[The Long promised story , told in parts, of Mickey between Davros ending right before his marriage. Enjoy!]

"You gonna come stay with me then, mouse?" Jack asked Mickey, moving to the side so Mickey could walk with Martha and himself.

Mickey looked him up and down and snorted. "No way in hell I'm staying with Captain Pervert, even if your staff is cute. See ya." he winked at Martha as he jogged off.

He caught up to his target within a minute running full speed. "Sarah Jane!" his voice came out breathless and not as strong as he would have liked it.

"Mickey? Thought you were going back?" Sarah Jane asked, concerned as she slowed her pace to wait for him. She'd called Luke already and he'd said he was fine.

"Nah, there's nothing for me there anymore. Certainly not Rose..." Mickey frowned, making faces and shook his head, "Anyway, I've just realized something..." he said looking at her pleadingly.

"You don't have anything here do you?" Sarah Jane asked.

"Not a damn thing." Mickey said cheerfully, "Flat's gone; cars towed probably, no family or friends. I'm certainly not going to stay with Jack and well, since you're the only other one I know in this universe who won't question my sudden change in appearance..." he trailed off as he looked down at himself.

"You're hoping I'll take you in for a bit?" Sarah Jane said smiling.

"Yeah." Mickey blushed, "Maybe." He said sheepishly.

"Well, we Smiths do have to stick together." Sarah Jane hugged Mickey, "But you're helping out around the house." She said smirking at him.

"I can do that! Get a job, I can cook too! And mow the lawn. I can do manly things." Mickey nodded enthusiastically.

"I think you might have to fight Luke for the Lawnmower, I believe he was taking it apart with a screwdriver and a spanner last I knew..." Sarah Jane said thoughtfully before laughing at Mickey's expression.

"I feel a bit guilty." Mickey admitted as he put clothing up on the counter to be rung up.

"Don't." Sarah Jane replied easily, helping place more of the items within reach of the clerk. "You don't have anything in this universe and Lord knows Luke's clothing won't fit you." She said sternly.

"Yeah, but I mean…it's not very manly, is it?" Mickey rolled his shoulders awkwardly in his borrowed jacket. Even the few items of clothing he'd borrowed from Alan didn't fit quite right. The man was taller and a bit less bulky than Mickey was. Which was why Mickey was stuck in sweat pants, a t-shirt and gym shoes. Apparently his 'war clothes' weren't fit for everyday wear…plus they were a bit singed still.

"Like… to accept charity." He flushed a bit.

"Well, if it makes you feel better consider it a loan until you can get me back." She offered. "You're going to be working for Jack, given what I've heard about Torchwood you won't be hurting for cash." She insisted.

Mickey nodded, thinking it over. He held his hand out to her, "Deal." He said smiling
She shook his hand, "Deal." She agreed smiling.

"So…you're like an alien fighter then? Like for UNIT." Clyde asked Mickey eagerly.

Mickey looked at Clyde over his lunch with a look akin to disgust, "Never." He yelled indignantly.

"Hey!" Sarah Jane protested.

"I mean…No. I worked and will work for Torchwood." Mickey corrected himself. Right, Sarah Jane was a fan of UNIT. He was going to be working for Torchwood during the week and catching rides back to Ealing on the weekends. That meant sleeping on the couch in the hub most likely, but he was fine with that. He had a guest room to sleep in properly on the weekends.

"You carry guns?" Maria questioned.

"Got one. The Doctor stole it, though." Mickey replied, trying to articulate around a mouthful of crisps, "Left everything but what I was wearing behind. Sort of like last time." Alternate Universes made all three teenagers go quiet for a bit the night before as they contemplated it before declaring how awesome that was and peppering him with questions.

Three days back and he had a fan club, it was neat!

"Are you going to get another?" Clyde asked.

"Y—" Mickey paused, catching Sarah Jane's look. "Not while I am under this roof and if I do it'll stay at Torchwood." The sentence had a hint of question to it that made Sarah Jane smile. All it took was one look. Wow, Jackie did have him trained.

"Guns are bad; no touching guns." Luke recited to Mickey. "But you used one on Daleks." He said slightly confused.

"Yeah." Mickey grinned broadly, "Yeah, I did. Guess I am pretty badass. You know I liberated Paris of Cybermen." He bragged.

"Really!" Luke exclaimed.

Mickey sat back in his chair and began the tale he never grew old of. "It all started when the Doctor made me push this stupid button…" he explained.

- Three weeks later-

Mickey hadn't been sleeping well, but he was use to insomnia. It was the impulses he couldn't stand. Walking around the shops on Friday night with Luke as they waited for the takeaway to get ready he'd found himself looking at baby things. Before he knew it he had a tiny pair of baby socks decorated with stars and a moon.

When Luke questioned why he had them Mickey had blanked and shoved them into his pocket, muttering excuses.

It hit again not long after and he found himself buying a sketch pad and some pencils Saturday morning because Amy would have liked them. Mickey ended up shoving them into his bag and pretending he'd meant to get them anyway.

Tonight he found himself sitting in the kitchen in his favourite sleep clothes – blue cotton trousers and a white tank top – staring down into a glass filled with whiskey. He hated the taste, loathed it with a passion but it would grant oblivion, and with it sleep.

"Thinking of taking up drinking?" Sarah Jane asked him without much emotion in her tone.

He looked up to see her standing in the doorway in her old pink robe "Thinking of it." He said simply.

"You know that much whiskey will give you one hell of a hangover." She offered, sitting down across from him at the table.

"Might do." He agreed, swirling the liquid in the glass. "It would get rid of problems." He continued.

"It would mask them temporarily, but it wouldn't get rid of them." Sarah Jane said, but she didn't try to take the glass away. "It might make them worse when they come back." She said looking at him.

"Think so?" Mickey looked at her curiously. "Personal experience?" he asked quietly.

She shrugged and smiled slightly, "A mix of personal experience and years of friendship with various people." She said smiling at him.

"Hmm." He said listening.

"Know what does help?" she continued.

"What?" he said

"Talking about it." She said simply looking at him.

