From Stars Hollow, With Love

Chapter 1

Having been married for only 6 months, he was trying to stick it out with his wife. Things weren't looking so good for them however. He worked his a$$ off 6 days a week 12 hours a day, only to come home and make dinner, and clean up his wife's mess. He never complained when he came in and noticed that hurricane Lindsay had struck again. Nor did he complain when dinner for that evening was still at the grocery store. Tonight? Tonight was different. He was exhausted, sore and just wanted to be waited on. As luck would have it, he ended up at Luke's. Too tired to care, or even look up. He jumped when he heard his name.

"Dean? Hey Sweetie, how are you? Where's the little Wifey?"

Startled, he looked up. " Hey Lorelai, I am exhausted! I haven't taken more than a day off since we returned from our honeymoon. My wife... is probably at home waiting for me to come in and cook her dinner. I don't know if I can do this, anymore."

" Trouble in paradise, Hon?" She asked.

"Ummm... yeah. But you don't to hear about my problems." he stated sadly. At that moment his cell phone rang, he got up and went out side to answer it.

" Hello?"

"Dean, where are you? Are you coming home for dinner tonight? I have to go away with my mom this weekend, and I need to talk to you before I do."

"Hello Lindsay, no I am not going to be home for dinner." he paused to listen. " No, I'm having dinner at Luke's." He rolled his eyes, then looked longingly inside the diner at his table. " Look, I worked a 15 hour day today. I just want to relax, and be waited on..." looking like a whipped puppy he said " I don't know when I'll be home. Just leave me alone! For once be quiet and let me be, okay?"

Whatever you want husband of mine." she sneered " Whatever the f*** you want." she hung up, and Dean sighed with relief. He walked back into the diner, and sat back down at his table across from Loralai.

" I think I'm just going to go home. I am really tired and I have to be back at the Inn at 5:00 tomorrow. It's already 7:00pm. If I go now, I might get enough sleep."

" Why do you have to be at the Inn at 5:00am?"

"Tom asked if I could show up early. The lumber for the... for something is coming in and he needs someone to sign for the delivery. He has a funeral to attend. I'm going to go home now, to sleep."
Lorelai looked at the kid ( who looked like he just might collapse from exhaustion) and said " What time would you be coming in if you didn't have to be there at 5:00?"

" Well, since it's a Friday, not until 10:00. But I have to be there."

She felt bad for the kid, she really did! " I'll take care of it... In fact Dean if you can come in at 9:30, I'll let you leave by 4:00, and take the weekend off. You look like you need it!"

He almost cried, but said " Thank you for the offer, but we need the money. I can't afford time off."

" Dean, I am telling you... take what I'm offering you, and I will make sure you're paid overtime! I am not giving you an option here, Kiddo. If I see you before Monday morning, I will... Well, I don't know what I'll do. But it it won't be nice! Now, keep your cute butt in that chair and enjoy your dinner!" she sat back and took a deep breath. Wow! That felt good!

" Okay, thank you Lorelai. Are you su... Yeah, okay. Not going in until Monday. Will you have dinner with me? My treat?"

"No, but I will stay if you let me pay."

" Alright. Thank you again."
Luke chose that moment to walk up and take their order.

" What can I get you?"

Dean spoke first " I'll have a double cheese burger with fries and a sprite."


"I'll have the same, but with coffee."

They ate in companionable silence, often wondering what the other was thinking. When they were done Lorelai payed the bill and they walked out together. She offered him a hug, and he took it. He walked into his apartment, exhausted, ready to drop, and very sore. Not looking forward to a confrontation with Lindsay, who was sitting on the couch with a scowl on her face. Her eyes were blazing, she was pissed!

"Hello Dean, how was your day?"

" Do you really care? Because I don't have the strength to fight with you tonight."

" No I really don't care. I'm hungry, and we have nothing to eat. you didn't leave me any money today!" she all but spat in his face

" I gave you $50. for the week, to buy food for yourself. How is it my fault that you spent it? You know what? I can't do this anymore! I refuse to give you another penny!" With that he stomped towards the bathroom to take shower.

" Dean, I'm leaving." he stopped in his tracks, and looked at her in disbelief. " I'm serious! I can't do this anymore. I wait for you to come home. There's nothing for me to do, but worry and wait for you to come home. I'm losing my mind being here. I am leaving with my mom tomorrow, to Hartford to look for an apartment and a job."

