Éowyn stood at the opening, gazing over the rich Riddermark under a cover of clouds. It had been several months since the war with Sauron ended, yet it still haunted her soul.

Faramir stirred in bed behind her, but when she looked he was still asleep. A corner of her heart wished he would wake, but she didn't want to burden him. He had comforted her countless times in the night when her dreams foretold of destruction to her land. She turned back to the wide view and breathed out, willing her unease to leave with the air, but a weight remained in her core.

"What troubles you, Éowyn?" Faramir spoke softly.

She gasped quietly and blinked slowly but didn't turn around to face her husband.

He wrapped his arms around her and rested his face in her hair.

She breathed deeply, taking in his warmth.

He kissed her hair. "Tell me."

A lone star shone brightly in a gap in the clouds.

"The world is won and safe." She looked up into his gentle gaze. "But cold and darkness still surround me when the day no longer holds it back and I—" she stopped, unable to continue for the shadow of a cage that remained in her heart.

A hint of a smile was on Faramir's face, but it wasn't one of jest. She knew he did not take her concerns lightly. He had once told her that he simply could not help it when he looked at her fair face.
"You have lost much," he said. "The war has given you wounds that no physician can tend. They aren't in your flesh and bone but in heart and spirit."

"I would fight them in battle, but how do I wield a sword against something unseen?"

He turned her to face him and drew her closer, making quieting sounds.

Éowyn rested her cheek on his chest.

"Swords and battle cries won't heal these injuries. Only love can."

She hesitated. "And, have I love?"

"You have all my love."

She sighed and soaked in the warmth and strength of his arms around her. Her breathing slowed and the weight on her heart lifted. Reassured once again, the cage diminished.

Faramir tipped her chin up. "Now, smile once more for me."

Heart warmed, her lips twitched up and her eyes fluttered. How could she ever show him how much she loved him? "You only ask for the simplest things."

"What you call simplest, I think richest."

"Then may this increase your treasures, my lord," she said and raised her lips to meet his in a tender kiss.