Ok my number 2 fanfic Yay

Annabeth POV

Me and Percy were hanging out at the beach. He grabbed me around the waist and leaned in to kiss me,then threw me in the water.I splashed him full in the face and started a water battle. After we went to our towels so I could dry off.

"Hey I have a present for you wise girl."He said giving me a smile brighter than Apollo's sun chariot.

"Oh really"I replied. He pulled a box out of his swim trunks and placed it in my hand.I was an owl charm bracelet.I turned it around an on the other side was a tree pronged trident.I looked up at him and smiled widely."Thanks Seaweed brain,it's amazing"He smiled and bent down to kiss me.I happily kissed him back. Then he put the bracelet on my wrist and smiled at me.

"Hey I'll be right back I have to go to my cabin to put my stuff away, then I'll ask Mr. D's permission to go out for ice cream just you and I ?"I nodded and said to hurry back.I looked at the ocean and saw his shirt on the ground.I decided to go back to his cabin and put it away for him .What a seaweed brain.

I walked up to his cabin and touched his door knob ,just my was locked. I went to his window to try to get his attention. But I saw something heartbreaking,there was Piper with him looking confused. Why was she in there?Wasn't she dating Jason?Percy walked over to her and pressed his lips to hers. He was kissing her.I stiffened and saw Piper do the same.I couldn't look any more.I threw down his shirt and ripped the charm bracelet off me throwing it down as well.I ran back to my cabin wondering how could he do this to me. He said he loved were tears streaming down my face. When I got back no one was there. Good.I took out two sheets of I wrote,


I know this isn't your fault.

On the next I wrote Percy's name and five words

I thought you loved me?

I grabbed a backpack and I put in everything a demigod would need. Clothes, healing supplies, and extra knife,and I put a picture of me Thalia , Nico,Piper,Jason,Grover,Juniper,the Stoll's ,Chiron,and... Percy. Who stood there with his arm wrapped around me.I took a marker and did what any heart broken girl did to her boyfriends picture.I scribbled him out.I walked to the camp borders and looked to prevent new tears from falling from my eyes.I walked out of camp borders and I wasn't planning on going back.