"Mom, are you sure I'm ready for this? I mean, this is Canterwood we're talking about- do I seriously belong at one of the most elite boarding schools on the East Coast?" I asked, looking desperately at my mother.

"Meghan, you've been waiting for two years to get to Canterwood. You got incredible grades this year and spent even more time at Twin Oaks than you usually do. There's nobody more prepared for this than you," she looked at me from the driver's seat and smiled reassuringly.

That calmed my nerves for a couple seconds, but when Mom clicked the blinker on to turn onto the long driveway that was marked with a sign reading CANTERWOOD CREST ACADEMY, my stomach began swirling all over again. I took a few deep breaths, closing my eyes and thinking of things that calmed me down. Friday nights, Twin Oaks, Shor, I kept repeating those things over and over in my head, but my mom's voice broke my thoughts.

"We're here, sweetie," she patted my knee as the car pulled into the Canterwood parking lot.

"Um, wow," my mouth fell open at the view of the campus. The beautiful brick buildings of the campus were huge, and the antique look they had was stunning.

"Honey, you're gonna catch flies. Help me unload your suitcases," my mom laughed, and I blushed, hoping no one but her noticed my open mouth.

"Sorry, the campus is amazing! It's hard not to stare!" I grabbed one of my four huge PB Teen duffel bags, dropping it on the ground and grabbing another one. After a few minutes of unloading, I looked down at my four duffel bags, black Jansport backpack, and purple laptop case sitting on the ground in a pile.

"It says some of the high school football players are helping to bring luggage up to our rooms today," I looked around, and a muscular boy with a black buzz cut walked towards our car.

"What room are you in?" he asked, grabbing my four bags, backpack, and laptop case with ease.

"Room 205, Winchester hall, thanks," I smiled at the boy and he set off in what I guessed was the direction of my dorm.

"Let's get Shor out," my mom helped me open our 2-horse trailer, and I grabbed my horse's black cotton lead-line.

My beautiful, 17hh palomino Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse gelding, Shor, backed out of the trailer, his tail swishing with curiosity. His ears pricked forward as he took in the new surroundings, his palomino coat gleaming in the September sunshine, and his white star and four stockings were a brilliant white. He snorted and struck the ground with one hoof, as if to say he was ready.

"Bye sweetie, you'll do great," my mom hugged me, and I grinned at her as she walked back to the driver's seat. I watched our car grow smaller and smaller as it traveled back down the long paved driveway.

"Well Shor, it's now or never," I took a deep breath and started in the direction of the stable.