[Hello, readers! I haven't written a story in a while, and this is my first try at a BOP fic. Please let me know what you think! Constructive criticism is welcome, as I'm trying to keep the characters in character and all of that. I would appreciate your reviews. BOP rocks! (We totally need a season 3). :-)]

Megan Hunt had just double-checked her apartment windows. You could never take a chance when it was pouring rain and you were going to be out all day. She was just heading to her bedroom to grab her purse when her phone rang. She trotted over to the counter and picked up the phone with a tap of her finger on the smooth screen. Peter's name was on the caller I.D. It's showtime.

"What's up, Peter?"

"A body was found inside a crashed car full of bullet holes on Marsh road, between First Street and York Av. You'd better wear something that can get wet, 'cause we'll be in the swamp."

"Okay, see you in a few."

A swamp. And of course it had to be raining. Oh well. No heels today. Maybe hip waders instead.

By the time Megan arrived on the scene of the crime, the area around the crashed vehicle was already lined with police cars and a fire truck. As Megan began walking toward the car with her ME's bag, Peter walked up alongside her and began describing the facts of the case. A security officer followed them closely with an umbrella to shield the two investigators from the pouring rain.

"Driver was found inside the car by a wreck crew. They got a call from at about 7:45 this morning from a woman named Glenna Foss, said she'd driven off the road and needed her car towed. The guys said they got here, but Ms. Foss was nowhere to be found. They took a look at the car and found the body in the driver's seat, along with a lot of bullet holes in the car and in the driver."

Megan frowned.

"So this Ms. Foss didn't seem concerned about her dead driver? She didn't call 911 or anything?"

"No, the wrecker guys said she just told them about the car. The scene was clear when they arrived."

Megan raised her eyebrows.

"I guess Bud and Sam have their work cut out for them. Let's see what we're got here."

The owner of the wreck crew had already left after being interviewed by Bud and Sam, and the two detectives had gone back to scanning the crime scene for clues. Megan waded out to the car, with Peter close beside her, camera at the ready.

The front of the crashed vehicle was pointing into the swamp, and both front tires were sunk up to their hubcaps in mud and water. The left side of the car was riddled with bullet holes. Both side windows were shattered, along with most of the front windshield. The driver's body was upright in the seat, supported by both the buckled seatbelt and the deflated airbag. Peter got numerous photos of the side of the car, after which a firefighter unlocked and opened the door of the vehicle. Megan then began to examine the body while Peter continued snapping pictures.

"You'd think that the obvious cause of death would be by a gunshot wound…" She murmured, almost to herself as she ran gloved fingers over the victim's neck wounds. "But up close it doesn't seem that way. He's got a bullet wound here…" she indicated the corpse's upper arm, "and here." She put her finger on the victim's forehead. "But they don't appear bad enough to kill him. Looks like most of this blood is from lacerations from shattered glass, but I'll need to get a good full look."

Detective Bud Morris came wading through the mud up to Peter and Megan, glancing at his notepad on which was scribbled some notes from his interview with the wreck crew.

"Got anything on the cause of death?" He asked.

"Not really. Just a few superficial injuries," answered Megan. "No apparent handprints or strangle marks, either."

Bud stooped down and felt around in the victim's pockets for some kind of ID. He came up with nothing. Megan stood up. "I won't be able to see much 'till the autopsy." Bud looked quizzically at her. "So even with all these bullet holes the guy has only a few flesh wounds?" The ME nodded. "Yep. It wasn't the crash OR the shots from the outside that killed him, from what I can tell." She began wading back toward the road, calling back over her shoulder "Autopsy in 2 hours."

Bud walked over to the passenger side of the car. The door was closed. He opened it and began inspecting it for clues. "A wallet would've made things a little easier," he grumbled aloud to himself. The pouring rain didn't help to lift his spirits. And it certainly didn't help in finding clues, but he did his best. He searched all of the compartments he could find, looked under the seats, and checked the trunk. Nothing. No luggage, no pieces of scratch paper with addresses or phone numbers. Not even a map. The floor of the car between the front seats had struck a rock and water was leaking through. Of course, the smashed windows had allowed the rain to make a mess of things too. All that Bud could find for evidence was a water bottle on the floor of the back seat, and a bullet. There were plenty of those. He bagged both objects, and then headed back to where he parked his cruiser. It was no good dusting for fingerprints since the rain had pretty much washed the entire inside of the car.

"Hey Bud," Peter called after him. "Did you notice how most of the bullet holes are toward the back side of the car rather than the driver's side? It's almost like whoever shot at the car was aiming toward the back or something." "Yeah. Or maybe they were just a bad shot." Bud and Peter exchanged a look, and Peter shrugged. "Could be. Well, I've got a museum's worth of photos so I think I'm done. Gotta get these to the office before something bad happens to this camera." Bud nodded, and both men began wading towards the road.

Sam was over by the cruiser putting in a couple bags of evidence. "Whatcha got?" Bud asked. "All I found in the car was a water bottle." Sam held up a bag with a small, blue object in it. "I got Glenna Foss's phone, and a .40 caliber pistol. Could be the murder weapon. Looks like it was tossed from the road. Found it in the grass by the roadside over there." Bud nodded approvingly. "Well that's something at least. That phone oughta give us some leads." Sam nodded. "I looked around for car tracks or footprints, but this rain's done a number on any marks that may have been useful. Whoever did this picked a good day for a clean getaway." "And so did Glenna Foss," Bud commented. "But why would she leave her phone?" Sam wondered. "I mean, it's pretty easy for us to track someone down once we've got their cell phone. She must've known someone would've found it." Bud shrugged. "Yeah. Who knows. Listen, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get out of this rain. How about we go for coffee and then work on this more?" Sam nodded. "Sounds good to me."

The ME transportation crew had carefully extracted the body from the wrecked car and set it inside the van on a gurney. Often the dead could be more useful than the living in telling the story of both life and death. It would certainly be true as events unfolded in the case of this rainy day murder mystery.