Peter and Megan had arranged to speak with Glenna Foss, who was recovering in a local hospital from her recent traumatic experiences. Two days had passed since Lacey's rescue, and Megan was still coming back from the emotion drain that that had caused her.

Technically, her part of the investigation in the death of Eli Forrester was over. She'd already determined cause of death, and for the most part found out the motive of the killer. But there were still pieces missing from the puzzle that she really wanted to discover.

The police had already questioned Jack LaGuardia, Jill McLaren and Bill Travino, and had found out their side of the story. Travino's car rental business was shut down until further notice, and LaGuardia's house was thoroughly searched, producing several thousand dollars' worth of stolen and traded drugs. The older couple whose internet Jill McLaren had used to access Glenna's Socialcrewz account on had been like grandparents to her during the time in her life when she rebelled and separated herself from her real family. Jill made up a story about herself being an orphan and surviving on the streets, so they took care of her whenever she needed them.

The whole truth came out, and Mr. and Mrs. Costa were reunited with their long-lost daughter. Jill decided to drop her fake name, and asked for everyone involved to call her by her real name, Silvia.

LaGuardia was charged with the murder of Eli Forrester, along with other charges of illegal drug trading, and the court dates for him, Travino and Silvia Costa were to be determined. Travino was charged with kidnapping and extortion, among other things, and Silvia was charged with being murderer's accomplice and illegal drug dealing.

As she walked through the hospital door, many thoughts tumbled around in Megan's head.

If Silvia was my daughter, I would be so devastated; I don't know if I could ever move on. I'm so glad that Lacey isn't like that.

She also thought about Glenna Foss, whom she and Peter was about to talk with.

She must be an incredibly strong young woman. First losing her fiancé, then being kidnapped and abused by two old friends…

"Yeah, we're her to visit Glenna Foss? We're from the ME's office."

"She is in… room 212."


Peter turned to Megan, who had stopped, lost in thought, by the hospital front desk.

"You okay? We can do this some other time if you want…"

"Sorry, yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking, that's all. Room 212, right?"

Once they reached Glenna's room, Peter rapped lightly on the door. A soft "Come in" was the reply.

The curtains were open, and room the bright and sunny. Mrs. Foss stood by the side of the bed, and Glenna raised herself a little higher up when she saw her two visitors.

"Hello Mrs. Foss," said Megan with a polite smile.

"Glenna? I'm Dr. Megan Hunt and this is Peter Dunlop. We've been investigating the cause and circumstances of your fiancé's death." Glenna nodded appreciatively.

"Thank you."

Megan looked at the floor for a second, and then went on.

"I… can't imagine how difficult this must have been for you, and I'm very sorry for your loss. Thank you for agreeing to discuss the events of the last few days with us. We need to know the whole story so that we, and the police, can do what we can to make sure that justice is done."

Glenna nodded again, and tears sprang to her eyes.

"Yeah, it's been awful. Uh… I guess I'll start from the beginning." Peter got out a notebook and pen so he could take notes on Glenna's story. Bud would've liked to be there also, but he had to take Jeannie to a doctor's appointment and wasn't able to make it to the interview. Sam wanted to come too, but Bud had convinced her to stay home and rest her injured leg.

"So," Glenna began, "Eli proposed to me about two weeks ago. And of course I said yes. I wanted him to meet Mom and Dad, so we decided to fly out here for part of our vacation time. I wrote about it on my Socialcrewz page and Fred Haskell, who I knew from high school, saw it. He wanted to meet up with Eli and I, so we arranged it. We me up at LaMonta's diner, and we had a good visit. Fred didn't tell me about any of the gang and drug stuff he'd gotten involved with, so we had no idea. After we chatted for a while, we went our separate ways. Eli and I headed back for Mom and Dad's house…"

After hearing Glenna's story and having some of her own questions answered, Megan thanked her, and she and Peter left to go to the police station. The pair mulled over what they had just been told.

"So," Peter mused, "Eric Simpson found out that they would be meeting with Fred Haskell, and he knew that something was up."

"Yeah, so he followed them, and when Bill Travino saw him in the plane photo at the car rental place, he knew that Eric knew that something was up."

Peter blew out a breath.

"Yeah. So then he told Jack, his nephew, and he figured kidnapping and threatening Glenna would be a great way to end the feud between his gang and Fred's gang."

Megan nodded.

"And Jill- I mean, Silvia, had been involved with Jack's gang for a couple years. Jack called her after he saw Eli and Glenna together, and had her do the actual shooting while he followed them home in the car."

Peter frowned.

"But where was Eric Simpson all this time?" Megan shrugged.

"I don't know. I guess he wanted to stay under the radar. I guess we'll never really know until we talk with him, too."

The next day, Bud visited the ME's office and talked with the gang about the last few lose ends of the case.

"So I had a chat with Eric Simpson, and he said that after he got off the plane, he followed Glenna and Eli. Apparently, Silvia gave him some kind of warning to stay away from Glenna and Eli while they were visiting or he would get into serious trouble with the gang boys. So he did. I guess after that visit to LaMonta's he lost track of them."

"Well," said Megan thoughtfully, "At least he tried. It's a dangerous thing, to get caught up with a fight between gangs, especially when there are games of power and love involved."

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