Chapter 4

Percy POV

It was... Annabeth. The long curly blonde hair, she was reading a book on architecture. She was amazing. I almost cried I was so happy. I remembered what Chiron said 'Percy don't run up to her if you find her just make eye contact with her snap yourfingers 3 times and she will fall asleep wait until no one is around to see though'. I couldn't wait till the end of school


It was the end of school and I waited for Annabeth to come out school. She didn't come out. I waited for 15 minutes along with Nico, Thalia, and Jason.

" Something is really wrong" I said. Then we heard a scream. I ran to the gym room as fast as I could. There were five Hellhounds and a beaten Annabeth on the floor bleeding really bad.

I ran at to Annabeth while everyone else took the monsters.

" Annabeth come on stay with me stay awake come on now" I whispered tears streaming down my cheeks. Her eyes were closed and I was very worried now. I opened a bag of Ambrosia and Nectar. I poured some on her wounds and made her drink the Nectar. The wounds closed up and her heart beat picked up by the time the monsters were dead.

"W we n-need to get her to camp fast" I choked out. Her eyes were closed I didn't know how serious her condition was.


Annabeth POV

I couldn't open my eyes. How long. I couldn't hear at first, but then things started getting louder like turning the volume on a radio.

"- can hear you now Percy she can't move this second I'm sorry Percy" Chiron said. Percy. No not him please.

"Annabeth" He asked. It's him "Please if you hear me I didn't do that on purpose I promise you I would never cheat on you on purpose never" Something wet fell on my cheek. Percy was crying.

I felt something on my wrist. I had a feeling I knew what it was. I twitched my finger feeling coming back to me. I slowly opened my eyes. Percy's head was down on the side table next to the bed I was on. I had mixed feelings. Would Percy ever cheat. Should I forgive him. Percy's hand was on mine. I tried to slide mine out of his. His head snapped up and he looked at me. Wow. Was I the cause of this. He looked like he hadn't slept in days he had shadows under his eyes and his hair was really messy. But his eyes were glowing the moment they met mine.

" Annabeth I'm so sorry I never wanted to do that I don't know what came over me please forgive me oh gods I'm so stupid" He was tripping over his words in a rush to get them out. Then before I could say anything else Aphrodite appeared.

"Annabeth dear how are you" she said.

"I've been better" I replied.

" Now Annabeth this whole thing is a big misunderstanding " she said. What did she mean. " You know my husband right Hephestus (A/N I think thats how you spell it) Well he got a little mad at me and thought it would be funny to mess with one of my couples" She frowned. " The charm the one with the owl and trident he cursed that trying to break up a couple of mine you happened to be that couple"

" It's not my fault right" Percy asked.


"But he still kissed her" I said. Percy looked down.

"I'm so so so so so sorry Annabeth" He said. Could I forgive him?

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