there was an eerie laughter and a voice said, "Why Gotham of course! Where else? We," the mad man gesturing, "are the Gotham gangsters!" He then threw a bomb and out came Joker's laughing gas, and the reporter and camera guy laughed till their death….

"Batman to Spider-Man"

"What's up Bats?"

Batman sighed and thought that he's just like Flash. "We saw the news and are coming to help."

"Yeah help would be nice. By the way, you can have your 'Gotham Gangsters' back, I don't like them."

"Few do"

Batman and Robin bordered the bat jet and head off to the big city.


After the fight, Batman and Robin were dragging the Penguin to the jet, the rest have escaped. "Thanks for the help Bats, you too Rob," Spider-Man said while fist pumping Robin. The two seem to bond over complete destruction of a city they were trying to save.

"Be on the lookout for the other three, and call me immediately if you seem them." Batman commanded

"Don't worry, I will. Those guys are crazy!"

"I think it's the Gotham air," Robin replied as he smiled.

"Well see you lat- and they're gone…" Spidey said as he saw that they weren't standing there anymore. "Oh-kay…"


"That went well," Poison Ivy said sarcastically.

"Yeah, way to go you flightless bird," Joker said "he deserved to get captured. Honestly is there never a place where heroes don't roam?"

Killer Croc stood up and said, "Someone's here… I can smell them."

"That's creepy, but who am I to judge?" Joker said as he patted Croc. "Good job my guppy!"

Then the door to their hide out was broken down. "Don't you knock? What if I wasn't decent?" Joker said

"I'd come to offer…assistance." A raspy voice said

"Mmhmm, get on with it before I have my guppy eat you," Joker said while looking at his nails, that were covered by a glove. What a freak.

"I know how to take down both of our heroes. Together we could kill Spider-Man, Batman, and Robin…"

Joker perked up and said, "Ooh I like the way you think! Ivy dear, why don't you go make this lovely man a sandwich?"

"Absolutely not," Ivy retorted sourly.

"Fine, so what's your name?" Joker asked as he put his head in both of his hands that were on the table.

"My name is Green Goblin; this is Doc Ock and Mysterio."

"Very nice to meet you! Sour squirt over there is Poison Ivy, and that guppy over there is Killer Croc! We enjoy massacre, chaos and night walks across Gotham! So what's your plan green bean?"

"We switch towns. Make groups to take them down. They'll be unfamiliar with new arrivals…"

"Hmm, I like it! But I want to stay with Batsy!" Joker whined

"So be it. You'll go into Gotham with Mysterio and Doc Ock, and I'll stay here with Killer Croc and the lovely lady over there," Goblin said as he wiggled his eyebrow at Ivy.

Joker grinned and said, "Deal."