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After packing things away and loading up the rented car, making sure everywhere was locked up, Maria and Georg were on their way. Small talk passed between the two on the way to the station; both disappointed they hadn't managed to find a will of any kind, if Maggie had done a new one as Maria had suggested two years ago. Both were not fretting much about it, in fact they both had much more to think about after what happened between them both up at the farm.

Georg was happy he hadn't scared Maria away after the kiss, in fact he felt relieved with hope there may be a chance for the two yet.

Maria was happy too, more so after he said he didn't regret it and that he was more scared, he'd scared her off, she was happy she was able to reassure him at once, and had hoping more now it could turn into something more in the future.

There were still little things swimming around in her head though, like why would he kiss her of all people, as she wasn't really his type, not when she'd seen over the summer that his type was someone like the baroness – someone with class and elegance. Quickly wiping that from her mind she thought about how close friends they'd become since the day at the lake, but that had only grown more since her sister's death. She decided not to read too much into it and decided to take one day at a time, as over the last two weeks things had been going smoothly between the two.

Once on the train, and seated in the comfort of their first class compartment, it was announced that dinner would be served as soon as the train departed. They both decided to make their way to the restaurant part.

Dinner was served as the train was underway back to Salzburg, for the first class passengers they received a three course meal for the journey; which was soup, chicken dinner and a selection of desserts.

Georg had ordered himself a glass of white wine, and also managed to persuade Maria to try one as well. She agreed, but was also happy she had her glass of water alongside; to water down the taste, and hoped it would help it stop going to her head, as champagne once did at her sister's wedding.

After some more small talk about the children and also the following day ahead, they were both on their desserts. Georg thought about bringing up earlier about the kiss, but decided against it, one as they were sitting close by other passengers and didn't want any one's ears dropping in on the two, and two not to embarrass Maria; as he felt she would be, and he found she was easily. He decided to wait till they were alone back in their compartment, where they couldn't be overheard.

Once back in the compartment, Maria once again got comfy looking out the window, noticing how dark it had quickly become since the train had departed. All she could see were the flash of light pass by, out in the distance coming from people's homes and so on.

She had noticed how the captain hadn't touched her once since the kiss, other than the brush of hands when taken the food bag from her back at the farm. As normally he'd give her a friendly squeeze of her hand, or when walking with her, she would feel his hand on the small of her back as they would make their way to their destination , he was keeping his distance and she had noticed quite well as she missed that odd, friendly touch.

She wondered if now that he had time to think about their actions, was he regretting? After all she knew she was nothing more than a mere governess to his children, even though he had made her feel much more than that of late, and he did say he didn't regret it.

"Maria…" his voice startled her out of her thoughts and turned quickly.

"Yes?" she questioned, a little confused to why the captain was waiting for an answer from her.

"I asked if everything was alright, you're miles away."

"Oh yes fine… fine."

"I er... Wanted to talk to you, but er… I don't know where to begin…"

'Oh god he does regret it' she thought panicking.

"You see in er… back at the farm…"

"Captain you don't need to explain, really I understand," trying to stop him from making her feel lower and nervous in her which he sensed.

"No listen to me…" he said reaching for her hands and turning towards her to speak, wanting to make sure she doesn't get the wrong idea. "you see… I er… I just feel for the time being that maybe we should er… keep quiet about it… to what happened…" seeing Maria confusion he continued, "you see with all the rumours that had been going around and the custody battle starting tomorrow, I don't want people making the situation worse."


"No I didn't mean that…"

"I understand captain."

"No I don't think you do…" he cursed himself a little loud for Maria to hear, seeing her eyes widen and blush a little. He apologised quickly.

"What I'm trying to say is that… I don't want anyone talking bad about you. With what they have been saying already, I don't want it getting out of hand again… I don't want your reputation damaged and it affecting any chances of the children staying with you..."

What happened next surprised him, as Maria ending up in a fit of laughter, trying to control herself, and as her laughter eventually subsided a little Georg asked "Would you care to enlighten me on the joke Fraulein?" sounding a little tersely, enjoying seeing her laugh.

