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Harem: Artemis, Casey Woods, Simi, Brynna Adams, Tabitha Deveureux, Cody

Takes place after the end of the second book


Chapter 1: Free Will

Nick looked down and saw a scar on Ambrose's hand that wasn't there before in the same place that he was stabbed.

Before he could say anything about it, a bright light encompassed them and brought them to a blank room with Stone, Three people he didn't know, his mother, Ash and Simi, Caleb, the Sanctuary people, Bubba and Mark, Madaug, Brynna, Eric's crew, and Death with his two partners, his dad Adarian, and two woman he didn't recognize.

"What's going on?" Nick asked before he saw his dad and gulped at his very angry face.

"What about triangulation?" Adarian asked.

"Triangu-what?" Nick asked him.

"The art of pinpointing someone by the use of all three members they want to locate. One of the reasons I stay away as often as possible." Ambrose said.

"Not possible in this place." Cody said to him.

"Why?" Nick asked.

"This is my place." A regal looking man stated.

"Why are you here Sephirei?" Ambrose asked.

"Peace Evil Ones" The man said. "I am here to read a book to those around us about the young Malachai or as you know him Nick Gautier."

"Why would we want to read books about Gautier" Stone snorted.

"Careful Stone I'm not sadistic enough to drench you in water with electricity but I have a feeling they are." Nick retorted as Ambrose and Adarian gleamed at the idea of stabbing someone they didn't like, no matter what the circumstances.

"This book is written in Nick and Ambrose's POV." The strange man said. "Let's get started."


Free will.

Some have called it the greatest gift bestowed on humanity.

Stone snorted and said "No duh."

Everyone shushed him this time.

It is our ability to control what happens to us and exactly how it happens.

"Is there a point to this because I really don't like reading" Casey whined.

Everyone shushed her again.

We are the masters of our fate and no one can foist their will on us unless we allow it.

"Huh, really?" Brynna asked.

"Yes. It is like being possessed or allowing a demon to share the body with you. You must allow it or do something to allow it in." Death replied.

"Oh, so you give her lessons straight but you confuse the Hell out of me when you tell me stuff?" Nick asked.

"Umm, yeah." Death shrugged.

"On with the story y'all" Bubba said.

Others say free will is a crap myth. We have a preordained destiny and no matter what we do or how hard we fight it, life happens exactly as it's meant to happen. We are only pawns to a higher power that our meager human brains can't even begin to understand or comprehend.

"That's deep dude." Ash said.

My best bud, Acheron (they ignored Ash's taunt at that point) once explained it to me like this. Destiny is a freight train rolling along on a set course that only the conductor knows. When we get to the railroad crossing in our car, we can choose to stop and wait for the train to pass us by, or try to pull out in front of it and beat that bad boy across (way to ruin it Ambrose! Nick)

That choice is our free will.

If we choose to rush ahead, the car we're in might stall on the tracks. We can then choose to try and start the car or wait for the train to plow into us. Or we can get out and run, and fight the destiny of the train slamming into us and killing us where we stand. If we choose to run, our foot could get caught in the tracks or we could slip and fall. (He calls me a pessimist. Caleb)

If it is our destiny to get hit by the train, we will be hit by the train. The only thing we can change is how the train turns us into hamburger. (Everyone snorted at that)

We could even say to ourselves "There's no way I'm dumb enough to fight the train" and hang back to safely wait. (Pretty sure you'd at least try dude. Caleb) Then the next thing we know, a truck rams us from behind, throwing us straight into the train's path.

I, personally, don't believe this crap. (True Ambrose) I say I control my destiny and my life.

No, nothing controls me. (Nick murmured mom does)


I am what I am because of the interference and secrets of one creature. Had things been done differently, my life would have been a whole other enchilada. I would not be where I am today and I would have had a life worth living instead of the nightmare my life had become. (Ambrose grimaced at that)

But no, by keeping his deepest secrets, my best friend betrayed me and turned me into the darkness I have come to embrace. (The humans looked confused) Our fates and destinies were mashed together by a freak accident when I was a kid (everyone recognized this moment), and I curse the day I ever called Acheron Parthenopaeus my friend. (Ash looked confused)

I am Nick Gautier (Ambrose grimaced at now having to explain himself in front of everyone).

And this is my life and how things should have been….

"Tell me the answer to my question now!" Nick demanded while everyone except the mystery guy looked confused.

"I am your future if I do not fix my mistakes. I will lose everything and I will be my entire fault." Ambrose answered.

"Wait if you are Nick's future how exactly is you here?" Nick's mom asked.

"His future sucks to be quite frank. His destiny was to plunge the world into darkness from a war he fights and destroy the light." The Sephiroth said.

Everyone was stunned at this proclamation before he said "Let's read the next chapter."

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