Chapter 1: Garfield is Hungry


Garfield was so excited. He was hoping it was lasanga. When he rushed to the kitchen , Jon had Odie's favorite ,BEEF STEW! Garfield felt upset. He went to the living room and watched tv. He waited until Jon decided to make him lasanga. Hours past and Garfield is still sitting there. IT'S 12:00 am! Garfield was sooo hungry. He decided to make it on his own. Garfield thought the ingredients to lasanga were things that started with L-A-S-A-N-G-A. So he got lemons , apples , spaghetti , AppleJacks cereal , noodles , garlic , and artichokes. He got a giant bowl. Then , Garfield put it all in. He put it in the oven for 5 minutes. Then took it out and said "THIS IS THE BEST LASANGA I'VE EVER EATEN!"