This one actually has a preset plot so this should go smoother than my last one. This is set about two months after Amita and Charlie get engaged.

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Charlie's POV

I had been in my office on campus for about two and a half hours going over my math. Something was wrong with it. I could sense it.

I sighed in exasperation and gathered my stuff to leave. I Just need some rest, I thought, tomorrow ill get fresh eyes on it.

I had just walked into the parking lot when it hit me. Literally. It felt like someone had hit my knees with a sludge hammer. I curled over in pain. I barley registered the bang that followed the impact. Hot, sticky tears rolled down my face. I felt a soft nudge in my side. Then I realized there was yelling. "Dumbass, you killed him!" a deep voice exclaimed. "He's not dead! I just got him in the knee!" another voice hollered. "Pick him up then, we don't have time for this, the feds'll be here any second!"

It was then that I felt myself picked up. I felt the air moving until I heard a van door slam shut. It was then that I realized, I was being abducted. I was going to be held hostage to get my big brother to do only god knows what.

This realization was too much and I sank into the gentle arms of unconsciousness.

Dons POV

It had been just another normal day. Really. We were working a terrorist case and Charlie was due in five minutes to tell me where he had gotten with his mathematical hot zoning for their base. I really didn't understand much of it, but if it helped up save lives who cares? I glanced at the clock. He was now ten minutes late. He must just be held up in traffic. Ill have Amita get started and Charlie can pick up where she left off when he gets here.

However, an hour later, amita was done presenting and the team had left to see what they could get out of this.

I was startled by a voice behind me. "Don, do you know where Charlie is?" Amita asked. I shook my head.

"He wasn't home last night?" I inquired. "No he sent me a text at bout 11 last night saying he was on his way home. He never showed up."

Just then, Colby ran into the room. "Don" he said. His tone of voice sent chills up my spine. "Some students found a large pool of blood in the CalSci parking lot, along with skid marks and bullets. The lab did a DNA test." he took a deep breath and continued, "The blood was Charlie's"