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Three little chicks stood at attention in front of their hen mother.

Ok so, it was three little genins (though the blonde one would surely throw a fuss at the mere mention of height issues), and they were absolutely enthralled in the business of not paying a single speck of interest to their precious, if a bit limping, sensei.

Naruto, who knew and felt guilty about the true reason of his teacher's troubles, smiled softly- all the while trying to hide behind Sasuke; away from the stink eye Kakashi was giving him.

Sasuke, in return, was in a blissful harmony with himself and the world around him, due to Naruto tugging his shirt and clenching those lithe, tender fingers around his hip... Occasionally gracing his bare skin with a soft touch.

Sai, who was too much immersed into deciphering why did he feel a bit jealous Naruto didn't chose to hide behind him, and was sticking his head into the green colored book a librarian gave him with a pitying look when he asked about what are feelings and how do you find them; didn't even notice the three slips of paper Kakashi was holding out to them.

The silver headed cyclops, who was definitely having not fun while his students ignored him, cleared his throat. Thrice.

"Soo, anyone up to taking Chunin exams?"

The epitome of sunshine jumped on the silver gravity defying haired man, blinking those pools of blue at him.

"Really sensei?! You nominated us?!"

Sasuke scoffed.

"Blondaime let you?"

Kakashi chuckled nervously, feeling a dull pain coursing through his body.

"Let's just say I employed the help of a certain red haired demon."

"Aaah." Went the choir answer.

Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze was not a woman to trifle with, and she definitely lived up to her S-rank status in more ways than one.

"So that's why we had ramen last night.."

"Anywho, you'll find here all that you need to know about exams which includes where? How? When? And the ever present Why?" Passing the papers to Naruto, he galantly fled the scene before his sensei decided to act on whatever weird idea was cooking in his head right about now.

"Oi guys, you'll take them, right?"

"Naturally." The most awesome Uchiha in the existence answered with a proud smirk.

"It would be good to see how far had I come." Was the Sai's monotone reply.

Naruto gave them a blinding grin, before saying his goodbyes.

"See you tomorrow then! Don't be late now!"

"Listen to your own advice sometimes!"

Sasuke stayed there, watching his precious little prince bouncing away from him, before he too left towards the Clan's compound; maybe he'll squeeze a bit of training in between of telling his father the news, describing to his mother how cute Naruto was today and rampaging Itachi's room in another quest to find other photos of Naruto and him together.

When Kushina, the Bloody Red Habanero, ended on the receiving end of one of her boys most beautiful smiles and most gentle and grateful hugs- she knew giving Minato the sex-talk threat, followed by some serious workout around the house and of course, two night on the couch, was damn well worth it. Her baby was going to become a chunin!

Perhaps now was the time to suggest some father-son bonding over learning elemental manipulation... ?

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