"Hmph." He sounded like he didn't believe her.

"Really, it does. It doesn't get rid of everything, but it helps." She insisted.

Mickey thought about it for a few moments as they sat in silence. He was unsure at why he started talking. Maybe it was the fact he needed a friend, maybe it was her voice, all convincing and motherly; sympathetic. Mostly it was that he needed to tell someone, anyone. Whatever the reason it all came pouring out.

"You remember I told you that the Doctor came and took Martha and I?"


"I lied about what happened. I mean, Martha did fix up an alien who was hurt but that wasn't all. There was this…he called himself 'the Dream Lord' and he took us all over. He put us all to sleep and gave us memories. Five years worth of memories. He made Martha and I fall in love, made us married and gave us children." Mickey took a deep breath as Sarah Jane covered his hand with hers in a gesture of comfort. "A little girl named Amy and Martha was pregnant. Then the Doctor showed up again, he crashed in the garden and ruined the flowers."

"He has a habit of doing that." Sarah Jane said making Mickey smile slightly.

"There were these aliens, I don't know their names, but they possessed the children and started killing people. Then we woke up and we were in the TARDIS. We weren't married, she wasn't pregnant and we didn't have a little girl. The Dream Lord, he explained but…" Mickey took a deep breath, "It was so confusing, and you didn't know what was real or not. Were we married with kids, or were we dying in the TARDIS and barely co-workers?

"The TARDIS was being frozen slowly, no heat or anything – we ended up in PONCHOS, really – as we drifted towards a cold star. I know they aren't real but…then we'd pass out and wake up in a suburb of London being chased by alien children intent on killing us all.

"We barricaded ourselves in the nursery – Martha, Amy and I – and the Doctor joined us later, climbing in through the window with a ladder. I have no idea where he got the ladder from or how he got it past the aliens. Then… One got up to the window, it shot Amy." Mickey took a shuddering breath and wiped at his eyes with his left hand, his right being held by Sarah Jane. "She…my baby girl dissolved right in front of me and there was nothing I could do."

"Oh, Mickey…"

"Martha got hit too, just side splatter. But she was in labour. Suddenly I heard the song that put us to sleep and I was in the dark. It was cold, dark and I couldn't orientate myself…he tormented me, taunting about how no one needs me, I'm useless and how everyone always abandons me…"

"That's not true, plenty of people need you." Sarah Jane told him.

"When…when I got back to the dream world sh-she was dead. Martha was dead on the floor…God there was so much blood. The Doctor was huddled up against the crib. He tried to keep me from going to see but I made it past him. The baby…Robert…he didn't make it either." He didn't even bother wiping his eyes this time, letting tears fall. "I decided then it was the dream and if I died we'd wake up in reality so…we killed ourselves. The Doctor and I. We wrecked our van, committing suicide in the process. We woke up in the freezing TARDIS, covered in frost then…He realized something; the Dream Lord only controls dreams so…"

"He was offering a choice between two false realities." Sarah Jane said.

Mickey looked at her curiously.

"I've been at this a while." She offered.

"Yeah, he blew up the TARDIS and…we were back. Martha's pretending nothing happened but…" Mickey reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out the tiny pair of socks he'd bought. "I keep…I keep wanting to get things. I bought an art set earlier for Amy then I realized she's gone…never existed even but…" Mickey gave in to what he considered a VERY unmanly instinct: he started crying in earnest.

Sarah Jane stood up from her spot and hugged him close, letting him cry for a while; something else that helped rid people of their problems.

Two weeks later (Early April)

Mickey growled in annoyance. The doorbell was ringing; couldn't people take a hint no one was home? Who would be stopping by anyway? Maria and Alan had moved! He shut off the shower, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist.

Sarah Jane hadn't needed much, so she and Luke had just walked to the shops, leaving the car behind since it was such a nice day. Just because the car was there didn't mean anyone was home.

He barely managed to cut out the scowl as he opened the door. "Can I help you?"

The woman on the other side's eyes went wide as she took in his appearance. He was soaking wet, he still had suds on some places and it occurred after the fact that some new injuries and old scars could look alarming.

"I er, I was looking for Sarah."

"Jane." Mickey added without thinking. "She's gone to the shops for some things. She'll be back in a bit. Who're you?"

"I'm Gita, Gita Chandra." She offered her hand.

Mickey changed his grip on the towel and shook her hand. "Mickey Smith. Now, if you'll excuse me I was in the middle of something."

"Oh, right." Gita nodded and walked off, blushing.

"Someone stopped by." Mickey told Sarah Jane as she helped him dress various injuries.

"Oh? Who?" She paused looking at an oddly shaped and located cut on his back. "What happened there?"

"Jack threw a burnt piece of glass at me for mocking him." Mickey winced at the medical paste she put on it. "He felt bad; he thought I'd duck. And it was Gita Chandra. Forgot you had new neighbours."

"What did she want?"

"I don't know. She was very quiet."

"That doesn't seem like Gita." Sarah Jane laughed and taped a bandage in place.

"Well, I was naked bar one of your towels at the time."

"What!" Sarah Jane nearly dropped the roll of medical tape.

"She caught me in the shower and the doorbell wouldn't stop ringing." Mickey whined.

"Did you say who you were?"

"Mickey Smith. Oh, and that I was in the middle of something."

Sarah Jane groaned. "Hands."

He held out his hands obediently for inspection.

She wiped the few nicks with an alcohol wipe making him hiss then covered the one bad cut with a plaster. Neither mentioned how much more efficiently Martha could do this for him and how quickly it would heal. Then again she'd also given up lecturing him about wearing gloves when he worked on tech that was unknown.

"They've moved into Maria's old house." Sarah Jane said. "Her daughter Rani is Luke's friend now. She found out about aliens via an alien clown."

Mickey's eyes widened, "You mean I missed a killer clown from outer space!"

Sarah Jane laughed, "Stay away from the B horror movies. Especially American ones!"

"They're good! What's next, ninja cheerleaders? I love Ealing." He proclaimed.

