Max POV-

I just came home to our wonderful cave; I was out looking for some firewood. Yippee! So much fun. So back to the story I was walking into the cave we were staying at, the flock and I. My arms are full when I walk in. I expect someone to come over and help a little, at least. Nothing, nada, no one come over to help. I can here them all breathing and talking quietly to themselves. Surly they head me come in. "guy, I'm home. I brought back some firewood. Guys…"

I drop the firewood and look around they're all there staring at me, giving me the look. The I know-what-you-did look. " Is something wrong, why are you guys looking at me like that. Did I do something?" I confusedly ask. They just keep on giving me that annoying stare. What's their problem? Then sweet little angel steps up. She walks over to me and looks into my eyes, she reaches out and touches me hand softly. " Angel, don't touch the traitor!" Fang screams, well as much as Fang can scream. His deep voice still rumbles and echoes though the cave.

I stare at him, what is he talking about. I'm no traitor. "What do you mean by traitor." What is he thinking how could I be a traitor, I love the flock, they are my family. My only family. How could I ever betray the flock? I love Fang and the others are like me kids (even Iggy).

"Max, we found the letters that you wrote to the school. Telling them where we are. We know you're working for them, bargaining for your life. You are the reason we have been getting caught," Fang said everything slowly as if I were a child.

"I did none of the things you are accusing me of," I said trying to keep me cool, stay calm. It wasn't working so great. I really felt like punching the wall, or better yet the person who convinced them of this.

Angel stood up. Walking towards me once again, but this time the sadness in her eyes was gone and they were filled with hurt, pain and revenge. The words that came out of her mouth I will never forget. " Max, we're kicking you out of the flock. Leave, we want you to stop hurting us." Then she had a cruel smirk resting on her face. She finally got what she wanted. Me out of the flock.

I stood there staring for a while; slowly I felt traitorous tears running down my face. I felt like I was choking, drowning, it was horrible. I wait for someone to step up, like the first time she tried to kick me out. No on was. I started to slowly back away, think to myself no this can't be happening, no they cant kick me out. I didn't write those things, those letters. I would never sell out my family to the people who tested on us and threw us in cages. Never would I do such a thing. "Fine you want me gone, I'm gone. I hope you die a happy death because its coming quickly with out me here. You wont be able to do anything. Have a happy life with out me." With that I fly out of the cave, tear flowing freely down my face.

********Hi my name is Bob ill be your line break today***********

(Still Max)

"AHHHHHHHHH!" I wake up scream, the same nightmare that comes up ever once in a while running though my head. I look around and see Shadow trying to calm me down. I hear my heart pounding in my ears, and nothing else. Slowly everything else comes into view. Shadow trying to calm me down, my hair sticking to the back of my neck, a hurt feeling still deep down.

"Max, are you OK? Was it the nightmare again?" shadow asks me quietly, trying to make sure I'm OK.

I brake down crying then. All the pent up emotion coming to the surface. "Shhhh, sweetie, shhhhhh its ok I wont let anything hurt you like that ever again. Shhhh it's OK. It'll be alright," Shadow, says whispers soothingly. He smoothes my hair and keeps whispering sweet nothings in my ear to try and get me to stop crying. This is more emotion then what usually happens when I have The Dream. Well, lets get on with everything.

*mini flask back* ok it's a real flash back kind of* more like her reminiscing*

You people sitting out there reading this are probably wondering whom the hell is Shadow, what is going on. Well. Let me explain. After the flock kicked me out as you saw so kindly in my wonderful dream, note the sarcasm. I found a new flock one that will not kick me out. I was trying to take down one of the schools that's what I had been doing for a while, letting out my aggression. So I brake into the lab 'cause I usually let all the subjects go before I blow up the place to smithereens. I happen to stumble upon a person with wings and I think hey he's like me, so I let him out and ask if he wanted to come with me. He didn't want to, he's all like no dude why would we want to go with you I got my life ahead of me now. he was a creep, and possibly a pedo; you know what I'm saying. When he saw I was a girl he gave me the creepy I want to rape you look. But then Shadow came up behind him, scared the shit out of me just in the darkness I thought it was Fang. So Shadow grabbed the guys dress, thingy whatever you want to call it I don't know what it was. So he spins the creep around and whispers something in his ear. The creep then turns looks at me and runs out of there like erasers were chasing him, and me being the person I am yelled at shadow. "Why did you do that? I had a handle on everything; it was going to be fine. Why you have to ruin it," so that how I made my first impression on him, didn't go so well.

