Sheldon woke up very un-Sheldon like in his bed. He didn't know what happened, but that as least he was in his own room. His mouth felt very dry and icky for him, and he didn't know why. He tried to remember the events o f the night before. Then it occurred to him! It was the Hot Chocolate that Penny had served him! She had told him that there was Peppermint in the Hot Chocolate and that he would love it.

He had mentioned that it tasted a little off, but Penny assured him that it was alright. He drank that first cup, and then three more after that because he was starting to like it very much. That's when he fell asleep on Penny's couch, left hand side of course being that was his side of the couch no matter where he was at. His friends, those that were not as smart as he was, must of helped him back across the hall and stripped him down to his shorts and T-shirt and placed him in his bed. He then heard a flush coming from the bathroom, and figured that Leonard was in there. His bedroom door opened, and Penny came in wearing his 'Flash' T-shirt and a pair of briefs!

"PENNY! WHAT HAPPENED HERE LASTNIGHT?" Sheldon yelled as his voice could without sounding like a little girl.

"Oh Sheldon, you don't remember last night? You were such an animal, and with the way that you moved, it was against the laws of Physics ." Penny told him with a big smile on her face.

"That's impossible! I would never do such a thing, especially with one as you with an I.Q. very much lower as mine!" Sheldon told her.

"That's not what you told me last night. You told me that you thought I was the most intelligent woman that you have ever met. And that you only pretend not to like me that much because you really wanted to take me away from every boyfriend, including Leonard, to have for yourself. And I have the pictures to prove it as well." She told him with a bigger smile now.

"Where are those pictures?" Sheldon asked.

"I have them in my apartment. I'll bring them over later so you can see the true way you love me."

Sheldon didn't know what to do! He thought of every way possible that this isn't real! He didn't know what to make of this. He had to think of some way of getting those pictures from her so she wouldn't show them to anyone.

"Penny, what would it take for you not to show those pictures of us in those, how can I say this, positions?" Sheldon asked her.

"Well, it's kind of late for that now Sheldon."

"What do you mean?"

"I've told you mother, and she'll be here tomorrow to start the wedding plans for us." She said to him in a sweetly voice.

"M-M-My mother is coming here? But she can't! I have a lot of research, and other things to work on instead of wedding plans. Oh God! What am I going to do?" Sheldon said with sadness and regret in his voice.

"There's something else I have to tell you Sheldon." She said while sitting next to him in his bed.

"What's that?"

"BAZINGA!" She yelled before laughing at him.

"That's my catch phrase! You have no right to use that unless I'm the one telling the joke around here!" He told her before he decided to raise his voice.

"That's the whole point Sheldon! We thought we would pull a joke on you and make you think that you had actually had…" She started to tell him.

He was fuming now! He had to think of a way to get back at Penny for this insult on to his intelligence! No one should have the honor of pulling a fast one on him unless he gave them permission to do so! He tuned her out as he started to think of ways to punish Penny for this insult!