"What about my sister?"

"Her scores did not make the mark and she lacks the aggression we are looking for so-"

"I'm not going without Sylvia."


"No more Mr. Dimak or whatever you prefer to be called. From the moment we were born my sister and I have been a pair. No more discussion."

"I'm not going to give up."

"Good. I didn't expect you to. If you would give up to an eight year old then you are indeed a weak man Mr. Dimak, which is not a very promising sign when it comes to representing your 'Battle School."

"I don't run it."

"But you wish you did now don't you. All of you adults are the same, wanting power."

"Your teacher said you had a bad attitude."

"Call it disrespect if you like, I don't give respect to people who haven't yet earned it."

The girl awoke from her dreams, blinking away the fogginess and yawned. She smiled as she remembered the eight year old her telling off one of the famous Battle School teachers. That was five years ago, making her thirteen now, almost fourteen and as promised, Dimak still came by trying to shoo her to the school. But she had kept to her promise, her sister Sylvia still hadn't obtained the proper scores necessary to allow her access to the school. She just scuffed it, coming closer every year.

Sylvia was the one that wanted to go to battle school anyway, the girl Anastasia, could care less. She liked it here on Earth. She liked to ride her horses and run around on the open plain, to swim, to dig, to climb, everything that made Earth special. Sylvia though was obsessed with the sky.

"Ana! How did you sleep? You didn't have any more nightmares did you?" her sister asked beside her on her own bed. Anastasia sat up and rubbed her eyes.

"Nope. I just don't understand, I've never even met the boy before." Anastasia grumbled, thinking about the nightmares she had been having for a year or so now. It was always about a black haired boy who was beaten up and bleeding everywhere. She ran to him, wanting to save him, but she never seemed to be able to reach him. It both terrified and intrigued her.

"Maybe you are going to meet him! Like in battle school!" Sylvia chirped. Anastasia sighed.

They were identical twins, but very different. Ana had cut her hair up to just above her shoulders to express her rebel attitude since both of her parents didn't think it was 'lady' like of her to do so and it was always a bit wavy, a few strands curled to frame her face. Then Sylvia had followed her parents' desires and grown out her hair, letting it fall down her shoulder blades always neat and straight. But the difference in their ginger styles wasn't the only visible thing. Ana had a mole on the left side of her head while Sylvia was perfectly flawless. Ana preferred it that way. She was more like a big brother then big sister when it came to her twin, she was extremely protective. She just about busted open a kids head a year ago when he flipped up Sylvia's skirt.

"I highly doubt that Sylvia." Anastasia responded. She didn't want to get Sylvia's hopes up. Hope was nice to have, but it could be paralyzing, something she didn't want for her sister.

"I know I passed this year! I can feel it." Sylvia protested. Ana got off her bed and went to her closet.

"Fine fine, but don't be too optimistic. Now get some clothes on so you can help me feed the horses."

"Sylvia! Anastasia! You both have a visitor!" Their mom called from the house down to the stables. The girls were currently fooling around, riding bareback on their horses as they played tag. The girls though put away the horses and ran up to the house at their mother's call.

"Who's the visitor mom? Is it grandma?" Sylvia skipped into the living room, her tidy ponytail bouncing on her head. Ana followed more slowly, hands in pockets. They both stopped in their tracks as they saw Dimak.

"I told you old fart, I ain't goen nowhere without Sylvy." Ana snapped, getting right to it.

"Anastasia Lynn Perkins!" her mother hissed as a warning to her. Dimak just smiled, not bothered by her remark and snapped out a sheet of paper.

"Then your disrespectful ass is going to Battle School this year. BOTH of you." Ana dropped her riding gloves in surprise.


"Yeah! Whoohoo! Ana it finally happened! I told you I would pass this year! I told you!" Sylvia cheered; grabbing Ana's hands and hopping around her sister, making Ana turn in circles with her. Ana looked at Dimak, completely dumbfounded and defeated. Her only reason for not attending battle school was officially gone.

"B-but, aren't we too old for battle school now?" she tried, stopping Sylvia's bouncing.

"Yes for launchies. So you will be placed into armies immediately." Dimak countered. Ana fumed. You have got to be kidding me, she thought. I have lost to DIMAK. That was a low blow for her and she started to sulk. And she continued to sulk, all the way to Battle School.

"You put us in different armies?" Anastasia protested, following Dimak. They had just arrived at battle school and had automatically been separated.

"You said you wouldn't go to battle school if your sister didn't go. You said nothing about different armies. Besides there was no army that had two slots to fill, just singles. Sorry but you will have to deal with it." Dimak smirked; enjoying his revenge for the years wasted arguing with the adolescent. "Your commanders are expecting you."

"It's ok Ana, it won't be so bad. We can meet up at lunch." Sylvia pointed out. She was forever an optimist.

"Considering we get settled in on time." Ana grumbled, forever the pessimist.

"Well I'm off to Rat Army! Good luck Ana. Love you and twinsie." Sylvia used their word that had a special meaning for both of them. It was basically a strong 'I love you.' Sylvia disappeared.

Ana looked sadly at her piece of paper.

Anastasia Perkins

Assigned Salamander Army

Commander Bonzo Madrid

Effective Immediately

Code Green Green Brown

No Possessions Transferred

Ana folded the piece of paper and put it in her suit. No possessions huh? Please. She had snuck in a nightgown in her clothes since she heard that people walked around naked here, which unsettled her. Not the other people, but she sure wasn't showing off skin in a population that was mostly male.

Ana palmed the wall and watched her colors lead her to her new barracks. She was nervous, that was for sure. And she didn't know what she would do when she got there. What would they think? What will they do? I wonder what my commander is like, she pondered, nearing her destination. She stared at the door that stood between her and a new life. She didn't want to open it.

She slowly went and opened the door, then stepped inside. Hello change, I am your humble servant, she thought. Quite a few people stopped what they were doing and looked at her. She calmly walked in and looked around. Who was this Bonzo Madrid?

"New girl." Someone beckoned. She looked over and sighed with relief, another girl! That made her day.

"Ho…" she trailed off, giving her chance to put in a name.

"Petra Arkanian. You a new Salamander?" she stated.

"Uh yeah, Anastasia Perkins. I'm looking for Bonzo Madrid." She explained.

"Mouthful of a name."

"You can call me Ana."

"Better." She looked around. "I don't think Bonzo is here yet, but you'll know when he's here." She assured her. Petra actually kind of acted like a boy, which was fine with Ana, but she really missed Sylvia as she thought about it. Just having someone who was girly would make her feel tons more comfortable in this room of half naked guys.

"Really? How?" everyone shut up right after Ana asked the question and Ana turned. Someone new had entered. Petra poked her side. I guess that was what she meant, she decided silently.

Ana couldn't see him very well from where she was, she had to clamber through the boys. She finally stood in front of him, and didn't believe her eyes. "You're-?" she squeaked, pictures of a bleeding boy in her mind. He looked at her with cold eyes.

"I'm Bonzo Madrid. And who are you?"

To Be Continued…

Short Chapter is Short… but I'm still getting ready to introduce characters. How will Miss Independent/Rebel Ana react to this Bonzo Madrid, probably the strictest commander at Battle School? ~JC