A small drabble in honor of the new clip.

Disclaimer: Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino own all rights to Korra and the Avatar Universe. I am in no way affiliated with them or Nickelodeon.

"Look, mommy! It's the Avatar!"

Korra blinks and looks around, startled out of her thoughts by the mention of her title.

On the sidewalk a few feet from her is a little boy, pudgy, wearing the typical earthy garb of natives from the Earth Kingdom. His mother is at a stall, checking prices with a shopkeeper. But the little boy is focused on Korra, his green eyes steadily meeting her blue ones.

Korra smiles a little and crouches in front of him, extending her hand out to him to shake.

He tentatively touches her, but once their skin meets, he grows more confident and presses his small fist in her palm.

"I'm Korra," she introduces, smiling a little wider. "What's your name?"

"Heng," said the boy seriously.

"Heng, do you want to see an earthbending trick?"

The boy nods eagerly, and Korra obliges. Quickly, Korra punches the walk beneath them. A block of rock sails up from the ground, leaving a perfect hole behind.

"Hold out your hands," Korra instructs.

Heng obeys, wide-eyed, and Korra guides the block into his hands. Heng stares at the block in his palms, seemingly testing the weight of it before looking back at Korra, astonished.

A hand reaches in-between them, and Korra looks up as Heng's mother pulls him away. The block tumbles out of the boy's hands.

"We don't talk to strangers, Heng," his mother tells him, staring coldly at Korra.

"But Mommy, she's the—!"

"Avatar," completes the woman. "Yes, I know."

Korra's brow furrows, not understanding the woman's hostility. It is then that Korra notices the marks.

They are slight, barely noticeable, but they are still there—peeking over the woman's scarf, the small bruise on her forehead, the singed eyebrow.

The woman continues to glare, making sure Korra sees. It is obvious that these marks have been inflicted by a bender.

Korra is speechless.

Satisfied, the woman grasps her son's hand firmly and begins to pull away, but not before she barbs, "We don't associate with benders, Heng. They're dangerous."

And Korra can't even correct her. Because she knows it's true.

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