I love Tamora pierces stories, my favorite I guess you know by now is the immortals series. ^^. I will keep this brief; this is an alternate reality story…or rather it's a continuation of where the immortals series left off…before the other books came out. ok hopefully that makes sense and I hope you enjoy this story.


"Halt you little brat!" today is the day; I don't care what will happen afterwards. Anything is better than staying here! My chest hurts but no matter how much it hurts I have to keep going! There's a cliff! Fine by me! I run faster, "Stop you'll die!"

That's what you think! My mind imagines a seagull flying over the sea and I jump. My ragged clothes become more loose as I becomes smaller; my body continues to shrink as I feel a beak form on my face. My wings spread in my new form as I make my escape over the sea.

Spell 1: A girl and her kit

I don't know how long I've been flying like this; it must have been at least a day. I can't…please someone…help. my mind begins to drift as my body reverts to my original human form. A song…? Some sort of call from below… I've never heard that kind before. It sounds like some sort of wailing…

I land on something rubbery but it feels like skin. I turn my aching body over and sit up. A…blue whale?

"Rest sweet child; I shall carry you to shore." Her voice in my head sounds sweet and soft. Soon others join her side, greeting me in a kind tone.

"Who are you?" I ask the one who saved me,

"You may call me Mother Blue. What is it you are called?" I check my neck to see if the claw with my name is still entangled around. Yes…it made it with me…the only proof that I have a name… I turn the claw over and spot my name…

"It is…Solaris." I smile tiredly at the claw.

"Solaris…you are among friends; rest now. we shall take you to land."

"Thank you Mother Blue." I lay down; even though the wind is bitter on my bare skin I still manage to fall asleep.

"Solaris." Mother Blue's sweet voice awakens me quietly

"Yes?" I'm afraid we cannot take you any closer to land; we would run the risk of becoming stuck." I look up and spot a beach the water splashing on the rocks. I slide off of her back and begin swimming for shore; soon my feet touch the ground of moving sand and finally make it out of the water. Remembering I have no clothes the wind makes me shiver almost convulse.

"There is a human civilization close to here; you shall find friends there who can help you."

"Thank you Mother Blue…I hope you and I meet again." I wave goodbye to my new friends as they disappear under the blue ocean. Now how do I get out of this beach? There seems to be a path way over there… I head over there and climb out. My bare body convulses again at yet another burst of wind.

"Help!" what was…I don't see anyone and that was in my mind, "Please someone help!" it sounds like a child's voice.

"Where are you?" I reach out with my mind.

"Please help me; I'm stuck!" as I walk around I try to keep whoever it is under control and calm. There's little yelps coming from a small hole. Did they fall down there?

"Are you in the hole?"

"Here! I'm here!" as I peek into the hole; something white stares up at me with pleading yellow eyes. I stick my hand down and try to reach; my hand makes contact with something furry and grab it. slowly, I pull out a cute, little, white fox maybe only about ten weeks old at most. Dirty from the dirt he sneezes three times to get his air ways clean. His ears feet and bushy tail are painted black along with his nose.

"How long have you been down there?" I ask as I wipe away what dirt I can from his body.

"Two days…I-I got stuck when I was running from the spidrens." Spidrens…some of the soldiers I've seen came back home with their heads and some body parts as trophies, "They…they got my family…my mom and dad and siblings…they're…" the little kit nestles in between my legs seeking comfort; my arms wrap around the little fox and I stroke his fur. "It was awful; all I could do was run."

"It's ok…you're ordeal is over. You can come with me if you like." The little kit looks up at me perplexed about my offer. "I mean it; after all we're both alone; why don't we stick together?" his ears perk up,

"Really…you mean it?" his tail swishes back and forth. My head nods; he reaches up and licks my check. It tickles; as I continue to talk with him I find out his name: Tao.

"I'm Solaris…Tao I promise I won't abandon you. You don't have to worry anymore." He nestles against me as I stroke him. My body shivers again in the burst of cold.

"It's autumn Solaris; why don't you have any fur to protect yourself?"

"I…lost it on my way here; I didn't really have a choice." Some sort of strange sound interrupts us; a shadow looms over us both.

"S-solaris!" I turn to see three giant spidrens staring at us, their appetites wet for fresh meat. I pick Tao up and stand. My feet take me backwards as I try to think of a way out of this,

"It's that little white thing from before…and look it's found a human."

"Oh…what a suprise."

"Stay back." I warn. They hiss at the dark copper (almost as if it was mixed with black) sparks form around my hand. Along with changing into any animal, I can do more magic. They hiss as they take a step back. Please don't call my bluff…I'm still tired I don't know if I can fight off one of them. The leader steps forward as I take a step back. A smile curves over the females lips showing her sharp teeth.

"The little human is mine!" my legs move me out of the way of her attack. Squishing sounds as they try to trap me in their webbing. I keep running trying to find some place to hide or a way to lose them. One nearly catches me as their appendages aggressively combs through my hair. Please someone, anyone, I need help! My feet entangle with each other and I fling Tao into the air falling to the ground.

"Keep going Tao!" he looks back only for a second before he runs off. My attention goes back to the spidrens crowding around me. "Keep away!" the blackened copper sparks in my hands create a barrier of fire; the spidrens back away. The fires only last a few seconds before they disappear. I'm not strong enough; I can't defend myself! Please someone, I just got my freedom! The spidrens creep even closer; teeth looking as sharp as daggers. A pony sounds as it makes its way between me and the man eating monsters. Its hooves make contact with one of the spidrens faces; it goes down reeling in pain. An arrow wizzes passed another's check finally making them retreat. The pony chases after them for a moment before returning to inspect me.

"Are you alright young one?" paws make contact with my legs,

"Solaris you're ok!"
"Tao…" I pick him up and hug him.

"I got help from some nice humans; one was able to understand me. There see?" I turn to see two adult figures come this way nut they're blurred. I feel so tired, my eye lids close as I fall over.

"Solaris! Hey Solaris! Wake up Solar…"