What? An explanation? Why? Well, no matter. If it will keep me from going to hell for a bit, then fine.

All I wanted was a fight between demons. It's true, I swear! I did get to watch a fight, for a bit. But the little Phantomhive had to go and try to get himmself in trouble. Does he do that often?

For some reason, maybe they wanted to help, my puppets pulled Ciel out and used him to fight the demons. How does that interfere with my plan, you ask? Well, the demons cut the strings, one demon gets his master and leaves, and there is only one left. How am I supposed to get a fight out of that? Although, I do admit, it did add a sort of flare to it all.

Fakir could write, and I had lost my hands. Sure, I could get my mechanical hands to write it, but where's the fun in that? So Fakir wrote the shinigami into my dining hall and Alois beside me. The reaper cut the strings, and if I got out there quick enough, I could still get a fight.

I didn't expect Alois to wriggle free of my grasp. So my soul was reaped without my getting to watch a good fight between demons.

What? Why were there no couplings? Well, how am I supposed to kow? My guess is the author couldn't find a way to fit them into the story.

Now, I have to go. Hell is waiting.