H20: Just Add Water


Chapter one

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"Please fasten your seat belts. We'll be landing shortly." The flight attendant said.

"Finally," Emma thought. She couldn't wait to see her friends Rikki and Cleo again . She had been traveling around the world with her family for the past year. She had really missed her fellow mermaids.

A few minutes later the plane landed. She walked of the plane followed by her Younger brother Elliot, and her parents. She smiled to herself. "It's great to be home." She said to her family. Her parents smiled knowingly. They went to grab their luggage and then hailed a taxi to get home.

A half hour later they arrived home. They all grabbed their luggage while their dad paid the taxi. Her dad grabbed the key from his pocket to unlock the door. As soon as they were inside Emma ran to put her stuff in her room.

"Hey mom I'm going to see Cleo and Rikki." She said running down the stairs.

"Okay," Her mom replied, "Don't stay out to late."

"I won't." She replied. She then ran out the door and headed to The Juice Net Cafe. Well, what had used to be the Juice Net Cafe. Someone else had bought it and renamed it Rikki's. She bet that it was Probably Zane who had bought the Cafe and named it In Rikki's honor.

She then walked inside the cafe and she saw Rikki, Cleo, and Lewis sitting with another guy and girl she hadn't met before and they seemed to be having the time of their lifes.

Something shiny caught her eyes. She looked and noticed that Rikki and Cleo were no longer wearing their lockets. Instead they were wearing some light blue crystal necklaces which matched the other girls. She felt the tears coming to her eyes. They had replaced her with that girl. They had completely forgotten about her.

She turned around and ran. She came to the edge of the dock and jumped into the water and began heading straight for Mako Island. She swan at super speed towards the moon pool and was met with a sharp blow to the head.

"Ow!" She thought as she rubbed her head wincing in pain. She looked and saw that the moon Pool was blocked of by fallen rocks. She then swam to the shore of Mako and waited for her tail to dry off.

As soon as her tail dried She began walking to the cave entrance. she came to the opening, jumped down, and slid. She stood and dusted herself off and started walking again. She came to the moon pool and saw that the cave had seemed to have somehow ruptured. She turned and saw the shining blue Crystals in the wall of the cave. She also saw a backpack filled with the Crystal.

Anger flared through her. How dare they! She thought angrily. How dare someone come in her and destroy their place.

They had destroyed the moon cave. Ange sered through her being. Her hands curled into fists.

Emma leaned against the wall of the Moon Cave pool. She has a premonition showing what had showing Everything that had happened the year she had been gone.

So they hadn't destroyed the moon pool. It was Zane, Ryan a Geologist, and a girl named Sophie who was the sister of that guy she had seen with them At Rikki's cafe. Who she had also learned was named Will and is the boyfriend of the girl they had replaced her with Named Bella,They took some of those Crystals from the moon pool. I have to get them back and I will. She promised herself. If they find out the Moon pools secrets then there will trouble. Big trouble.

Emma decided to try to move some of the rocks. This was her place so she would fix it. she climbed out off the cave and made her way to the under water entrance. She pulled at the Rocks and moved them away from the entrance one by one.

While moving the rocks away from the entrance the pile became unstable and collapsed. Emma looked up in horror shielding her face and she was buried in Rock.

She was there for who knows how long before until a guy in diving gear came and saw a tail under the Rocks and unburied her and brought her to Mako Islands shores. He quickly began doing CPR on her. She started breathing again. She sat up suddenly and coughed up a bunch of water. She saw the boy and quickly tried to get away.

"Hey It's okay. I won't hurt you." The teenage boy said.

She kept backing away (well sliding away since she's not dry yet and still has her tail.) not believing anything he was saying.

"Yeah right." She said.

"Really." the boy said "I won't hurt you."

"I have no reason to believe or trust you." The mermaid told him. "Wait," Realization hit her. "It was Will Bella's Boyfriend."

"No you don't," The blond haired teen said, "Except, that I'm the only one here to help you."

"I don't need your help." She replied snarlingly.

She Quickly slid herself forward until she was in the water. She then swam quickly away and back to the Moon Pool. All the rocks had fallen out of the way of the Moon Pool Entrance. She swam into the Moon Pool. She pulled herself up onto the Rocks and sat looking at the Moon Pool rock Sadly. She all off a sudden felt a hand on her arm. She screamed and quickly pulled herself up on the edge of the Moon Pool.

The guy pulled his diving mask off and said, "Relax. It's just me." Emma noticed it was the same diver who saved her life earlier.

"You!" Emma screeched. "What are you doing here?"

"I just thought I'd see how you are. I mean you almost drowned."

"That's nice." Emma said in a sickly sweet voice.. "Now get out!" He smiled at her and laughed. "What?" Emma asked. "What's so funny?"


She smiled and said sarcastically. "Thanks that makes me feel so much better."

He smiled. "Here we are acting like we've known each other for ages and we don't even know each other's names."

"Yeah," She smiled. "You know if you tell anyone about me I'll kick your ass right?"

He smiled. "OK, but I don't think you will."

"Do you want to test that theory?"

"Not really." he smiled. "So are you ever going to tell me your name?"

"Nope," She smiled. "I'll just keep you guessing."

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