"Hmph. Go get dressed, NICELY, and let Luke introduce you to Rani and her parents. I refuse to have more gossip floating around." She warned him.

Mickey rolled his eyes and stood up. "Aye, Aye, Lieutenant."

"Save that for Gwen!" She protested as he hugged her. "And go get dressed!"


"GO!" Sarah Jane commanded as she laughed.

Mickey dressed himself up nicely, not quite 'to impress' but pass 'inspection'. His white trainers were shiny, no dirt or mud on them. His black jeans fit nicely, held up by a belt with NO curse words on it (He debated heavily between 'batman symbol' or the 'since you're already this close' one but she said nicely). His muscle shirt, while black, had no weird marks at all on it. As an afterthought he grabbed a short sleeved overshirt (red with pockets, score!) and slipped it on without buttoning it. He made it halfway down the stairs before he leapt the railing landing with a thud on the floor.


He grinned at the yell and took off running outside. He was halfway into the street before he remembered to look both ways. He barely avoided a car that stopped with a screech. He planted both hands on the hood and jumped last second as the car skidded to a halt so he ended up crouched on the hood.

"Mickey!" Luke yelled running his direction.

Mickey laughed and jumped down, "That, Lukey Boy, is how you avoid a painful death." He caught Luke in a hug and ruffled his hair. "Why do you look so scared, Clyde?"

"That's the new Head teacher's car. Our new neighbour." Clyde told him.

Mickey's grin dropped, "Oops?"

He turned around, and held his hands out palms up to Haresh, "Sorry Mate. No harm done?"

"You idiot, you could have been killed!" Haresh yelled, "Fine example to set for the kids."

"Hey, nothing happened." Mickey said quickly. "If you've got any dents I'll fix 'em out. No harm, no foul."

"No harm no foul?" Haresh repeated angrily. "I-"

"Hello again!" Gita said cheerfully running out of the house with Rani to see why her husband was yelling. "Nice to see you with some clothes on."

"What?" Luke and Clyde yelped.

"Long story." Mickey whispered to them then spoke louder. "Luke, you going to introduce me to the new neighbours?"

Luke looked puzzled but took up his role anyway. "Mickey, this is my friend Rani; this is Gita Chandra her husband Haresh. He's our new Headteacher."

Mickey took Gita's hand and kissed the back of it, "Pleasure."

"Oh my." She flushed; Rani and both boys looked a mixture of horrified, amused and disgusted.

"Sorry, Haresh, if there's any damage I'll fix it. I'm just across the street." Mickey told him cheerfully while mentally calculating how many cans of shaving cream it would take to cover the car.

"How long are you back for?" Luke asked him eagerly.

"Oh, three days I think. Have to head back up on Tuesday. Got an extra day by telling Jack he looked dead sexy in his new shirt. I don't think he caught the insult." Mickey mused.

"You live with Sarah?"

"Jane." Mickey repeated with Luke and Clyde. "Just for the time being. She's helping me get back on my feet and get a flat closer to work. LONG story, but Sarah Jane saved my life several times. Wouldn't be here without her."

"Taking in all those variables what is the perimeter." Rani read out loud.

The three teens were doing their homework out in the sun while Haresh worked on the lawn. Mickey was pulling tricks in the street on his skateboard (wearing a helmet - though unbuckled - at Sarah Jane's protest.)

"I'm not sure..." Clyde frowned. Luke was forbidden from helping them with theirs...well, when Haresh could see or hear. "Mickey!"

Mickey flipped the board and looked up, "What?"

"Help me?"

Mickey picked up the board and walked over and took the book from Rani. He mumbled to himself as he read it, well tried to read it. It took a few tries. He stared at the book as the words righted themselves and tried to figure it out..."Hell, I dunno." he handed her the book back. "If I had wanted to know that stuff I'd have gone to school."

"You didn't go to school?" Rani asked.

"Nope. Dropped out the day I turned 16 and got a job with a local mechanic." Mickey dropped the board on the sidewalk and stood on it, tilting it back and forth under his feet. "Didn't see the point in continuing my education at an institution."

"How do you ever expect to find a job if you drop out?" Haresh said. "See, kids, this is why you stay in school."

"I have a job." Mickey protested. "In Cardiff. I just haven't got up enough money to get my own place yet."

Haresh made a noise of disbelief.

"Really! I'm nearly there though. See, I owe Sarah Jane £1280; I had £640 in debt to clear up, £120 went to my bike and my board was £60." Mickey tried to keep track, "Hell...um...I think I spent £100 on video games...I pitch in on groceries now then some to savings. I spent £1,800 on my laptop." He paused." Luke, where's I at?"

"£3938.73." Luke told him.

"Right," Mickey grinned, "Which was taken out of £5000 with the rest going shopping or savings. Give it another month and I should be able to get a flat." He flipped his board as Haresh scowled at him. "And a puppy. Can't wait to get a dog again." He froze his face falling then Mickey shook his head as if to clear away a bad memory. "Anyway...Yeah, no schooling. You wanna know perimeter just...hell, look at the blueprints or as Luke!"

"Don't you have to give Mickey a ride to Cardiff?" Gita asked Luke. The three teens were mucking around outside where it was sunny.

"No, he's got someone coming to pick him up." Luke ducked the hacky-sack Clyde threw at him.

"Oh, which one?" Clyde asked eagerly, all of the Torchwood group he'd met were really cool.

"Jack." Luke grinned, "He said something about staying a little while and gifts."

"Love Jack gifts."

"Who's Jack?" Rani asked.

"He's Mickey's boss. Captain Jack Harkness, retired military." Clyde bragged in proxy. "Kick-arse, has a really cool coat and he chases down bad guys to fix things."

"He's amazing and always flirts." Luke told Rani. "If he flirts ignore him."

"All three of you." Clyde shook his head, "Man's a menace to good decent society. But he's pretty cool."

Jack sped through the streets enjoying the sounds of the engine. The SUV was fixed up with the best earth and alien parts he could get.

