Prologue- The End of the Rainbow

Rainbow Dash's dying screams echoed through the pink pony's thoughts. She had been such a letdown, even the little blank flank fillies and colts had held up better then the Pegasus. Pinkie had been hoping to have a lot more fun with her.

"So much for the most awesome of all eh Dashie?" Pinkie muttered to herself as she worked. She was almost done preserving her friend. A small twinge of sadness hit her as she carefully brushed Dash's colourful mane.

She shook the feeling off. Rainbow's number had come. Those were the rules, and Pinkie had no choice but to follow. Besides, Dash had turned out to be one of the most delicious cupcake batches ever.

"There!" Pinkie announced happily leaping gleefully to her hoofs. "All done. Dashie you look great. Just like always!"

The party pony stepped back to properly admire her handy work. It was great, if she did say so herself. "Wowwie, I did good. You can barely see the stitches. Rarity would be proud of me."

She circled the carefully taxodermied Pegasus, "Well Rainbow, I dare say, you look 20% cooler than usual." Pinkie snorted and succumbed to a fit of giggles at her own joke.

She giggled till she couldn't breathe anymore, then put on her bets serious face, "Now, where to put you?" she scanned her little dungeon looking for the perfect place to keep her friend. "Have to make sure there's enough room for the others too." Pinkie smiled, she spotted a long stretch of wall that would be a perfect place to pose all her bestest best friends once their numbers came up.

"And we'll all stay together forever!" Pinkie cried out gleefully pushing Rainbow Dash to her spot.