"No joke captain… it's just that… what I thought… well I guess I felt the same, but for you…" seeing his confusion she continued "you're a respected man by the whole of Salzburg – Austria for that matter. I just thought well if word got around that you had actually shared a kiss with your children's governess I guess it would be in ruins."

At the sound of this Georg wasn't amused by how Maria put herself down, but did understand what she was saying. But there was something Maria didn't know that before and after Agatha he did have a reputation for being a lady's man. He decided to confide in her what he was about to say, not to burst his ego but to let her know that he couldn't care less about his own reputation.

"Maria you wouldn't be the first woman, I'd kissed without a title you know…" Maria stopped laughing completely noticing the serious in his voice. "Before Agathe I was quite the rebel as Max would put it."


"Um I was young and, well, you know… and well there had been a few, before I settled down…"

"Yes well you were young, that's understandable…"

"It was also twelve months after Agathe's death too."

"Oh… well I thought that you and the Baroness…"

"Yes… well… we only started seeing one another the last eight months really."

"Oh I see."

"I don't think you do, what I'm trying to say is that I liked what happed back in Linz, but just for the moment would you mind if we…"

"Didn't repeat it."

"No… yes… no… oh I don't know… I mean."

"I understand we'll forget it happened."

"But I don't want to forget it."

"You don't?"


Maria decided this conversation wasn't getting anywhere and decided to end it quickly.

"Right well as you said at the moment there's a lot happening, and we'll just concentrate on that for the time being, in the meantime we'll just take one day at a time. Friends," she said giving her hand to him to shake in a pack gesture.

"Friends…" he said taking her offered hand, but bring it to his lips, placing a kiss on her knuckle "For now."

"Whatever you say captain," she replied teasingly.

Both sitting back in their seats, there was a moment of silence before Georg thought of something and said "One more thing Fraulein" mocking her for using his title, it was back that mocking tone she couldn't get enough of.

"Yes?" she answered meeting his tone.

"You called me Georg." She quickly looked towards him, realising what he was on about 'oh no was that wrong' she worried but was quickly reassured when he finished with "I liked it."

On the rest of the journey back to Salzburg Maria had fallen asleep not long after their conversation had ended. Georg couldn't resist removing his jacket and covering her when he noticed, and not wanted her to catch a chill from the night air on the train.

After waking and getting off the train, Maria had tried to give his jacket back several times, but he refused till they were in the car, where he had a blanket in the boot that he kept in there for emergencies in cold weather. Passing her that to be kept warm, he then accepted his jacket.

On the journey back small talked passed between the two once again, Maria still using the Captain part as she felt it still proper to do so. He didn't pull her up over it at all, feeling she felt better to carry on doing so.

Pulling up in front of the house, Franz was at the door instinctively, hearing the car come up the drive. He retrieved the bags from the car and then headed back out to put the car away.

Maria and Georg were welcomed by one sleepy Liesl that had been kept up much longer than usual by Anna. Georg waved it off as it was a one off, and happy she kept the woman company, as he suspected John had been working over preparing for the case tomorrow.

Hugs were given to the two by Liesl and then the girl made her way up the stairs to bed. Georg decided he wanted a night cap before he retired and also thought it good manners to see to his guest.

Maria tagged along to see if there was any news, considering they had none. They both made their way to the ball room that was still being used as the lounge.

Anna was looking though the designer mag for decoration and John was refilling his drink as the two entered.

"Ah," John spoke joyed for his friend's return, also hoping they found something to help towards the case, and having some good news himself.

"How was the trip?" John asked.

"Um… oh long… tiring… but err... Lovely." Georg replied; shyly and uncomfortable by his friend's question. Feeling John could sense something had happened.

"And for you Maria?" John questioned sensing his friend's uncomfortable-ness.

"Just as the captain said, long, tiring… but lovely," she answered cheerfully whispering the last part as she felt her cheeks heating up.

Noticing Maria blush, John decided to get off the subject not wanting to cause any embarrassment between the two, but made a mental note to find out what had gone on once this was over. "Right… well we have some good news on Edwin… or should I say not good for him, but could be for us."

"What is it?" Maria questioned.

