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Bailey and Leo:

She stared down at the engagement ring on her finger and then at the bump on her stomach. Nine years. It had been nine years since the war under the sea. Bailey was now twenty five, pregnant, and engaged to Leo. Bailey Valdez. She liked the sound of that. It felt like just yesterday that they'd received their hero's welcome when they arrived back at Camp Half-blood. After the war, Leo and Bailey had been taking things slowly. He had proposed to her two years ago. Their wedding was in ten months. They had pushed the date back when Bailey found out she was pregnant with twin girls. They had decided that one would be called Nyssie after Leo's sister Nyssa who died in battle three years ago. The other would be called PJ after Bailey's brother's initials. When Bailey was younger, she'd never truly believed that she could be happy with anybody except for Nico. She had fallen for him, hard. But now she had Leo, and he made her feel ecstatic just by looking at her. She wouldn't trade him in for anybody. Leo felt the same. He was hers and she was his. That's how it would be forever.

Percy and Annabeth:

When they were twenty, Percy and Annabeth had moved in together. When they were twenty one, Annabeth had moved to England to become an architect. When they were twenty two, Percy realised that he couldn't live without her and got on the next boat over to the UK. When they were twenty three they got married. At twenty four they had a baby boy, Kyle. At twenty six, their relationship was stronger than ever. Annabeth was always logical. She had her whole life planned out by the age of nine. She would stay at Camp year round until she was eighteen. Then she would go abroad for a year and travel. When she got back, she would become an architect and design something permanent. She hadn't even imagined that a boy would come and throw her plan to pieces. That she would fall in love. But she had, and she was thrilled. What Percy didn't know was that four years ago, Annabeth had been on the verge of flying back to America, back to Percy, when he had come to her. As she gazed down from the London eye she realized that there was nowhere else she would rather be, with no other man.


After failing to split up Percy and Annabeth and Thalia and Nico's break up having the wrong effect, Tyler decided that he couldn't go back to Oceanus' forces. He would be blamed for their embarrassing loss. So he went to the mortal world. He married Amanda in the end, and they deserved each other. They were both whiny and evil. They had only been married for a year when they got divorced. When he reached the age of fifty, he died of natural causes. He went on trial when he reached the Underworld, believing that what he had done all those years had been bad but he'd been a hero before he joined Oceanus when he was fourteen. He ended up in the Fields of Punishment, hugging a cactus for eternity.

Thalia and Nico:

"Thalia, Artemis would like to see you." Thalia looked up from polishing her bow at the sound of Phoebe's voice. It had been two years since the war under the seas. Thalia hadn't seen Nico in ten months, since she last visited Camp. She liked to push him out of her mind whenever she could.

"Okay, Phoebe." Thalia said, and stood up. She walked into Artemis' tent, ignoring the glare she got from the ex-lieutenant. They had set up their camp in a shaded clearing inside a forest. Thalia pushed her way through the silver material door of Artemis' tent.

"You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Thalia. I did. And I think you know why." Artemis looked up at her from where she was sat on a rug on the floor.

"I'm sorry, but I don't?" Thalia was confused. She had been fulfilling her duties as lieutenant properly; she hadn't been taking off on any lone missions since she took down the Manticore. She had no idea why Artemis would want to see her.

"I have to let you go, Thalia. I'm sorry." Artemis looked away sadly.

"But…Why?" Thalia knew the answer before it came.

"Because you still love him." With that, the Goddess of the Hunt clicked her fingers and a cloud of smoke appeared.

When the smoke cleared, Thalia was stood on a beach. Camp Half-Blood beach, to be exact. Less than five meters away stood the boy Thalia had been trying to forget. They boy Thalia had failed to forget.

"Nico." She whispered. Ten months suddenly seemed like aeons. The son of Hades spun around at the sound of Thalia's voice. He would remember her voice anywhere.

"Thalia." He whispered back. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm not a Huntress anymore." The look on her face and her outstretched arms were the only invitation Nico needed. He crushed her into him. When they pulled away after a few minutes, Nico pushed Thalia's chin up and gave her a long overdue kiss.

"Then we'll start our forever." He muttered, and kissed her again.

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