Then he decided to show me his pretty wings (don't tell him I thought that) all I said was oh. Then he turned and started walking away. I was staring at his back giving him the what-are-you-doing-crazy look. He turned around and saw that I want following him so he walked all the way back to me grabbed my arm. I felt electric sparks flying though my nerves it was unlike anything I've ever felt before, and he tugged me along. We then stopped in front of a row of cages and all the people in them had wings, yippee for me. So I let them out and I asked them if they wanted to come with me to the cave I was staying at. They agreed unlike the creep from before, so we flew back to the cave and became friends happily ever after

*End of mini kind of flash back/reminiscing thing*

So let me give you a little information on everybody in the new flock.

Sasha, she is 13, the youngest in the flock. She has orange hair with natural light golden streaks running though, like a tabby cat. Sasha has huge green eyes with gold flecks thought out them. She also has 2% cat along with the 2% bird. Her wings are white with gold tips. Sasha can shape shift, see dreams and when were fighting or she gets really angry she grows cat ears and fangs, they are extremely sharp.

Next in the line up is Bang, he is 15 and is a boy if you hadn't noticed. He has chestnut hair, blueish gray eyes. His style is kind of peppy Goth. Bangs' wings are brown with orange highlights, and he likes to talk. Bang also like Poison but I afraid to make a move because he thinks she doesn't like him. Bangs' powers/abilities are unique to him and helps out in a fight. Here it goes, he can cause pain just by looking at someone, while on the other hand he can heal someone with a little touch, but that kind of drains him. His other power is that he's telekinetic.

The other girl is Poison, she is also 15. She has blonde hair with pink tips and blue streaks. Her eyes are a bright emerald green. Poisons' style is punk, rock kind of edgy. Her wings are blue like blue jays with them looking like they sparkle green in the sun. Her powers include acid spit it's kind of gross but you get used to it after a while and she can see into the future, so we always know when anything bad or good is going to happen. Poison also like Bang but thinks he only wants to be friends.

Now it's time for the amazing Shadow. He is 17 and is turning 18 in a couple of weeks. He has black hair, and black eyes with gold and silver specks in them. Shadow also has his lip pierced. I remember the day he got it, I freaked out at him 'cause he just walked into the house and had a lip ring in so… I tackled him and tried to take it out but he wouldn't, but now I like it. He almost always dresses in black but sometimes he wears really dark colors like dark red, blue, and green. His black wings have purple streaks running though them. Shadows really quiet but not Fang quiet. He's also in love with max, who is in love with him. He's like Fang but better. He awesome abilities include, walking though walls, turning invisible, manipulating shadows and teleporting.

Now a little bit on myself since I've grown from last time. I haven't really changed I the looks department so… nothing to add to that. I'm 17 I turn 18 in a couple of months. My eyes look a little more like Carmel then barfed chocolate so that's a plus. My wings now have black, purple, red and a little blue running though them. I am in love with Shadow. I've got some new powers, here they are. In addition to the voice, super speed and breathing under water, I can create force fields, I'm telepathic, I can control the elements and have super strength.

Authors note-

Ok so guys, I'm not the best writer but ill try my best each time. Depending on how many reviews I have will decide how quickly I finish the next chapter and update. It could be this week or it could be next week, most likely the latter because I have a school Varity school I'm performing in this Friday with rehearsal Thursday, and dance competition on Sunday I think, and on Saturday I'm ushering a concert to get money for my relay for life team.

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