A Little Advice

"Ahem," McGee looked up from his coffee, straight into the eyes of Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget.

"Oh, hi Dorney," the field agent was surprised to see his younger counter-part, "Why don't you pull up a chair or something?"

"Okay," the young man was seemingly nervous, "Agent McGee, I need to ask you something. You're the only person in this agency that I feel that I can talk to. This is usually the type of thing I would ask a girl, but is too hyper and frankly Special Agent David scares the bejeesus out of me."

"Dorney…the question?" McGee pushed him gently, "And Tim or just McGee is fine."

"It's about a guy," Dorney took a sharp intake of breath.


"His name is Rob and he lives in my corridor. He's really cute but only really dates girls. He constantly claims that he is bisexual, but I think he's lying."

"So why do you like him?" McGee wondered.

"He's an artist and a drummer for a band, as well as a guitarist for a café, so that makes him very creative. He is very clever and graduated from some fancy college; I think he's about 25. Rob is also very kind and always helps the old lady next door to him, Gladys, with her laundry and groceries."

"Have you ever talked to him?"

"I have a few times but it's just general chatter," Dorney sighed, "I always want to talk to him at neighborhood get-togethers, but he's always with a girl and it makes me super uncomfortable."

"You could try talking to him more, you know, get to know his interests and stuff," McGee suggested.

Dorney nodded and there was a silence for a moment.

"Can I ask you a personal question and will you answer me honestly?" he gripped the other agent's hands, who looked slightly unnerved.

"Yes," McGee replied cautiously.

"Have you ever been in love?"

This questioned stumped the Junior Field Agent. He had been in love once, but that was a very long time ago. It hadn't worked out, but he still thought of her often. They were still friends…or were they? There was always that chemistry, and it wasn't just in the lab. He felt protective of her, jealous of other men…

"Yes," he finally answered, "I have been in love but it was a long time ago. However, I still think I may hold feelings for the person."

"Is it that hard?" Dorney could sense his upset.

"The situation is delicate and there are certain rules," McGee responded, "A relationship would not be easy for the both of us."

"I'm sure she still holds feelings for you even though you might not know it," now Dorney was the helpful one, "Anyway, back to Rob. I think I may love him. Is it possible to love someone you have never date?"

McGee thought of Tony and Ziva, who had never even been together, but obviously cared about each other a lot.

"I know of people who have done it and am sure it is possible," he told his friend, "Just talk to Rob. You may feel better for it."

"Thank you, Agent McGee," Dorney rose from its chair as it slid on the floor, "You've been a great help. I hope your special person finds that they like you too. Goodbye."

"Thank you too Agent Dorneget," McGee waved him goodbye.

'You're not the only person who has been helped greatly today,' he muttered to himself as he sipped the delicious coffee.

Aw, how very cute. Bits of Tiva and McAbby too. Even though it's not explicitly stated who McGee holds feelings for, it is pretty obvious.

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