"Max has found out a couple of things… one is that if Edwin get custody, which Edwin believes he will, he has already booked the children into a boarding school."

"Boarding school?" Maria repeated the words annoyed, she hated the thought Edwin would do this, but remembering what he was like silenced herself.

"Well that should do it, sending them away; we'll have a good case… he be turned down… Yes," Georg spoke, as he was pouring himself a drink.

"Um… not quite, he could say he travels for business which we know he does do a lot of travelling, and that he is just making sure they have a secure and proper place sorted for their education."

Everyone jumped in hearing Georg slamming his hand down on the drinks cabinet, causing a clatter of noise with glasses and bottles. "And the other?" Georg questioned between his teeth as he spoke, controlling himself as everything they have there's an excuse to go along with it.

"Well so Max can gather, he's in trouble financially, his er… father in law has washed his hands with his daughter, and now Edwin can't support her spoilt needs."

"But boarding school… Don't you have to pay fees for that?" Maria asked, trying to ignore the captain's temper.

"Not them… Frau Bohm's friend runs it, so Max seems to think there's no charge or they'll get it on the cheap."

"Why has this father-in-law disowned her?" Maria questioned sitting down next to Anna, who had now put the magazine to one side to listen to her husband and friends talk.

John explained "Edwin married Ingrid because her family is well off- a daddy's little girl… only child. But things changed in the last two months; they're living off her savings so Max has been informed. Any way her father has seen right through Edwin and cut all ties, hoping his daughter will see sence and return when she realises what a money grabbing slime he really is."

"So that's it. He wants the farm… but it isn't worth that much," Maria said, trying to put the pieces together.

"You'd be surprised. How land is at the moment, he could do anything with it."

"Someone else who knows what he's like," Maria muttered "Surely we could use this?"

"Not really the judge will laugh it out, no proof."

"Where did Max get all this from?" Georg asked, taking a seat now he'd calmed himself down.

"From the man himself, Ingrid's father."

"He's met him?" Maria asked a little surprised to how Max would have managed this, but remembered why Max was sent. He was one person who manages to blend in with anyone and not to be ignored as he wouldn't allow it from anyone. She held back a laugh at the thought.

"Oh yes, and he too isn't happy innocent children are being dragged into it. And it was also thanks to him Max found out about the boarding school."

Maria looked a little confused, so John continued, ignoring Georg who was sucking on his teeth, getting annoy with every word he listen too, but keeping his cool.

"It seems Ingrid doesn't want children, which is also upsetting daddy, as she is his only child and he wants grandchildren, an heir to carry on the family business, he knows his daughter very well, and children she doesn't do. So he said." John finished, taking a sip of his drink.

"So what you're trying to say is if Edwin gets custody of them, he gets control of the farm?"

"Bingo!" John said, happy someone was on the same path as him.

"Can they sell it, if he does get custody of them?" Maria asked shocked at the thought.

"Yep- who ever has full custody, they can do whatever they want with it as they're guardians … that's if it is left to the children of course."

The four continued for a while longer, Maria explained that they had not managed to find any kind of will new or old, as the captain stayed quiet and listened, deep in thought at some stages. John explained he made a few phone calls to see if there was any solicitors' office in Linz, with no luck one had been made there.

Maria and Anna were both the first to retire, leaving Georg and John to finish their drinks in silence, John feeling Georg was not in the mood for conversation, and both just sat with the remainder of their drinks.

Before Georg retired he headed for the children's rooms, to check on them all. First he looked in on the girls who were all covered up warmly. Then the boys, noticing once again them too all wrapped up. 'Maria' he thought, as he knew normally that all three of the boys would have kicked the covers off by now; legs and arms would have been scatted out of their blankets. 'why can't anyone see she would be a good mother, is a great mother" he corrected himself.

Noticing Friedrich starting to stir; due to the light shining into the room, he quickly closed the door quietly. On his way back to the room he wondered about tomorrow, wondering what to do with there not being much time left, wondering if there was a way to pay Edwin off. 'No that's silly' he told himself. But as he promised Maria back in Linz, he wasn't going to give up.