He could max out at around 305 km/h if he wanted. But he was on residential streets so he stuck to 120 km/h. Jack had the back of the car fitted with straps to hold down the cargo.

He'd brought Martha back and figured he'd just pick up Mickey. To make it more 'official' he'd brought some tech for Sarah Jane and some weird alien creature in a cage that tried to bite him. He was hoping Mr Smith could identify it.

He realized a few seconds too late he missed the turn and hit the brakes as he spun the wheel, coming to a dead stop against the curb outside her house. He'd meant to hit the driveway.

Jack looked out the window and saw her boys, a new girl and two amazed looking adults. "Fun, new neighbours." Jack said to himself. He dug into his glove department and produced a bottle of English Leather Cologne. He held it away from him slightly and sprayed it across his chest then turned it to spray his wrist. He quickly rubbed his wrists together and rubbed them on his neck to cover all his pulse points.

He wanted to smell nice, not alluring. It would be bad to overpower new neighbours with his natural pheromones, Sarah Jane would probably disapprove.

"Hey, Lukey-Boy! Where's tall dark and ugly?" Jack yelled, hopping out of the car and locking it behind him.

"Mickey's inside. Mum is too." Luke hugged the Captain and even let him mess up his hair.

"Ah. Got some stuff in the SUV. C'mon." Jack nodded to the back. "Need some help hauling it all out."

"No problem." Clyde greeted Jack, "How's work?"

"Fantastic, as always." Jack grinned and nodded at the Chandra's, "New neighbours?"

"Yes. Mr. and Mrs Chandra and my friend Rani." Luke told him. "Not too new, Mickey knows them."

"Mickey can bite me." Jack told him then offered his hand to Haresh, "Captain Jack Harkness."

"Haresh Chandra."

"Nice to meet you, Haresh." Jack offered his hand to Gita, "And you?"

"Gita Chandra." Gita blushed as Jack shook her hand and smiled.

"Jack Harkness, are you harassing my neighbours?" Sarah Jane called coming down the walk to where they were.

"Wouldn't dream of it." Jack protested. He turned to her and smiled, extending his arms. "Sarah Jane, aren't you looking well."

She hugged him, "Flattery gets you nowhere. I saw that park job."

"Ooops?" Jack tried to look sheepish, but didn't manage it. "Got some stuff for you."

He opened the car and two boxes sat in the bag alongside a bag. He pulled the bag out and tossed it to Luke. "Sweets. Confiscated them. Not for everyday consumption so...eat up." Jack grinned.

"Jack?" Sarah Jane asked quietly.

"Don't worry, they're from Saurtine. Nearly 100% sugar but nothing bad. Promise."

"Better not be."

Haresh's eyes went wide when they saw Mickey leave Sarah Jane's house. Far from the baggy trousers and colourful shirts with loose shoes they'd seen him in every time before he was dressed...well, military.

He wore black trousers that fit with several pockets, a gold shirt with a leather harness on over it. The harness held a holstered gun on one side. His belt was shining silver with handcuffs attached to one side and some sort of spray on the other. His shoes were combat boots that shone enough to reflect the sun.

"Ne me faites pas aller avec l'imbécile, s'il-vous-plaît. Je vous en supplie." Mickeys voice was pleading as he hefted his large duffle into the back of the SUV.

"«Tu vas t'en tirer. Jack peut bien se comporter pendant quelques heures." Sarah Jane replied stumping all of them. Haresh hadn't known she could speak another language or that Mickey the dropout could.

"Hey, you two cut that out." Jack scolded them as he bounced around on the street like a child.

"Non, Jack ne peut pas." Mickey deadpanned.

"Oi, I can speak that too!" Jack whined. "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?" He punctuated the singsong words with hip swiveling and a smirk.

"Behave." Sarah Jane switched to English.

"Aye, Aye, Ma'am." Jack saluted her.

Mickey sighed and pulled on his leather jacket. "Bye guys."

"Where did you learn French?" Haresh asked bluntly, obviously amazed.

"Huh? Oh, lived in France for about a year. See you next time, Luke." He hugged the boy then hugged Sarah Jane, "If I don't die or commit murder."

"You'll be fine." Sarah Jane laughed.

-Early May-

Mickey yawned and stretched out on the couch, puppy curled up on his chest. New flat...This was neat. Two whole bedrooms! He actually had a nice little kitchen - not that he'd ever admit he could cook. Currently the only furnishings really were his bed, his new puppy's pen and toy box, his BMX bike that sat near the door, his TV, game consoles and a really comfy couch.

"Not bad for an Estate kid who didn't even complete Sixth Form. Hell, who cut and ran at Year 12." Mickey laughed and the puppy snuggled into his hoodie in protest at the movement. "Now I'm making five thousand a month...Got my own flat and a very snuggly puppy. I might have to go back just to mock my teachers."

The puppy made a snuffling noise and curled deeper into his hoodie, tiny paws digging at his chest. She was just barely old enough to be away from her mother.

Mickey shifted his hoodie to let the puppy inside.

"You need a name, little one." He said, lightly stroking its ears as it relaxed to sleep again.

His mind automatically proclaimed "Yumo" but he winced and shook his head. Different dog. She was a Siberian Husky and was bound to be large, so it couldn't be something extremely girly. But it couldn't be something vicious or mean sounding because she was going to be big.

He thought over it for a while, just petting the cream coloured pup and sitting quietly.

After a while a grin crossed his face and he tilted his head to look at the snoozing dog.

"I think I'm going to have to call you 'Amidala'.

The puppy snuffled in its sleep and rubbed it's nose with its which Mickey took as a sign of agreement.

"Amidala, Come." Mickey said sternly. Back to work time, he'd had a week to bond with the puppy all alone, but now was the start of real training. She had to learn he was Pack Leader everywhere, not just at home. She was walking next to him on a long leash hooked to a red harness.

The puppy let out a snort that sounded a bit like a sigh but trotted closer to sit on his feet.

"You got a wolf?" Martha asked looking at the fluffy beast.

"No, she's a Siberian husky!" Mickey protested.

"She's huge!" Gwen proclaimed.

