To Be Human

Chapter 1: The Nightmare.

This story is not official in anyway for the Phineas and Ferb series.

The character Marie Flynn (C) belongs to Angelus19 and sam-ely-ember

After awakening after from a strange feeling sleep, a little red headed girl slowly opens her eyes. Her vision is hazey at first, but her eyes slowly returns to seeing things clearly, but even then she feels so strange that it's hard to even focus. Strangely, the first thing she sees after waking up are the lights that're hanging on the ceiling. She tries to move her head to look around the rest of the room, but she finds herself unable to move her head. In fact, she can't move any part of her body at all.

"What's happening?" She thought to herself. "Where am I?"


That voice. It lifted away some of her fear. She shifted her eyes backwards as much as humanly possible to find the voice. Much to her delight, it's coming from her own mother, Isabella Flynn, who's with her husband, Phineas Flynn, or at least that's what it sounds like to Marie.

"Isabella, honey, I'm doing my best to help her." Phineas says.

"HELPING HER? The poor girl must be suffering! As her mother, I can't see her live like this!"

"Well as her father, I can't let her die on me!"

That's what Marie has heard her father say. Die. Was something wrong with her? She doesn't know, and as a child with an active imagination, she can only think of what it is that's wrong, and any one of those to her can be a worse case scenero. Whatever fear she lost after hearing her mother's voice is back now.

"Phineas, she's been like this for almost a week now. They said that it's a miracle she's still alive now! We should just pull the plug and let her pass on! I can't bare to see my little girl suffer like this more and more!" Isabella says as she begins to break into tears.

"Suffer? Am I suffering?" Marie asks herself.

"But I can still save her!" Phineas argues. "I just need a little more time! In a few days, she'll-"

"THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID A WEEK AGO! All you've been doing is delaying the inevitable! At least be stopping it now, we can give her her dignity and..and put this nightmare to an end." From here on, Isabella starts to cry altogether.

"She's my only daughter, and I'm not going to let her go like this! With all of my brains and all of my fundings, I WILL keep her safe."

"You've done your best Phineas, but now it's over. If she's going to die, I at least want her to go as peaceful as possible.

"Mommy...wants me to die?"

"Isabella, NO!"

It seems like the end. Marie hears her mother walk over towards her, but since she can only see up, Marie has no clue as to what her mother will do.

"Isabella, stop it!"

Despite Phineas's objection, Isabella ignores him. Marie feels her heart pumping more and more when she hears each one of her mother's steps as she gets closer and closer. She finally see's Isabella's hand come down and land on her cheek, Isabella tries to make a grab on it, and...


Marie sits up in an instant and begins huffing and puffing and sweating all over. Then, she realizes something. She just sat up. She can move again. She also finds that she's in her bed and PJ's. She quickly concludes that all of that was a dream.

"Marie, are you alright?" Isabella asks.

"AAHHH!" Quickly forgetting that it was a dream, Marie panics at the site of her mother, jumps, and falls out of her bed, landing on her back. "Ow..."

"Wow, you've must've been spooked good." Isabella says.

"Uhh...what happened?" Marie asks.

"I heard you were moaning in and talking in your sleep. You looked like you were having a nightmare, so I pinched you to wake up."

"OW! You couldn't shake my shoulder til I woke up?"

"Marie, I tried kicking you to wake up. If I didn't knew better, I would've thought you died." She kids.

But Marie wasn't quite as amused. In fact, she gets spooked back up again after hearing 'died'. In fact, after hearing that word, she remembers her dream and curls up in a fetal position. She's scared of her mother again.

"Sweety, what's wrong? How bad was your dream?"

Still horrified from her ordeal, and not 100% certain what's reality at the moment, doesn't even answer her mother's question. Not wanting to see her little girl look like this, Isabella comes up with an idea.

"Would you like to sleep with me and Daddy tonight, so you won't be alone?"

In Marie's dream, Isabella was screaming about how she wanted her to die. But right now, she can feel that her mother wants her to happy and not have any more nightmare. The women in the dream and in real life seem like completely different people, which brings comfort to Marie and puts her back into her happy-go-lucky personality and want to take advantage of the offer.


"Marie, Marie...shush. Your Dad is still sleeping."

"Oops. Sorry."

Just as promised, Isabella brings her daughter to her bedroom, where she shares a large bed with Phineas. Isabella slowly and quietly pulls back the covers to let Marie in the bed, but not to wake up her husband.

"I don't know why I'm so gentle. He's harder to wake up then you." Isabella says.

After a short giggle from Marie..."Then why were you worried about me waking him up?"

Aftering thinking that question over in her head..."I don't know. Now get in. Don't forget that you have a big day tommorow at the Danville Museum of Technology."

"OH YES! THAT'S GOING TO BE AWE-" But then, Marie covers up her mouth after realizing she was yelling again. Amazingly, Phineas doesn't wake up. "Wow, he is hard to budge."

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Marie hops into the bed and gets into the very middle. Afterwards, Isabella gets in and covers herself and Marie up with the blanket. It's a fairly big bed and none of them are overly large, so it's not to hard for the girls to get comfy. Now in a good spot, Isabella slowly begins to doze off back to sleep, hoping that Marie will do the same.

However, Marie is still thinking about what she was dreaming of. It felt so real, and she can still imagine the fear she felt. But now she's with her mother, who's being as loving as a mother should be. Was the voice she heard in her dream really belong to her mother?

"Mommy? Marie says.

With her eyes closed and in a quiet voice..."Yes, Marie?"

"Do you love me?"

"Of course, dear."

"Would...would you ever hurt me?"

Confused by what Marie asked, Isabella rolls over to look at her, and says..."Why would I ever want to do that? What exactly did you dream?"

"Nothing, Mom. Nothing. Let's just go to sleep now."

Although not quite satisisfied with Marie's answer, Isabella agrees that they should go to sleep. But to make sure Marie feels safe, she moves her arm over to Marie to cuddle up with her. As soon as she does, she falls right back to sleep.

Marie, now knowing for sure that this isn't the isabella from her dream, she wiggles around a little to get comfortable and gets her head onto the pillow. She feels now like she's never had the nightmare and is happy to be in her parent's bed. And now, she can enjoy a good sleep to wake up to her tour at the Mueseum of technology with her friends. Whatever was going on in her dream, it no longer concerns her.


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