Cass and Yo-Yoji are my favorite characters in the Secret Series!

SECRET FILE #1: sender: Cassandra, recipient: you

Has one of your best friends ever called you at 3 o'clock in the morning?

If you're a normal person, who is in danger of earthquakes, lightning, floods, tornados, landslides, and a lot of other things, you wouldn't answer the phone.

But you, my fellow XXXXXX Society member are, like me, not normal.

You are in danger of all the above, and the Midnight Sun. Oh well.

What can I say. Life sucks sometimes.

Well anyway, I got a call from Yo-Yoji at 3 in the morning. Guess what he had to tell me?

We had a new problem. One that was not concerning the Midnight Sun.

One that concerned another group of alchemists, who, you probably guessed it, are as evil, if not more so, that the Midnight Sun alchemists. They also want the secret.

These evil alchemists are called Sunny Night and are known for some shampoo and conditioner company they have established, which is called, you should have guessed it, Sunny Night Inc.

They are trying to destroy the Midnight Sun, which helps us.

If they succeed in doing that though, they end up trying to destroy the XXXXXX Society. This act does not help us.

Anyway…while I was learning this, turns out that Yo-Yoji told Max-Ernest before he told me. An outrage!

Well…now that I have vented my frustration, I will go on.

For this next part, make sure that this file does not fall into the wrong gloved hands.

The Sunny Night members conceal their hands as well. While Yo-Yoji was talking…


That was the noise that I heard while Yo-Yoji was talking.

Right in the middle of his explanation of the problem, which is what it will referred as, the phone went dead.

I will say that it was not me who was screaming Yo-Yoji's name at 3:30 in the morning.