"She'll get bigger." Mickey looked down as the puppy gnawed on his laces and nudged it with his foot. "No chewing."

Amidala whined at him.

"Stand at attention." Mickey commanded and the puppy sat upright instead of leaning against him. "Good girl." He handed her a treat from his pocket.

She looked at him pleadingly and then around the room obviously wanting to explore. It was a new place and not like she'd get into much...


The puppy looked up hopeful, ears alert.

He leaned down and undid the leash. "Stand down."

The puppy took off like a lunatic smelling everything and bouncing around.

"Weirdest dog ever." Gwen said as it licked Ianto's shoe and pranced around.

"Nah, she's smarter and more energetic than Yu...She's a good dog." Mickey said. "Really have to stay on top of her training though, her breed is known for stubbornness, intelligence and being sneaky." He watched as she tried to chew on Ianto's shoe. "Amidala, no!"

The puppy hopped back and looked at him, making a whining noise.

"No." he repeated sternly.

She shook her head, making noises and dashed off again, following all the weird new scents.

Amidala scooted forward on the ground in a crouched position looking like a soldier or a cat as she crawled forward. Belly close to the ground inching along; tail wagging giving away her position. Gwen watched her progress as she inched closer and closer till...

Amidala leapt last minute and landed on Martha's shoe making happy noises and rubbing on them, rolling onto her back and shuffling on the floor in an obvious bid for attention.

Martha looked down in shock. "What are you doing?"

Amidala whined wanting a scratch.

She sighed and rubbed the dogs belly gaining grateful noises in response.

"Gwen's right, you are weird."

The puppy just nibbled at the air and licked Martha.

"Where's your master, huh?" Martha asked her. "Where's Mickey?"

Amidala looked at her, head tilted.

"Where's daddy?" Gwen asked the dog excitedly.

Amidala's tail twitched.

"Go find him."

The puppy took off running, nails clicking against the tile.

Martha looked at Gwen, "How'd you do that?"

"Years as a child confusing the family dog." Gwen replied.

- Early June-

Mickey was a bit worried about leaving Amidala with three hyper teenagers. She was only ten weeks old! Who knew what junk the teenagers would feed her.

"Stop fretting about your puppy." Sarah Jane scolded him lightly.

"If you stop fretting about Luke." Mickey replied.

He got an exasperated look in return. "I'm allowed to worry, I'm a mum."

"Yeah, and I'm a –"Mickey froze and changed course. "A first time dog owner."

Sarah Jane didn't remark on his mistake and they settled in to basic catching up conversation for lunch.

It wasn't often he came back to Ealing, since he started working up there. It wasn't too long a journey, but he liked hanging around in his flat with Amidala anymore. Today however was special; they were celebrating his birthday. It was about a week late, but it was still the thought that counted.

Sarah Jane had the teenagers working frantically while she took Mickey out setting up the house for a small 'family' party. Clyde had kidnapped the kitchen and run up her bankcard with baking supplies. But it was worth it.

Jack had called and told her that they'd been discussing birthdays and when Mickey's turn came to tell his favourite childhood birthday memory all he'd been able to come up with was that the year he turned ten Jackie had made him cupcakes and his Gran had given him £2 for a treat at the store.

She just really hoped Rani kept the boys away from the helium.

"And out of nowhere this big kid just comes flying at us." Mickey laughed, gesturing with his hands as they talked over their meal.

"What'd you do?"

"Well there wasn't much I could do!" Mickey told her, giant grin never leaving. "I mean, I was being the 'guard' and keeping care of the little ones. So I stand up and basically scream 'you can't hurt us!'"

"And?" Sarah Jane prompted.

"And it turns out he could indeed hurt me, BUT in the time I was distracting him Rose and Gina'd gone and found their mums."

"By distracting you mean 'getting beat up by', don't you?" She tried not to laugh but the faces he was making prompted more laughter.

"Yeah, just a bit." Mickey admitted. "Still one of my favourite birthdays. I mean, I hung out at Jackie's for a while afterwards, settling down and she let me eat an entire jar of frosting with a spoon. That's near heaven for a ten year old."

Sarah Jane shook her head, "Well, I hope this ranks up in the top ten."

Mickey scoffed, "I have a top five. I've not exactly done a lot of parties. Well, Jackie's responsible for four out of five, but this is one." He grinned brightly.

Suddenly his grin started to fade as he stared over Sarah Jane's shoulder.

She turned to look and winced.

Martha and 'That Man' as Mickey called him had at some point been seated just a little ways from them across the restaurant.

"Mickey…"Sarah Jane said softly, reaching across the table to place her hand on his. His own hand was clenched tightly, nails biting into the skin.

"I'm fine." He said, through gritted teeth. He closed his eyes took a deep breath and smiled at her again. "Now, how about your last birthday?"

He tried to keep the conversation going, but his eyes kept straying over and his rage was building.

He couldn't help it, it was there.

That Man was holding Martha's hand, messing with her engagement ring. Both were smiling so brightly.

Mickey tried to focus again, no, he was talking he wasn't-

That Man leaned over the table and kissed Martha.

Mickey surged out of his seat and was across the restaurant in seconds. He grabbed the other man up by his shirt. "THAT'S MY WIFE!" Mickey roared, his fist impacting That Man's face.

"Mickey!" he heard two females yelling at him.


He felt someone grab his arm and allowed himself to be pulled backwards after sinking one more well placed punch.

"She's not." Sarah Jane said softly, pulling him away from Tom. She stopped him from going forward when Martha went to Tom's side, clearly torn at who she should be comforting. "She's not." Sarah Jane repeated, one hand on his chest, pushing him backwards slightly.

"I…" Mickey took a deep breath, "I'll be in the car."


Mickey jumped, startled by the sudden noise as he looked around Sarah Jane's kitchen.

Her teens were standing around, all with party hats. There was a banner, and balloons! His eyes went wide; there were shiny wrapped presents on the table and a giant cake on the counter.

"Whoa." He said.