" You wait for me to come home? Nothing to do? What about house work? What about making food for your husband that works 12 hour days? How about talking to Luke, or Taylor about a job? It's been nothing but excuses. 6 months Lindsay! You have been my wife for 6 months! You haven't done a damned thing, but sit on your ass and complain. You want to leave? Then pack your sh** and get the hell out! With that he turned and walked away.
The shower washed away the sweat, and grime of the day, along with his anger, and resolve. It started slowly with just a tear, and an ache in his chest. It slowly escelated, one quiet sob at a time. He was curled up into a sobbing ball, when he decided it was time to get out. Turning the shower off, he listened. Hoping to hear silence. Instead, he heard glass breaking. Lindsay was yelling obsenities, no doubt disburbing the neighbors.

" What the hell are you doing, Lindsay?" he bellowed

" Making sure I get all my stuff." she stated without looking up. " I can't let our wedding gifts go to waste. I just wanted to know, that when I leave, you won't be able to forget me. Don't worry my love, I'm almost finished here. I cannot leave until tomorrow, however..."

Anger, hatred, pity, and loathing were the feelings that arose as he looked at the woman he used to love. " You know what, I'll leave. Just be gone when I get home tomorrow!" With that statement made, he walked into their room and started gathering the things he would need. The money he had been saving ( hiding), a change of clothes, and his current book. He was too angry to feel the shards of glass in his feet. He walked out of the apartment, not feeling the cold... Not knowing where he was going to stay the night. As he aproached his car, Lorelai called to him.

"Dean? Hey, wait up." she ran up to him from across the street. " Are you okay, Hon?" she was extremely concerned, looking at his bare feet, and wet hair.

" No, Everything is not alright! I need to go... somewhere, but I have no where to go. My parents wouldn't understand... Hey, would you mind if I slept in the barn at the Dragonfly?

She looked at the young man as if he'd lost the brains he had been given. " Yes, I would mind. I don't know what's going on, but I have a really comfy couch you could crash on. I also have a list of things that need to be done at the house. I could probably handle most of them myself, but the storm drain cleaning kinda scares me..." she looked at him expectantly

" I would like that. Your couch is comfortable. Will you ride with me?"

"Of course, walking that four blocks uphill in the snow barefoot is really becoming a pain." this last stat ement was made with a straight face, the only indication that she was joking were her dancing eyes...
By the time they arrived, the adrenaline he'd been running on was burning out quickly. It took every ounce of strength he could muster to walk to the front door. It was then, that he noticed his bloody footprints.

" You coming in Dean? I'm not apposed to you sleeping on the swing, but it's a little cold out here."

Ummm... I think I might have a small problem." he looked down at his feet. " I believe I stepped on some glass in the kitchen. I am pretty sure that's what happened. I'm bleeding all over the place." he looked a bit embarrassed

" Oh! No problem Hon. If you can make it over to the porch, I'll go get some warm water to wash your feet. If you think you are mortally wounded, however I will go borrow Luke's shot gun and put you out of your missery."

" I can walk, I just don't want your front yard to look like a battlefield."
With that statement made he slowly walked to the porch swing. By the time he got there, Lorelai had a bucket of sudsy warm water waiting. " Put your feet in here." he did as he was told. It felt so good! He found himself relaxing, and falling asleep.
Lorelai smiled as she pulled the second foot out of the water, cleaned it, and then dried it off. By the time she had wrapped both feet in clean rags, he was asleep. "Dean, Hon? Wake up. Need to get you inside... Come on."
When he opened his eyes, he smiled. Lorelai, held her hand out, and he accepted. She led him over to the couch, and helped him to gently sit so as not to hurt his feet unnessarily. Once he was comfortalble, she opend the first aid kit, and located the tweezers. Looking at his feet, she could see the shards of glass embeded there. She knew this was not a task she could accomplish herself, so she called the only person she knew could help.
Luke walked throught the door, and into the living room.
20 minutes, and half the first aid supplies later, Dean's feet were clean, and glass free. He had fallen into a deep sleep. Dreaming of a brown haired blue eyed girl, for whom he still carried a flame...

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