Hey, fellow FanFictioners! This is a little story about Carter's birthdays. I'm going to try and do everyone up to at least The Throne of Fire. Time for the story!

1 Year Old

Ruby's POV

I sent Julius and our dog, Sirius in to go get Carter up. I was very exited and nervous, though I don't know why. Half of me is saying that it's only a birthday (one that he won't even remember at that), while the other half is saying that it's his first birthday. The very first. It has to be perfect.

I heard Julius talking softly to Carter, and Carter gurgling and blowing raspberries in response. I smiled to myself as I did some last minute preparations. My mind drifted slowly to the years to come, to the fuzzy images I have had over the past year. In my clearest vision, I saw my son, tall and handsome like his father. I got lost in these thoughts and jumped out of my skin when I heard a crash. I spin around quickly, holding the knife I was icing with high in the air.

Carter was sitting on the ground with a place mat covering half of his face. I look at Julius and see that he's laughing. Carter's still on the floor, flapping his arms and giggling.

"What happened?" I was in too much shock to laugh. Julius can barely get a word in, he's laughing so hard.

"Sirius, he- He jumped on th- On the table and-" Julius had a very long laughing fit there.


"And he knocked the place mat on Carter's head." Another laughing fit.

"Well, that still doesn't explain the crash, Julius."

"I wasn't finished. Then Sirius jumped on the floor. Apparently dogs can't land on their feet." I could just imagine what that must have looked like. Before I know it, I start to laugh too until I hear Carter say, "Mommy. Cake!"

He had crawled over beside me and was sticking his hands in a cake on the floor. It took me a second to realize that I must have knocked his birthday cake on the floor. Well, that would explain the icing streak I have on my arm. Julius (who is still laughing, but not quite as hard) picks up Carter. Carter starts to yell, "No, cake! CAKE!" as Julius walks towards the sink to wash off his hands.

I start to clean up the cake on the floor. I don't want to have a dog puking everywhere due to an extremely sugary breakfast. It only takes about a minute, and as soon as I'm done, I go to the sink to clean myself off.

The first thing I hear is, "CAKE! CAAAAKE!" and I see Julius trying to clean an agitated one year old. He was fighting a lost battle.

I walk up beside my husband, whose shirt had wet spots on the front, probably from Carter flailing about yelling "cake" at the top of his lungs. I pretend to ignore the scene and quietly wash my hands and arms. I smile sweetly at Julius. "Need any help?"

"Please," was all he said and he handed Carter to me. As soon as Julius lets go of him, he stops kicking and says to me, "Mommy, where cake?" The look on his face is so serious, I have to laugh.

"We don't have anymore cake, but what we do have are pancakes! They're even better that normal cakes! Do you want some?" Carter's eyes got big at the word "pancakes" and he nods quickly. "Then you'll have to let mommy wash you off, OK?"

"OK!" I look over at my husband, who is looking at this with a look of astonishment and amusement on his face. I tell him, "That's how you do it."

As we sit down to our birthday breakfast of pancakes, I think to myself, "It may not have been perfect, but it was a first birthday worth remembering."

Thanks for reading! I'll try and get his next birthday up soon!