"So, what do you think; top four?" Sarah Jane asked him later as he sat on the couch, ice on his right hand trying to eat cake with his left hand. "Considering everything."

"This is definitely top three." Mickey said with a grin.

There was a knock at the door and Sarah Jane excused herself to see who it was.

Amidala sat happily at his feet, trying desperately to get the frosting off the tip of her nose. The boys were trying to see how much ice cream they could fit into their mouths at one time while Rani egged them on, enjoying what she knew would turn out really badly.

"Mickey, you've got a visitor." Sarah Jane said, walking back into the room.

"Who?" He looked perplexed.

"Martha, actually." She said quietly. "She's just outside."

Mickey jolted and quickly stood up, "Um, I'll be back, make sure they don't feed Amidala any more sugar?"

"I'm right in here if you need me." She told him, squeezing his hand lightly.

He nodded and calmed himself, walking to the door. "Hey."

"Hey." Martha replied lightly, obviously nervous. "I was just wondering if we could talk a bit, maybe?"

He looked back inside, quickly and shut the door. "Yeah, let's…just out here." There was a yelp from inside the house and he grinned brightly. "Um, her kids are having an ice cream eating contest." He explained at Martha's confused glance. He led her around to the side garden where the bench was. "So, what's up?" he asked.

"I just…I wanted to apologize for earlier." Martha told him. "I didn't know you'd be there and I shouldn't have…I mean, you shouldn't have hit him."

Mickey scoffed, leaning back against the fence. "He shouldn't have been near you."

"He's my fiancée!" Martha protested. "That's sort of a right."

"Thought this was an apology, not a knife in the wound." Mickey said sarcastically.

"It is. I'm just doing a horrid job at it." Martha sat down on the bench with a sigh. "Though I'm not exactly sure why I'm apologizing. Usually I'd do it with a video game and wine…I mean – ."

"I know what you mean." Mickey said softly. "I mix things up too. What'd he have to say about me?"

"He was…a bit confused and more than a little concerned. Sarah Jane convinced him not to press charges though." Martha told him. "It wasn't…" She bit her lip in consideration. "You don't have to be jealous anymore. I broke up with him."

"Christ." Mickey rubbed his face with his hands, slouching. "I didn't mean to break you up."

"You did." Martha disagreed. "But if I hadn't wanted to…I mean, I spend most the time I'm with him feeling guilty as hell and like I'm cheating." She complained. "I don't…You can't exactly erase five years in three months, can you?"

"No. Not easily." Mickey agreed. "So…what are we?" he asked into the silence moments later.

"We're…complicated." Martha said finally. "I really don't know."

"Hard to classify." Mickey stuffed his hands into his pockets. "But you two you're…?"

"Through." Martha declared, a tinge of sadness in her voice. "I better get going." She said, "I've got to get up in the morning and help mum out."

"Yeah, I've got a party to get back to." Mickey said, moving from the garden to open the gate. He waited to let her threw then followed.

"Goodnight, Martha." He said, standing in the drive near her car.

"Happy birthday." She paused then leaned on tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. "Night, Mickey."

He stood outside till Martha had driven off then went back inside.

Mickey flopped down on the couch next to Sarah Jane. "Number one."

"Number one? Really?" Sarah Jane asked, moving the wiggling puppy from her lap to his.

"Definitely." He grinned brightly.

-Late June-

"Damn it." Mickey cursed, wincing and nearly curling into a ball. He'd been chasing a weevil and moved wrong, diving out of the way and slamming his stomach into the ground.

He heard Jack and Gwen speed ahead and then heard a shot ring in the night.

Not long after Gwen reappeared by his side. "You hurt yourself or knock the wind out—" she stopped when she saw the blood appearing on his grey t-shirt. "Jesus Christ." Gwen exclaimed.

"I'm good." Mickey said through gritted teeth. "It's an old wound. Got it last weekend. Just an accident when I was chasing down a bounty." He still took the odd bounty jobs, both human and alien, for the extra cash. He took the weird cases no one else wanted or for those who didn't want government involvement.

Gwen ignored him, shoving him to lay down with a hand on his chest and tugging his shirt up. "Mickey, what the hell?" She nearly yelled when she pulled back the makeshift bandage he'd taped on that was coated in blood now. The wound was a good three inches long and deep. It was discoloured and obviously infected. It was just under his ribs on his left side, on his abdomen. "Did you even treat this? Does Martha know?"

"No. Ow, fuck! Watch the hands." He yelled as she touched a sensitive area.

"What's going on?" Jack asked, jogging up. "You break a rib, mouse?" He shut up quickly upon seeing Mickey's abdomen. "I'm calling Martha."

Mickey groaned, laying back and letting his head drop onto the pavement.

Martha made it to Cardiff within two hours, having sped the entire way, much to Mickey's chagrin.

"Does this hurt?" Martha asked, probing the wound with her gloved hands.

"YES!" He yelled, cursing.

"Good!" She growled. "What the hell is wrong with you?" each word was punctuated by a smack to his upper arm. "Did you even treat this?"

"Yes! I fixed it myself."

"How? With glue?"

He was quiet which confirmed it.

"Oh my God. You seriously glued this?" She exclaimed.

"I cleaned it, used some antibiotic gel and super glued it shut." Mickey winced as she prodded the wound again, biting back an expletive.


"That is it." Martha yelled, storming into the main room where Gwen, Jack and Ianto quickly pretended to be busy and as if they hadn't been trying to listen in. "I am the medic here. I don't care if I'm in London or NEW YORK, I am the medic and you WILL call me. I don't care how bad it is. If you need so much as a fucking PLASTER for a scrapped knee I will be informed!"

Jack hid his grin and saluted her. "Yes, Ma'am."

Gwen nodded, "Will do. I didn't know he was hurt, I swear."

Martha growled and turned around to leave back to the medical room again.

"Did she just curse at us?" Ianto demanded in outrage.

"Lay off her, Ianto." Jack said quietly, "It's Mickey that's hurt."

Ianto closed his mouth and nodded curtly.

