Ahn Ei Sook

Or Ester Ahn Kim

Ahn Ei Sook was a Christian school teacher who didn t bow down to the idols the Japanese put up. She ran her mother and sister s house and they took her to a house that had been abandoned for years. They brought food to her every day and she thanked them all the time. An old man came to her house one evening. And she gave him food he ate the entire dish. She discovered that he had been fasting for days. He left later.

She dicided to try to fast. She fasted for a day and worked up to three. Ahn then fasted for a week. Her mother had brought a doctor out to check on her. The dr. said her pulse was like a dead persons pulse. She knew it was going to be tough but she had made it was attracting to much attention to her. So she said bye to her mother and sister and left. She started traveling around living in caves and eating at the roots. She fasted most of the time.

She had spent some time at her brother-in-laws hospital. But she couldn t get much sleep is she left. She traveled to an inn and was going to spend the night there thanks to a Christian family. She went to sleep, but then she was kicked in the ribs. She woke up thinking somebody was calling her, and then realized it was the holy spirit telling her it wasn t safe there. So she ran for awhile and then laid down to sleep. Somebody then had whispered in her ear saying go to Pyongyang. She knew God was telling her that. She was scared but she knew it was God calling her to it. There is more to this story but I won't write about it no but Ahn was taken to prison and later she did come out with the other Christians who had survived, 38 Christian prisoners were taken and only 14 came out alive. Ahn left for the united states and promised she would come back some day to see her mother but never saw her again.