The Court

Georg parked up outside the courthouse along with Maria, the twins, Oscar, Kurt and Louisa in with them as well. In Max's car was the rest of the Von Trapp children and Anna, as John had arrived earlier to prepare himself for court. Even the household staff wanted to be a part of the day asking the captain for some of the day off, to give support to Maria and the children as they too had all become fond of the trio. All parties were dreading the day ahead; it was going to be a long, tiring and threatening day for all. And not one was looking forward to it.

They were all also surprised by the number of people outside the building and wondered what was going on. It was only when they made their way up the small steps towards the building, one woman stepped forward saying "We're all with you my dear, good luck" Maria noticed the woman straight away, baroness Goldberger from the café the other day; the one Liesl had spoken too.

Maria was a little taken back at first; but remembering how that day had turned out, with Liesl standing her ground and John then taking it upon himself to add the true story to her weekend away with the captain, soon understood that everyone was here offering their support too. She gave the woman a slight smile, as a thank you.

Upon entering the building, Maria noticed even some of the sisters from Nonnberg Abbey had come too. But before she got the chance to greet them, she and Georg were pulled to one side at once by John, a little worried. He explained that the girls and Oscar will be taken into a private room to answer some questions. This puzzled the two at first, in not understanding why; but once John had confirmed it was just a little help for the judge to decide who would be suitable gardens. They both relaxed a little.

Georg insisted that the children should sit and stay out in the hall while the hearing was happening, feeling it no place for children to be in. And also feeling if anything bad was said; a certain little person (Alexandra) or two (Louisa) might have something to say.

An elderly woman came towards the group, and explained she would be the one who would be talking with the three children in a small room, and that none of them had anything to worry about. It was just something that was believed the children could help them along with the case. And that it was much better for them this way instead of feeling intimidated in front of a full room of people.

Maria was happy with that and with hugs from their aunt, a reassured smile, winks to the girls and a pat on the head to Oscar from their uncle Georg the three followed the woman into a smallest room near the court room, looking back at the group with looks of worried, nervous, but one in particle confident .

Every one sat or stood around in a group for a few moments, until the door open at the entrance they noticed Edwin and his wife Ingrid arriving, with their same smarmy smug grins as they had the day of Maggie's funeral. Georg tensed at seeing the two, and gritted his teeth telling himself, today was about the children and not beating the man to a pulp for what he was putting the family though.

Maria gave her look of disgust, but decided to just ignore the pair and hoped her prayers would be answered. The Von Trapp children were shooting dagger looks at the two, which wasn't going unnoticed by their uncle Max, or Anna, causing the pair to hide their amused looks. Wondering what tricks they would come up with for the two.

Max couldn't help himself to pass comment "Well Georg, if today doesn't go as planned you could always send your children after the man" chuckling to himself, trying to lighten the mood. But one look from Georg, he was quiet once again, knowing even he couldn't liven his friend's mood today with humour. A few more moments passed and then they were being called into court to start the hearing.

Maria looked towards the door. The children were beyond nervous, Liesl saw her friends look and place a comforting hand on her upper arm saying "don't worry Fraulein, as soon as they come out, we'll be here waiting for them" Maria smiled kindly to her friend, for her comforting words. But what worried Maria more was would she ever get to see them again, or would they be taken straight away, she was scared; frightened for the first time in her life. As she stood she felt that shaky she thought her legs were going to buckle from under her. Maria quickly grabbed the Liesl, as she was still standing close by, slightly, to steady herself, grateful for Liesl holding her hand out to steady her, Maria gave her a nod that she was all right, and a quick friendship hug.

Everyone made their way towards the room, Maria following John, who were then followed in by Georg, Max, Anna, the sisters and house hold staff, plus the small party of people they saw outside.

The children were asked some questions in the room, asking how they had been coping since their mother's passing, how they felt, what it was like living with their aunt. What kind of relationship do they have together? Personal but friendly questions. The woman made notes from the positive answers given. But what attracted her attention more is that Alexandra never answered she sat in her chair, stubbornly arms folded across her chest, when the woman asked if she wanted to do this in private, Alexandra snapped and said "No…" stunning the woman. Alexandra eased a little to the woman's wide eyed look "Oh this is stupid…why all these questions? Just ask us who we want to be with and be done with it."