"Careful." Martha said as she helped Mickey to his door. Amidala was tugging on her leash, trying to test Martha's limits and get to the flat faster.

"I'm very careful." Mickey said, quite aware of the stitches on his abdomen.

Martha scoffed. "If you were careful this wouldn't have happened." She opened the door to his flat with his keys and helped him inside.

He collapsed gratefully onto the couch as she let Amidala loose. The pup took off immediately into his room where he heard a thump and a squeak. She'd gone to find her toys…

"Thanks for the ride, you can-"

"I'm not going anywhere." Martha interrupted him. "I've taken a few vacation days – they rarely deny me much of anything – and I'm staying here till that's cleared up."

Mickey frowned, "You don't have to do that."

"Obviously I do. I mean, who gets the bright idea to just glue a wound shut?"

"Sarah Jane does it." Mickey muttered sulkily.

"She does what?" Martha demanded in outrage.

Mickey winced, oops…now Sarah Jane was going to kill him.

His phone ringing woke him up. Well, less 'ringing' and more 'singing'. He'd long since personalized ringtones to fit the person calling and there was only one person whose call triggered the song 'Sarah'.

"Hi." He said groggily into the phone. One side effect of getting a wound scrubbed out and stitched up was good pain pills.

"Why do you find it fun to drag me into trouble?"

"I didn't mean to. But you do fix wounds like me."

"With a giant exception: you used human supplies. I don't. With as many visitors as I get and as many friends as I have I rarely end up with human supplies."

"What do you mean?" he asked, groaning a bit as he adjusted and sat up on the couch.

"The Doctor may steal my shopping, but for some reason he always stocks my med kit. You used superglue and antibiotics, I use dermal glue and I have a few different antibiotic gels that are a bit more advanced." She sounded exasperated and amused. "Hadn't you noticed I don't scar?"

"I never paid that much attention." Mickey admitted. "So this was an idiot move?"

"Well, you got an infection, I got a lecture by yet another medical doctor, you ended up getting worse medical treatment then you'd have gotten to begin with…but on the other hand you've got Martha living with you for about a week tending to your every need."

Mickey's eyes went wide as he realized the implications. "Are you suggesting I use this for nefarious means?"

Sarah Jane laughed, "I'm saying convince her she loves you as much as you still love her. What you take from that is solely your idea."

"But you're in favour."

"Go get your girl, you twit."

Mickey smiled. "Thanks. Bye."


"Who was that?" Martha asked curiously, entering from the kitchen with a tray covered in dishes.

"Sarah Jane. She was just checking up on me." Mickey told her. He flipped the phone shut and sat it back onto the coffee table. "And asking why I get her in trouble."

Martha didn't look bothered in the least. "I'm a medic. It's my job to take care of people."

"She doesn't work for Torchwood." Mickey pointed out.

Martha placed the tray on the coffee table and sat down next to it. "I'd work pro-bono for her if needed."

"You've barely met her." Mickey told Martha. He looked over at the tray and lit up as he tried to sit up fully. "You cooked?"

"Soup." Martha agreed, moving the tray to his lap now that he was mostly upright, the legs sitting on either side of his legs. "And I've met her more than once."

"Yeah, pick up's, drop offs and when the Dalek's attacked." Mickey picked up a spoon and nearly did a happy dance. He always loved when Martha made soup. She only did it when he was-no, that wasn't real. It hadn't happened. He tried a spoonful of chicken and noodles anyway and sighed blissfully. Dream or not, it tasted the same. He wasn't sure where she got the ingredients for it from; maybe he'd slept longer than he thought.

"During the year that wasn't." Martha said seriously. She clasped her hands together on her lap. "She saved my life and helped save the world. I owe her."

Mickey looked at her in surprise. "You've never told me this."

"Perfect life." She shrugged. "I never had to think about it."

"I'm sorry." Mickey said genuinely.

"Don't be." Martha told him. "It's over. I still…I feel like I owe her a debt, but if I told her she'd just give me that smile and tell me that it's fine, and not to worry."

"Yeah, she's good at that." Mickey nodded, "Sorta makes you feel five again."

Martha laughed. "Eat your soup. I'm going to go clean up my cooking mess." She looked down at Amidala who had wiggled her way onto the couch and onto Mickey's feet. "Don't give her any. You need it."

Mickey made happy noises around a spoonful. "No way. It's all mine. I don't have to share. Isn't that a rule?"

Martha laughed at him, even as she left.

Mickey watched her leave thoughtfully. Make her love him again…hmm. Maybe Sarah Jane had a point.

Amidala let out a tiny whine, a low one and wriggled on his feet.

"Mine." Mickey said sternly, taking another big bite.

Mickey winced slightly as he got out of the shower. It'd been four days and his wound looked a lot better than it had the first day. Martha growled less when she checked him and changed the bandage but he still had a wound. It was going to make for a neat little scar. He had to come up with a normal story though; no one would believe he got stabbed by an alien.

He carefully dried off and tugged on a pair of boxers and sleep pants. He opened the door and was greeted by a whining puppy.

"Oh, Amidala, did you miss me?" He asked as she wound around his legs eagerly.

"She didn't stop whining." Martha told him. "Did you, 'Dala?"

Amidala whined in agreement, rubbing her head on Mickey's legs. Martha and Amidala had grown quite attached to one another in the last few days, but the dog's loyalties were still firmly fixed with Mickey.

"Lock down, babygirl." Mickey informed the puppy.

Amidala scrambled down the small hallway into his room.

"Give me a moment and I'll fix your bandage before bed." Martha told him. She'd been sleeping on the couch the past few days. She'd been getting closer to Mickey, however so he figured that was one goal he might be able to achieve in the long run.

"Fine." Mickey nodded. "I'm going to get Amidala settled."

He followed the path the puppy had taken and found her settled inside her large pen.

The pen was sized to hold a dog much bigger than Amidala would ever get and closed off a corner of the room but within reach of Mickey's bed. It had a large red dogs' bed inside it covered with a bright pink blanket and a small bowl of water. Amidala sat in the centre of the bed and looked at him expectantly.

