[AN: Very rare occasion that we put the authors note at the beginning, but this is special. This first is an aniversery gift; Raising Amelia is one year old today! Thank you for sticking with us. Also, this story - not the chapter - is going to be added to. Just pieces of the Universe Raising Amelia takes place in that expand upon the story in ways we can't fit in, like Mickey's back story after Davros and other events that enhance the story but just can't be worked in currently. Now that that long winded ramble session is out of the way, Enjoy this glimpse into the future!]

"What do you think, Yumo?" Amy asked, tilting her sketch pad so he could see the finished drawing. It was a decent copy of the arena on Rome where they use to fight.

Yumo sneezed and rubbed at his nose with his paws.

"Everyone's a critic." Amy laughed and placed it aside for now to work on it more at a later time. She stood off the floor and stretched to pop her back. She climbed up onto the top bunk of her bed and relaxed back with her head on the pillow. The ceiling was almost within reach, but far enough out she couldn't hurt herself by sitting upright quickly.

It was covered in photographs she'd taken, laced together with ribbons, stickers, glitter and glow in the dark stars. A photo of Luke laughing was taped next to a photo of Rory and Tish mugging for the camera next to River smiling and waving with Anita and Dave on a postcard signed 'wish you were here, sweetie' mingling with dozens of others.

She traced some of the photos with her fingertips, she got to visit Earth today, and it was going to be fun! Amy relaxed and gazed at the photos happily as she dug a sucker out from under the pillow. It wasn't hidden because she couldn't have it, but because the top bunk was out of Yumo's and the Doctor's reach.

"AMELIA!" the Doctor yelled, interrupting her thoughts as she lay on the bunk bed. "AMELIA!" she heard him yell again.

"Coming!" Amy yelled back, scrambling back down the ladder. She took off running through the corridors, Yumo at her heels. There wasn't really a need to run, but running was fun!

"I've got something I need to pick up." the Doctor told Amy as she slid into the console room, Yumo skidding on the glass behind her.

"Oh? Where at?" Amy asked curiously. "Do we have time before Earth?" she asked curiously as she tried hard to not to bounce, they were supposed to see them today.

"We're in a TARDIS, there's ALWAYS Time." he scoffed, waving her off. "Take your side." He said laughing.

Amy smiled and stepped forward to man the, very, few controls he trusted her with. "Where to?" she asked bouncing at the chance to help pilot the TARDIS.

"Space Florida." the Doctor laughed enthusiastically.

Space Florida was one of Amy's favorite places to be. The sand was always clean, the water always warm, the sun was always shining and it was always busy. Plus, they had several theme parks that were amazing! Some of them had rollercoasters that made you feel like you were flying into orbit and they had rides that spun in circles until your head was swirly and you couldn't walk straight.

She'd spent one of her 8th birthday parties at one of their theme parks. It was amazing, even when Rory got sick on one of the rides.

She loved the small booths set up on the wooden docks above the crystal clear water most of all. They were so bright and were all full of different things. Some were brilliantly decorated and filled with toys, some were set up like arcades and some sold all sorts of odd food.

She was even dressed appropriately to fit in with the crowds. Khaki shorts hung to just above her knees, held up by a white belt. Her shirt was black with an unbuttoned pink long-sleeved shirt over top; her white tennies lit up with lights every time she stepped and on top of her head rested her favorite hat, a gift for her birthday: A fedora. It was black with a pink leopard print band around the middle and it kept her hair back and shaded her face.

Yumo wore his less than favored neon pink harness, connected to a bright pink leash with sparkles on it, yet he trotted happily with her.

They both were enjoying the soft breeze that was starting to blow as the sun began to set. Night times on the docks was AMAZING, everything was all lit up and it turned into a giant party, even more so than it was in the day time!

The Doctor trusted her enough to let her on her own for a few minutes on the docks. She wasn't going to go anywhere, not on Space Florida. So he left her with a handful of coins for anything she'd need and took off running to find what he was after. He was being so secretive, but that wasn't that odd.

Amy found herself playing several games including 'beat the borloch' which was sort of like a cross between Skee Ball, Whack-a-mole and tug-o-war.

"Nice try, come next time." the Octopus told her as she collected her few won tickets.

"I will. Come on, Yumo. Let's go find treats, okay? Maybe we'll find some gifts for Luke, Clyde and Rani!" She said smiling at her little blue companion.

Yumo panted in agreement, following her and hoping for treats of a sweeter nature.

They were going to be late, she realized as she checked her watch. Sarah Jane would kill them if they were late to Sunday supper. They'd PROMISED to be there this time; Tish and Rory were going too.

She chucked away the wrappers from sweets and handed Yumo what was left of an ice-lolly which he pounced on with all the eagerness of a starving person.

"We're going to be late." She grumbled to him. Amy waited a moment, swinging her feet on the bench, kicking the air then pulled out her mobile and dialed the Doctor. "Where are you?" she asked worriedly. She didn't want to miss them.

"Currently I'm hiding in a rubbish bin." he replied breathlessly. She could hear rustling paper and him trying not to breathe heavily.