"I'm afraid it doesn't work like that," the lady explained.

"Why… you're sitting here asking us things, and at the end of the day, you'll only get one answer, we want to be with our aunt."

"Well I'm afraid it's not up to me…the judge will have to decide on that dear."

"Then I want to tell him then."

"Sweetheart it doesn't work like that."

"Then work it like this, I want to tell him, and all those people in there who I… we want to live with not in here," correcting herself, and speaking for her siblings. Katharina admired her sister's ways and let her carry on, knowing full well when Alexandra wanted something she got it. Oscar stayed quiet too, knowing that once Alexandra's temper got the best of her it was best to just sit back and stay out of it.

"Well I will have a word with the judge and see what can be done… but can you still answer a few more questions for me?"

"They can… I'm not speaking until I speak to the one who's in charge."

"Al… what are you doing, you're going to ruin everything!"

"No I'm not, I'm going to tell them straight, we're not going with Edwin." Alexandra said folding her arms across her chest.

Everyone had settled into their seats when the judge sat, giving them there queue to do the same. Edwin's solicitor started first as it was Edwin who filed for custody in the first place. His solicitor started with explaining that his client and wife would like to be the guardians of the children, saying that they were able to offer a two parent environment and a stable home for all three children. Also bringing up why their client felt it not a good idea for Maria to have full custody: firstly explaining that it was unfair to the woman to give up her future to become a nun, and bringing up the rumours that had been going around between her and her employer. And then there was Hans' actions, of the family being held hostage, play on it, only because there was really nothing more they could drag up on Maria through the court.

The subject about their relationship made both Maria and Georg feel a little uneasy, the subject of them being an item, as the solicitor was making it sound dirty. But as they were both explained to by John, this could be brought up as there was nothing bad on Maria they could use, they tried their best to relax, knowing Edwin would stop at nothing to get what he wanted even if that meant humiliating her in the process.

Before John got to speak, the judge had been interrupted by the woman who had been interviewing the children, explaining that Alexandra would rather answer the questions up front and in the open. The judge was a little unsure about this, but after the woman explained the girl was adamant, and would not answer any question unless it was in public and to him, the judge agreed and then turned back and explained to the room about Alexandra's request.

Maria was a little concerned about this, but wasn't at all surprised after all out of all three she knew that Alexandra was the most stubborn and would not speak or do anything unless it was her way. Maria wasn't worried about Alexandra speaking up in court as she knew she would speak her mind and was always one to speak from her heart.

As the back doors opened people turn and watch the nine year old walk down the aisle towards the front, near where the judge sat. Looking towards her aunt, seeing a little glimpse of worry on her face, Alexandra gave her one of her cheer playful grins and made way to her seat at the front.

At first she felt a little over her head, being higher up than anyone else and looking down at them, as she'd been use to always looking up at people when speaking her mind. But she didn't let that bother her. She sat patiently waiting for the question. This time the judge asked them, as Alexandra had said it was him she wanted to talk too, the one who was now in control of her and her siblings future.

The rest of the children sat outside in the hall waiting anxiously, fidgeting quietly really not knowing what to say. Liesl had asked Katharina a couple of questions as to what was said in the room and Katharina explained to her that it was question of how had they been since their mother's death, and about their relationship with their aunt. After telling her she and Oscar had gave positive answers to the woman, the group were a little at ease. Then Katharina explained about Alexandra, bringing the group to silence again, wondering what the girl was up to.

The judge spoke gently, but firm and clear for the girl when he spoke. The first thing he told her was that if she felt at any time she wanted privacy and wanted to end it, she only had to say. But Alexandra answered him quickly with "I wouldn't have asked for this if I felt like that" showing a strength in her that the judge marvelled, bringing him to continue.

He'd looked over the questions written down on the paper in front of him, the first one was how had the children been since the mother's death, he decided to miss that one out, as he felt it was a silly question, 'how do people expect people to feel once losing a parent, especially children' he thought writing a strokes of lines across the question, a little annoyed it was there in the first place. He decided to keep it short and ask the important ones, as much as he admired Alexandra's strength, he still felt it wrong for the child to be up here like this.

