Hi guys, I'm new to fanfiction and I love Cause of Death! So I started writing this; it may not be very good but I'm giving it a try. Just know that I've been reading other stories for a while now and they're all great, you guys really inspired me. Thanks, keep it up!

Natara's POV

It was 6:00 AM and I was having my usual morning jog with my boyfriend Oscar.

Oscar: I'm so going to beat you this time!

Natara: In your dreams honey.

I sprinted all I could, leaving Oscar way behind in the dust. I was a couple of inches close to the imaginary finish line when my cell phone buzzed and I stopped to look at the caller ID. It was Mal.

Natara: Hey what's up? Is it important? I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Mal: What can be more important than talking to your handsome partner?

Natara: Mal! You just made me loose a race!

Oscar grabs you around the waist and kisses your cheek. You giggle and playfully slap him. Then you remember you were talking to Mal and go back to being on the phone.

Natara: Stop it Oscar! Sorry about that Mal. Now, what were you saying?

Mal: Right, um Captain needs us three at the office.

Natara: Us three?

Mal: Yes. Blaise, you, and me. Is there a problem?

Natara: No there's no problem. I'll see you back at the station in fifteen.

Mal: Alright, bye.

You end the call and put the phone back in your pocket.

Oscar: Is something wrong?

Natara: No, just the usual. I have to go back to the station.

Oscar: Oh, then I'll see you at dinner tonight?

Natara: On one condition though.

Oscar: What?

Natara: I demand a rematch.

Oscar: Well, come to dinner and find out!

With that Oscar gives you a quick peck on the lips, grabs your hand, and guides you back to your car. You can't help but smile.

Mal's POV

Back at the station, you are in a very irritable mood. You clench your teeth and impatiently wait for your two partners to show up. [Stupid Oscar! It's been 30 minutes. What has he done to her!] Your thoughts are interrupted.

Blaise: Hey, you look like you could use some fun.

Mal: Finally! Where's Natara?

Blaise: Don't ask me.

Out of nowhere Natara enters the room. Her hair tied in a neat bun where you can clearly see all her beautiful features and her simple yet perfect make up. Your day has just gotten better but you refuse to show it.

Natara: Sorry I'm late, I got held back.

Mal: Let's go!

You knock on Captain's Yeong office door, wait for an answer, and come in.

Captain: Good morning detectives, agent. I understand today is your free day but I've called you here to make you a preposition. So I'm just going to come to the point. After all that happened with the Kraken, I'm willing to give you all a well deserved 1-month break.

Mal: What's the catch?

Natara elbows you.

Mal: Ahem, I mean…

The captain chuckles a little.

Captain: I know what you mean Mal, and yes there is a catch, for lack of a better term. I need you guys to bring in a drug dealer.

Mal: Sounds simple enough, I'm in!

Captain: There's more. Detective Greene (R.I.P.) was working on this case; however it was put on hold with the rise of the Kraken case. He managed to get a location on this guy and he also found some vital information along the way. Let's just put it this way: our drug dealer was planning on stepping up his game. As to what he was going to do we don't know, it could have been a bomb, a terrorist attack, toxic gas. If you guys accept this case I need you to be very careful in apprehending the criminal. That's all I need you guys to do, I'll take it from there.

Blaise: Count me in.

Mal: Well somebody's in a hurry for this vacation. What about you Special Agent Williams?

Natara: I'm in.

Captain: Well then, everything else you need to know is in these folders.

The Captain hands each one of you a folder and sits down.

Captain: Oh, and one more thing. Please try to bring him in alive for a change.

A look of concern appears on her face then instantly fades away.

Mal: You have my word Captain.

You all head out of her office and automatically walk back to your car.

Blaise: Shotgun!

Natara rolls her eyes in annoyance. You laugh at her quietly making sure nobody sees you and get into the driver's seat. Both Blaise and Natara sit quietly studying the files while you drive as fast as you can. After a while you break the silence.

Mal: So, who wants to go first?

Blaise: Ahem, well it says here that our druggie is Kun Yong. He used to work for Feng Long but now he runs his own little business of drugs and what not. The police have been trying to find him for ten years but he knows how to cover his tracks.

Blaise scans the folder one more time and opens her eyes wide.

Mal: What is it? What's wrong?

Blaise: It says here that Captain Yeong is the only one to have encountered him before.

Mal: So wait let me get this straight. Our killer has been able to stay under the radar for so long only to resurface now. Either he's kind of tired or he's getting old.

Blaise: I agree, but…

Mal: What?

Blaise: I think he may be… (Gulp)

Natara: related to Captain Yeong.

Mal: Ar- are you sure?

Natara: Well it says here that he used to be a Yeong and then he changed his name. Maybe he is her half-brother or something? Plus, it certainly would explain why the Captain was kind of off today, or why they both look so much alike, or…

Blaise: why she called US to deal with the whole thing!

Mal: How cute, you guys finish each other's sentences.

Blaise punches you in the arm. Hard.

Mal: Ow!

Natara: This is serious Mal.

Mal: Alright we're here.

Blaise's POV

You arrive in front of a fairly tall building, one that definitely stands out from the other small houses and apartments in the poor neighborhood. Everything is dirty and deserted.

Blaise: I'm not liking this, it's way too quiet.

Mal: You don't have to tell me twice, it definitely gives me the chills.

Quickly and quietly you advance toward the entrance. You scan the windows for any movement and the only thing you see is a figure lying down on the floor. You kick open the door and the three of you walk in.

Blaise: S.F.P.D. freeze!

Natara: Mal help! He's hurt!

While Natara and Mal run over to the body of Kun Yong you check the perimeter for any more surprises but nobody else is there but you four.

Blaise: Is he alive?

Natara: Barely.

You get out your phone in a hurry and dial 911. Natara applies pressure to the wound. In a couple of minutes the ambulance arrives. They take Kun Yong away and inform that he has a deep bullet through the leg and has lost a lot of blood.

Blaise: The Captain is not gonna like this.

You take the car keys from Mal and star driving back to the precinct. Everyone is quiet during the ride, all thinking about how Captain Yeong is going to react. Once you get to the station Mal leads the way in and knocks in the Captain's door.

Captain: Come in.

Mal: Captain I uh, we have some bad news…

Captain: I already know detective, it's not your fault.

Mal: We're very sorry Captain.

Mal gives Maria a sympathetic smile, then Maria nods, and you all leave. You go back to your desks and get started on your report. You're so excited about your vacation that you are the first one to finish; still you can't help but think about Kun Yong and the Captain. You stretch and yawn and force your thoughts to the back of your mind.

Blaise: Well, I guess that's it for today.

Mal: Done already?

Blaise: Yup, 'night. Have a good break you two. Call me sometime Mal so we can hit the Drunk Tank for old times' sake.

Mal: Will do!