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The ancient warrior

Chapter one


In a field lay the bodies of about Ten thousand soldiers as the panning of battle field you see the remaining Rookie 11 all laying on the ground as it continues the scope of the field lay the fallen leaders of the alliance the Kages and the leader of the Samurai's dead on the field of battle.

In the Akatsuki base a man with his purple mask is facing a man of 17 years with blond hair and a red cloak with black flames he had red pigment around his eyes; on his shoulder are two toads one male and green skin, the other is Female and has gray skin and purple lip stick.

"It's over Madara, I freed the Bijuu and they are now in Maki to be revitalized, said the blond.

Madara laughs "you ruined my plans boy; I have no further need to take you alive," said the mad man as he goes through some seals.

"Fire Style: Grand Fire Ball Jutsu," shouted Madara as he fire a fireball out of his mouth.

The blond form a cross seal "Massive Shadow Clone Jutsu," he shouted as three hundred clones are formed and they all charge Madara.

The fireball takes about fifty of them,

Madara takes out all the clones but not without injury to his body "I should not be pushed this far by you Naruto," said the elder Uchiha.

He hears a screeching noise and sees Naruto forming his most powerful move the Rasenshuriken.

Naruto throws it after it gets strong enough; it reaches Madara but then passes through.

"Nice try," taunted Madara.

Naruto smirks "you forgot I can expand it," said Naruto as he closes his fist and his thrown move get bigger and engulf Madara as the smoke covers Naruto's vision.

Naruto gets stands in guard for a little bit as the smoke from the attack clears "did I get him?" asked Naruto to himself

Part of the smoke clears a Naruto sees an orange rib cage and then a full skeleton. Standing in the middle is Madara cackling at Naruto as Naruto growls

"Damn; he just had to pull a Susanoo out of his ass," growled Naruto.

Madara cackles further "Looks like my shield saved me; right Naruto?" said the masked villain.

Naruto is on his knees breathing hard "Naruto boy are you alright?" asked the male toad.

Naruto controls his breathing "thank Kami for Sage Mode I won't run out of chakra any time soon unless I use five more Rasenshurikens," said Naruto

"What now boy; you're prized technique is useless against my ultimate Susanoo," said Madara

Naruto closes his eyes "guess I have no choice; elders I need you to leave," said Naruto.

The toad elders look at him shocked "Naruto-kun you can't be serious," shouted the female toad.

Naruto glares at Madara "I am going to use it to finally break the unbreakable Susanoo," said Naruto.

The male toad gasps "you're going to use that move, you'll die if you use it," he said trying to talk Naruto out of it.

Naruto sighs "forgive me elders," he whispers as he forces the two back to their summoning realm.

"I think I have about five minutes till Sage Mode runs out," thought Naruto.

Madara looks on amused "looks like your summons abandoned you," said the last Uchiha.

Naruto smirks "that's what you think; I ordered them to flee so they don't become casualties from my final technique," said the Toad Sage as he goes through about fifty hand seal.

"Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal," he shouted as a skeletal figure in a grey robe and a sword in his mouth appears.

Madara laugh "I know what you're planning boy and it won't work; my new eyes the immortal Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan makes me practically immortal," said the masked man laugh like a lunatic.

Naruto smirks "yes normally but I have giving the Shinigami most of Kyuubi's chakra," he said.

Naruto rushes forward and grabs Susanoo and the reaper sticks his hand into the shield and through Madara and pulls out both souls of Naruto and the madman.

It's white as both Madara and Naruto are laying on the ground and a small fox with nine tails look down sadly "why are you releasing me I have done nothing but hurt you," asked the fox.

Naruto weakly smiles "you have atoned for you mistakes by helping me fight Madara," he said

A man with a scythe and white hair appears "are you ready Namikaze?" he asked.

Naruto smiles "yes I am Shinigami-sama," he said.

The fox stands in front of the man defiantly "take me instead," said the Kyuubi as Naruto eyes widen "Kyuubi no," said Naruto weakly. The man looks at the two "interesting; Kyuubi may I ask why?" said the man.

"With all due respect Shinigami-sama but he has lived a hard life of pain and suffering; he deserves better and I want to atone by helping my container one last time," said the fox.

Please Shinigami-sama; take me either as a sacrifice or servant," said the fox.

The man smile "I have another idea," he said.

The Kyuubi looks puzzled "what do you mean?" asked the fox.

Shinigami looks at them "I will take five tails of the Kyuubi's power while Naruto will gain the Kyuubi power of the rest and will be able to communicate with each other," he said

"Do you accept?" asked Shinigami.

Both look at each other and nod their head "very well you will never age and can only be killed by getting your head cut off," said the god.

The god reaches to the fox's tails a plucks out five of them and the two merge.

On the outside Naruto's eyes open "I am still alive; but what is the point if my friends and comrades are dead," said the blond crying.

He turns and walks away never to be seen for a millennium because of his guilt keeping the peace from the shadows.

1976 Egypt

A dark skinned girl was running away a mob was chasing her "get the witch," shouted the mob as the girl runs faster. She continues to run when she run into a cloaked figure in the leg. The man looks down at the girl as she backs away "sorry sir; please don't hurt me," she said with a shaky voice.

"Why would I do that little one?" asked the man in with concern. The mob stops and sees the cloaked man "please will you hand over that witch?" asked one of the men.

The cloak man looked at the mob "I see no witch here; why don't you try Oz follow the yellow brick road and you will find one," said the man.

The mob surround the lone man who was stared at each member "hand her over foreigner," shouted the leader.

Naruto grabbed into his pouch and pulled out one kunai "turn around so you don't see what I am going to do to these monsters," he said.

The girl closes her eyes "you call yourself humans," spat the cloaked man.

"All I see are pieces of filth that has lost the right to be called human," said the man as he stand in front of the mob with girl behind him

The mob charged the man; let's just say they were beaten but not killed. The man advances slowly on the mob that have been beaten but is stopped by the girl hand holding his hand "please don't kill them?" she asked.

The man smile "very well then," said the man as he turns to the mob "you should thank the one you were chasing because she doesn't want you dead," said the man

"You're on notice if you go after her one more time I will show no mercy," he said.

He turns to the girl "let's go little one I want you with me for now; so I can protect you," said the man.

The girl shakes her head and the man sees fear in her eyes "I guess you don't trust me right?" asked the cloaked man.

The girl nods here head "very well I understand," said the man as he reaches for his hood. The girl backs up fearfully "I won't hurt you little one," said the man as he takes off his hood revealing yellow hear with red streak.

The six year old blush at his face "you know you are too young little one for a boyfriend," said the man with humor.

The girls try's to glare at the man but it turns to a pout "what is your name little one?" he asked

"I am Ororo Munroe," said the girl.

The man smiles "well my name is Naruto Namikaze; were do you live Ororo?" asked the now named Naruto.

I live in an alley," she said

Naruto eyes narrow "I will not have you sleeping in the wide open come with me Ororo," said the former sage.

A/N: Okay so I have another story that I will work on. Naruto will help the girl control her power and the two will bond. This is an Ororo and Naruto pairing even thought Naruto is much older. They won't get to together until Ororo get to adult hood. I will have the next chapter up some time next week or sooner. I will make the next chapter longer. I had to change the year I made a mistake