"Right well, young lady obviously you know what's going on in here today…" Alexandra nodded her head in understanding. The judge continued, with a friendly smile to the girl's attitude "may I ask… how you are finding living with your aunt and er… employer and family?"

"It's great, really fun we all get along really well and we love being together," she replied, and stressing the love being together part.

"What er… sort of things have you done while being in your aunt's care?"

"Well we…" remembering all the things that they done and had happened since the trio were found, Alexandra spilled her heart out, excitedly about all from when they were found, how she was made to wear a dress and not able to wear her shorts for dinner the first evening, explaining that her and her aunt did come to an agreement in the end that she could wear her ankle boots with it, how her brother had taken to the captain the first day of meeting him asking him if he could call him uncle the first evening, and how it surprised her a little as Oscar never seemed to be up front like that.

She explained about when arriving at the villa how they were all made to feel welcome by all in the house, "Even Franz likes me… even though I know he tries to hide it" looking directly at the man when speaking, causing giggles from the crowd in the room. Franz nodded in agreement to the girl words.

Alexandra continued and then explained about all the support she'd received from all especially Louisa confirming happily that "she's my new best friend now" then she went into the funeral about how special it was made, and all thanks to her now new adopted uncle, explaining that she too had finally taken to the captain after all he had done for her aunt, her and her siblings.

She also explained about Hans' appearance at the house, how everyone there kept one another safe. Until the captain returned home and managed to talk Hans into allowing all to leave the house, except for him and her aunt. "But all that turned out well in the end," she added.

She explained about the outings they'd had the last few days, the visiting the mini circus twice within a week, and the games they all played. The girl rambled on about everything, even letting slip that the day before that she, her siblings and the Von Trapp children had all written a song for her aunt birthday as a surprise, surprising Maria, and watching John, Anna and the house hold staff to laugh at the memories of the day before. As Maria and Georg were away, the children had decided to occupy themselves and decided to do something special for Maria birthday as it was approaching soon, but every time they got so far they had to start over and over again John had commented to the group on more than once saying "You're all like a stuck record, you're giving me a head ache." This caused them to laugh at the time, but all were adamant they were going to finish before Georg and Maria returned. They practiced all day and by the time it was time for bed they had managed to put the song together.

The judge seemed happy with the girls talk, and decided all had been answered, telling the girl she may join her sibling and friends, but before Alexandra left the room there was one thing she added "The one big answer to your question sir is that me and my siblings want to live with our aunt Maria, that's all you need to know." Amusing the judge, she'd cracked him Maria thought as she watched her niece, Alexandra always had a way to get people like her, especially strict adults.

"I will take that into account," he answered, waving the girl out of the room. All the talk with Alexandra had taken up the morning so the judge arranged to continue after lunch, giving John his chance to speak for Maria.

Everyone left the court house some making their way to their homes close by others heading for cafes nearby, Maria had a chance to speak to the two sisters in that time. They explained to her of the Reverend Mother's apologies for not being here and she sends her prayers to Maria and the children for the day.

Once dinner was over and the children also asking question and getting some answer from their uncle and Anna how the morning went in the room, without them there, Liesl was a little annoyed once again that her father and governess relationship were being dragged up.

Once back in the court house and left once again with the rest of the children, she decided they had to form a plan, to help out and show their support for their aunt and father. The group sat in a discussion and deciding on what was the best porch.

In the court room John, stood explaining why Maria was the best one for the job, describing the strong relationship she had with the trio, and that she had now been offered a permanent position at the Von Trapp home as his children's governess along with a permanent home for herself and her nieces and nephew for a stable future, .

He also added that the rumours that were mentioned by Edwin's solicitor were in fact false and explained once again that the weekend away for his client and her employer was actually for the benefit to get to the children, making sure they were safe. Finishing with a question "Where was their Uncle Edwin, when the children once again needed their family members at such a terrible time in their lives?" and explained he only made his appearance, on the day of the children's mothers' funeral and caused a distressing scene at the time. This brought muffled sounds in the room from people with disagreement to the man's ways.

Once John had finished and sat the court was interrupted once again, but this time by all ten of the children entering.

