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From Connecticut, With Love

Chapter 5

Dean awoke in the early morning, when the sun was on its way up. His head was pounding, as badly as it had the day before. He ignored it, and quietly walked outside. The sunrise was a beautiful sight. He looked up, and almost cried out when the morning light assaulted his eyes. Knowing he needed to get back inside before the pain got any worse; he got up and trudged slowly towards the living room, and his pills. He'd almost made it, when a blinding pain shot through his head. His back connected with the wall, and he slid down to a sitting position. Everything around him began to spin, and fade out of focus.

Rory woke up when she heard the noise. She realized Dean wasn't on the couch with her anymore. Jumping up in alarm, she found him sitting against the wall, holding his head. She kneeled in front of him.

"Dean? What's going on?" there was no response "Dean? Baby please, what's going on!" she had placed her hand on his head again.

"Head... my head... hurts. Stupid meds were supposed to take the headache away." Rory got up, and ran to the coffee table, to grab his meds and some water. She walked back towards her love.

"Dean? Hey come on, take your meds." She watched him as he took the pill. He gagged, and almost threw everything back up. He held it together though, and Rory got down on her knees to be eye level with him.

"Dean, let's get you to the couch." He nodded and slowly got up, so she could lead him to the living room. On the way, his stomach began to churn.

"Bathroom, Rory!" He let go of her and ran to the toilet, not even bothering to shut the door. He painfully finished, and flushed. He leaned against the wall, and would have lost consciousness had Rory not been there. She was by his side again.

"Dean? Come on, don't pass out. We still have the trash can by the couch. I need you to get up. I cannot carry you, but I'll help you." She helped him get up, and walk to the couch. Once there, she grabbed his meds off the table and handed them to him. She went to the kitchen for some water. Upon reentering, she saw him bent over the can again. Great! How was he going to keep his pills down? He finished the painful bout with a groan, and set the can down. He lay back gingerly, and closed his eyes.

Lorelai chose that moment to walk in. The scene before her was heart breaking. Dean lay on the couch colorless, sweating, and panting. Rory was beside him, holding his hand. She had tears in her eyes, but kept herself from crying.

"Rory? What's going on?"

The man in question was completely, and utterly unconscious. So, Rory felt free to speak

"The headache came back. He needs to take his medication, but I don't know if he will be able to keep it down. I know he's not dying, but it's still breaking my heart. I want to make everything better for him. I want to beat the sh** out of his "wife" for being the cause of his pain. But most of all, I just don't want to leave him ever again. Then I realize that I caused some of this pain, and I hate myself. He is so good at loving me, mom. What if I can't love him back like he deserves? What if he can't forgive me for not fighting for him when I had the chance? Will he be willing to wait for marriage until I graduate? I am so scared!" she started crying in earnest, and Lorelai crossed the room to hold her sobbing daughter trying to put together words of advice.

"Well, he does seem to love you. Don't worry; I really believe the two of you can make it work! As for waiting for you to graduate? I do not believe that will be an issue. Please Hon, don't worry! Let's just help him through this." She moved to get up, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning around she was a little surprised by the look on Dean's face. When he spoke, it was just above a whisper.

"Don't worry, please! Rory, I love you with every fiber of my being, and I have no intention of letting you go. It may not seem like it now, but I have learned the hard way to fight for what I love. I can wait until after you graduate, if you will allow me to be your fiancé." After uttering those words, he passed out again with a deep sigh. Rory sat there holding his hand, pondering the words he had just spoken. Perhaps they could make it work. Fiancé? Yes, that could work. What a privilege it would be, to be Dean Forrester's bride to be!

"Okay, but I need a ring… sometime soon…" she said quietly

The day was spent with Rory taking care of Dean. She was so patient and loving, that the headache had no choice but to leave. In fact, by supper time his headache had lightened to a dull roar, and he was able to eat a light dinner with "his girls." Tomorrow, work would come along with a little drama, and a lot of questions. But tonight was theirs. Dean fell into a deep sleep filled dreams of the future.