"Nighty, night, Amidala." He told her, kneeling down to scratch her ears and shut the gate to the pen.

The puppy yawned widely and buried her face in the blanket happily.

Mickey groaned as he got back to his feet. Okay, that sill hurt.

He carefully lay down on his own bed, shoving the covers back.

Martha entered a few minutes later, carrying the medical kit she'd brought.

"Looks much better." She told him, sitting next to him on the bed.

"Feels better." He admitted.

"I can take the stitches out in a few more days." Martha said, gently applying the topical antibiotic. "Less if you plead and Jack lets me use more advanced technology on you."

Mickey laughed quietly. "Me pleading to Jack Harkness? Not bloody likely."

She carefully placed a white still bandage over top the wound and taped it in place with medical tape. "Stranger things have happened."

"Yeah." He watched as she put everything away and lightly traced her fingers around the edges of the bandage to make sure all the tape stayed in place. He covered her hand with his. "Stranger things have happened." He leaned up and pulled her down into a kiss.

Mickey paced back and forth in his flat anxiously. Amidala followed his every step carefully, watching to see where he was going in a bizarre game of 'follow the leader'.

Okay, so maybe 'make her love you' had gone a bit too far last night but it wasn't like they'd never—wait, dream. He winced and rubbed a hand over his bandage. He was relatively certain he'd busted a stitch or two last night. Not that he regretted that.

When he woke up Martha was gone. Not just from his room, but from the flat as well. Her coat was missing, but her stuff was still here.

She wasn't answering his calls.

He stopped suddenly making Amidala run into the back of his legs. Mickey jogged through the house and grabbed his mobile from the kitchen counter where he'd chucked it in exasperation.

Only one person he could call for advice on this, no matter how awkward it might be overall. He was NOT calling Jack and Gwen well…odd.

"Hi, Mickey." Sarah Jane answered almost immediately. "How're you feeling?"

"Pretty sure I popped a few stitches." Mickey said.

"Well get Martha to fix them. Isn't that what she's there for?"

"She helped me bust them."

"…" the line was silent for a moment. "Mickey, what've you done?"

"I slept with Martha." He blurted out.

She was silent again for a few moments but he could hear her moving away from wherever it was she had been, as the other voices got quiet. "Well, this could be very good or very bad."

"She wasn't here when I woke up." Mickey practically whimpered.

"That adds to the bad side…Maybe she's gone to work?"

"Jack's not letting her work while I'm hurt." Mickey groaned and sat down on the couch, sinking back into it.

"She's probably just gone to talk to him then, I bet. He's her friend too."

Mickey let his head fall back onto the back of the couch. "So what do I do?"

"Did she take her things?"


"Then wait there. She'll be back."

Mickey awoke with a jerk, snore cut short as he tried to sit upright. Amidala was dislodged from his lap and growled in displeasure, crouched on the floor, poised to attack whatever had startled him.

"Sorry." Martha said quietly. She shut the door that had hit the doorstop softly and slid the lock into place.

"'s alright." Mickey winced, covering his side with his hand as he sat upright, swinging his legs off the couch and onto the floor. "Where've you been?"

"I, er, I went to talk with Jack." Martha admitted honestly. "I think we need to talk."

It took two hours, but by time their 'talk' was done Mickey had himself a girlfriend.


"Martha's nearly here." Ianto told Jack, hanging up the phone. "She's brought some supplies and would like some help getting them to the morgue."

Mickey sat up straight in his chair, legs hitting the floor after falling from the desk they'd been resting on. "Yes!"

"Hey, hold it!" Jack ordered, hand help up, palm flat facing Mickey. "I call twenty minutes for a consult. Then you two can go all kissyface."

"Five." Mickey countered.

"Ten." Jack stated.

Mickey scowled but nodded.

Jack jogged over to the lift, disappearing upwards to help Martha.

"You know he only wanted ten minutes anyway, right?" Gwen giggled.

"Yeah, yeah." Mickey nodded. "Gwen, I need your help."

"Oh? What with?" Gwen placed her reports aside.

He looked around to make sure no one could hear him. Ianto was looking pointedly away from him making coffee. "Right, can you please, please cover my shift tomorrow? And if possible stop Jack from bitching."

"What for?" Gwen asked him, already going over in her mind what she needed to do tomorrow.

He leaned close, cupping his hand over his mouth to keep even Ianto from hearing. "I'm going to ask Martha to marry me."

Gwen's eyes went wide and she gasped, hand over her mouth. "Of course!"

Mickey grinned and hugged her. "Fingers crossed, eh?"


"I love the bay at night." Martha said as they walked along the pier, fingers entwined.

It was chilly and the two both had on light jackets to fend against the night air. She'd gotten through her consult as quickly as possible, put up all her supplies – Ianto's help had been declined tactfully – and the moment she was done the two were out the door.

"Me too." Mickey agreed, more nervous than he'd ever felt before.

"How's your week been?"

"Nice enough. Amidala decided to chew a hole in her teddy bear so she's whining about having no stuffed toys. You?"

Martha laughed. "New cadets. I've dealt with more whining this week than I do when you get hurt."

Mickey staggered playfully and clapped a hand over his heart. "You wound me, woman!"

She giggled and nudged him with her freehand. "It's true."

"Yeah. Let's stop." He indicated a bench for them to sit on where they could see the bay and it was still light enough to see each other.

They sat quietly for a minute or two, just watching the stars that were just starting to shine as Mickey fiddled with the ring box in his pocket.

"So…I've been thinking lately." Mickey said, his hand still clasping hers. He was trying hard to keep from breathing hard.

"About anything good?" Martha asked cautiously.

"I'd like to think so." Mickey smoothly pulled the box from his pocket, slipped off the bench onto one knee. He opened the box as she gasped and smiled. "Martha Jones, will you marry me? For real this time."

[AN: My partner is on vacation in a different timezone right now with no internet. She won't realize I've posted this for several hours if not days. I find this way too funny but...There you go, Mickey's side of things or well glimpses into his side. I'm sure we'll get Martha's eventually.]