The judge at this point was not amused and was about to have the ten escorted from the room, but Liesl quickly spoke up, explain their reason for them entering like they had. And that there was something they all felt needed to be said. Georg tried to get his children to leave, him showing them to that he wasn't happy with their manners, and afraid it wouldn't look good for Maria, feeling the judge thought that he or Maria had no control over any of them.

But the ten were adamant, and stressed they too wanted speak in their own way, the judge explained he didn't have time to listen to all, and that it didn't have anything at all to do with the Von Trapp children, but Liesl pointed out it did, as they are and no matter what happens will be a part of their lives now and forever. She also explained it wouldn't take more then five minutes to have their say.

Confusing the judge a little, he gave in; reassured with the girls' words it wouldn't take long he decided to allow them to go ahead. Liesl explained before they started as the group were all getting in their positions, (the six eldest at the back in a line, the twins and Marta in front and Gretl and Oscar standing in front of them). "This is our new song, our way speaking what we want and also a present for Fraulein Maria's birthday; sorry it's a bit early."

They began to sing.

Liesl sings We were strangers starting out on our journey
Never dreaming what we'd have to go through
Now here we are and we're suddenly standing
At the beginning with you…

Friedrich sings No one told us we were going to find you
Unexpected what you did to our hearts

Liesl joins in When we lost hope you were there to remind us
This is the start….

All join in And Life is a road and we want to keep going

Love is a river we want to keep flowing
Life is a road now and forever
A Wonderful journey

We'll be there when the world stops turning
We'll be there when the storm is through
In the end we wanna be standing
At the beginning with you

Louisa sings We were strangers on a crazy adventure

Kurt sings Never dreaming how our dreams would come true

Louisa and Kurt sing together Now here we stand unafraid of the future
At the beginning with you

All join in And Life is a road and we want to keep going
Love is a river we want to keep flowing
Life is a road now and forever
A Wonderful journey

We'll be there when the world stops turning
We'll be there when the storm is through
In the end we wanna be standing
At the beginning with you

Liesl and Friedrich sing together We knew there was somebody somewhere
Like us alone in the dark

Louisa and Kurt join in Now we know that my dream will live on
we've been waiting so long

All join in Nothing's gonna tear us apart…..

And Life is a road and we want to keep going
Love is a river we want to keep flowing
Life is a road now and forever
A Wonderful journey

We'll be there when the world stops turning
We'll be there when the storm is through
In the end we wanna be standing
At the beginning with you

The boys sing together Hey ya ya…

The group join in Life is a road and we want to keep going
Love is a river we want to keep going on…..

Liesl sings Starting out on a journey

Group join in Life is a road and we want to keep going

Love is a river we want to keep following

In the end we wanna be standing at the beginning…..with you….

Liesl finish with Ooohhhhhhh

The supporters in the court room stood with applause, cheers and smiles. But the two people who looked on proudly were Maria and Georg. Maria had tears in her eyes with joy to the way all the children contributed together having their say and was proud of all, and was happy that at least if today didn't go as planned; they all had the chance in giving Maria her birthday present, even if it was early.

Georg wasn't at all taken back at the strength the children all stood with, as he had found that since they'd all met, that was exactly how they all had become. The two looked on proudly at the children, as the sound of the applause rang out in the room.

Edwin not looking amused with the scene, has he sensed this would definitely go against him, due to the support that filled the room for his late brother's sister in-law, and the look on the judge's face who seemed to find the song and the children's strength together emotional too.

With thank yous from the children, they left the room quickly and quietly, the three older ones looking back in their father's and Maria's direction to see if they did good, and once confirmed they had, left with bigger smile's then when entered moments before.

The judge decided to have an answer by tomorrow and ended court for the day, leaving everyone a little annoyed it would be another few hours before they all knew who would get full custody of Maggie's children.

The song of cause is sung by Anastacia: At the Beginning -with a few changes of words so it would fit. :):)

It was either a song or a riot, lol, and I do love this song so it won, LOL.

I also wanted to add it somewhere, lol. so sorry if it all sounds crazy, lol. :):)

Thank you all again :):)