Parlour Maids Live Short Lives

Fan Fiction for Infernal Devices by Cassia Clare.

Chapter 2

Sophie's breath caught in her throat as she watched the blade glint in the light, it's sharp tip reflecting the sunlight so that it danced against the wall. Sebastian smiled at her and it was the coldest thing Sophie had witnessed.

"You should not be so rude to me, maid." Sebastian barked his voice bitter. "I am doing you and honour asking you to walk with me, I do not take kindly to your rejection." He slowly twisted his hand with the knife in it causing the dagger's reflected light to jump around the room. His grip on the knife was tight and sure, evidence he knew what he was doing.

"Sir," Sophie said her voice weak, tears stinging her eyes as she realized how badly this situation could turn at any moment. "I do not mean to be rude, there are plenty of other women for you to ask to walk with you, you do not need me."

Sebastian's cruel smile slid from his place, replaced with a look of pure hatred. His lips thinned and his eyes thinned to angry slits as he stared at her, they way a hunting dog eyes a cornered fox. "Your attempts to excuse your behaviour are not helping you, Miss Sophie. Here is your last chance, can I make you reconsider your rejection of me? May we walk and talk this through? We can visit all of London, I will shower you in gifts, you will be happy." He lowered the knife and masked his expression into one of sadness and remorse. He stared down at Sophie with his blue eyes wide and sad.

Yet Sophie was untouched by this act, for she now understood how much the anger and evil in this man ran deep. He was cruel and heartless and if he killed her simply for her rejection of her then so be it. She refused to be another girl taken in then left by Sebastian or, worse yet, spend her life with him.

"No. I will not take back my rejection of you. You are an evil man and I refuse to be associated with anyone as evil as you."

Sophie had expected a sudden burst of rage, instead Sebastian's face went blank and her eyed her up and down as a butcher does a cow as he looks for the best cuts of meat. The hair on Sophie's arms stood up despite the clammy warmth of the room and as he eyed her up she quickly darted a look around the room only to realize the exit was too far away to run to. She was wearing a long skirt and Sebastian was a fit man, he'd catch her in no time. Even if he did not she would have nowhere to run to.

Sebastian continued his cold calculating look over her and suddenly stopped and stared straight at her face. His knuckles were white as he grasped her arm in one hand and the knife tightly in the other. Suddenly, his face went from perfectly blank to manically bright. His eyes shone in the light and his mouth was twisted up in a tight, tense grin. It was as though all the evil he normally hid inside him was pouring out through his eyes and mouth.

Sophie's throat was dry, her palms sweating despite the fact she was shivering. Tears welled in her eyes and she tried to look away from Sebastian but he moved the hand from his arm to grasp roughly on her jaw, pulling her face painfully towards him so they looked straight at each other. His hands were hot and rough as he roughly held her jaw, his nails digging into her skin.

And then he said them, the words which etched themselves so deeply into Sophie's memories. The words that buried there way in to her brain and scarred her very soul. Words she knew she would never forget for as long as she may live.

"If I can't have you, then I'll just have to make it so that no one else will want you."

And then Sebastian raised the knife in his hand and brought it down along Sophie's face in a flash of silver, red and pain.


Authors notes:
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