"Why? What've you done?" she asked accusingly.

"I did nothing...that I regret." He finished with amusement in his tone. "Don't worry though, I've got what I need...Give me thirty minutes and I'll get you, okay? Wait on the Docks near the Giant Jammie Dodgers."

"Fine." Amy laughed, "See you then." She said before hanging up and staring at the sights.

She sat alone with Yumo for a few minutes, just waiting and resting in the breeze before she decided siting was boring and if she was going to be waiting she might as well wait and play games.

When she finally started the walk towards the booth where they sold the Giant Jammie Dodgers, which if Tish was with them and not on Earth for the weekend she'd forbid him to go near thanks to the great Jammie Dodger incident of 2010.

Amy was just standing near it watching for the Doctor when she felt someone lift her Fedora off of her head.

With an outraged yelp she clasped a hand to her head and turned to face the thief.

The woman was taller than her, especially so since she was wearing bright red six inch heels. She wore dark stockings under a black miniskirt that reached about mid-thigh and a bright red low cut blouse underneath a black leather jacket.

"Know the difference between me and you?" the woman said, a deep Scottish accent clear in her voice as she twirled the fedora and placed it on her head cockily. "I make this look cool." The woman continued smirking at Amy.

Amy's eyes widened as she recognized who the woman was, "Hey! Isn't it against time travel rules to steal from yourself?" she demanded glaring at her older self.

The older Amy smirked and ran her fingers along the brim of the fedora and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, "I missed this thing. Besides, it's not stealing if it was mine to begin with." Older Amy said smirking.

"I hate arguing with myself." Little Amy sighed; reaching for the fedora even through it was useless to try since the heels made the older her so much taller. "Give it back." She demanded jumping up to try and grab the hat.

"Nope. It's mine, little me." Older Amy dodged the attempted grab and smiled sweetly at her. "It looks cool on me." The older version of her said holding the hat up higher than little Amy could jump.

"It looks cool on me!" Little Amy protested pouting.

"It looks cooler on me. I make this look damn good!" Older Amy bragged confidently and straightened her jacket.

Little Amy didn't have a chance to respond due to interruptions.

"Amy!" two different voices yelled.

Little Amy turned to see the Doctor searching through the crowd for her and Older Amy turned to see River waving at her.

"Coming!" Older Amy yelled just as Younger Amy yelled "Over here, Dad!"

Little Amy watched, a bit jealous as her older counterpart ran - RAN! - away in heels with HER...their...fedora.

"Dad!" Amy complained as her the Doctor jogged to her side. "I stole my hat!" She pouted.

"Hmm?" he looked around and barely caught sight of two women disappearing along the docks both with red hair and laughed to himself. "I'm sure you had a good reason for it. Maybe because you wanted it back?" he said smiling.

"It's still not fair." Amy said sulkily, tugging lightly on Yumo's leash.

"The life of the hat fan is never easy." the Doctor said solemnly and offered her his hand. "Come on, we'll be late to Sunday Supper." He said in an attempt to cheer her up.

"Yes, and Aunt Sarah Jane will be mad." Amy sighed and rolled her eyes but took his hand anyway, walking alongside him back to the TARDIS, Yumo panting as he trotted at their heels. "You don't care about that. You just want to see the baby." Amy said smirking up at the Doctor.

The Doctor looked innocently at the sky and around before shooting her a look, his lips quirking slightly upwards. "That's not true...well, maybe." He said quietly.

She shot him a look that made him smile outright. "I like babies! Well, when they're not all stinky or burping up things." he said , making her smile as she thought of their family on Earth.

Amy laughed and swung their hands as the entered the TARDIS. "Fine then. Let's go find Tish and Rory." She said grinning widely.

"And visit the baby!" the Doctor said eagerly. He bounced to his spot at the console and grinned at her.

Amy giggled and found her spot at the console. Yumo sat happily in his lovely basket that had been created to keep him from sliding on the glass every time they took off or landed. "Geronimo?" Amy questioned.

"Geronimo!" he cried, sending them spinning.

"Do you have to pick on yourself?" River teased Amy as they walked away off the docks. Looking back over her shoulder she spotted the Doctor and Little Amy walking in the opposite direction with Yumo.

"Yes." Amy nodded seriously. "Because I use to pick on me all the time so it's only fair that I pick on me now that I'm me to do it." Amy said twirling the fedora.

"You're insane, you do know that right?" River offered. Their feet hit actual pavement instead of the wood of the docks and she was able to walk better. Walking in heels was an art, and the wood planks of a dock did not provide the appropriate amount of stability; the only reason she didn't fall was pride and determination.

"Got it from you, mum, got it from you." Amy laughed, linking her arm with River. She got to see her Little Self, steal back her stolen fedora, giggle at how odd Yumo looked and now she had an important 'mission'. Not half bad for a teenage night out. "Now, are we going to go steal precious artifacts or not?"

River laughed as well and squeezed her daughter's arm lightly. "No, we're going to go liberate an item of questionable legality that would look perfect on the wall of my study. There's a difference."