A/N well here it is, the re-do of my 100 fic's project. My first draft wasn't going the way I wanted it to so I changed it. The is about Doug and Carol and their life post "Such Sweet Sorrow." I promise I don't own them I just borrowed them for my story, they belong to Wells, Zabel, Warner Bros. and NBC, though future characters do belong to me and my friend Tree. R/r


June 2002

Despite it being early morning, it was already very hot in our room. I had been awake for a while now but I lay quiet watching her sleep. I had done this nearly every morning for three years. I guess I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that my girls are actually here. For the first few months they were in Seattle, I felt like I was in a dream; not entirely sure if it was real or not. But as time went on, I began to see that no, it was not a dream and that my family was in fact here with me. I would wake up every morning and just stare at Carol. She looked so beautiful. I would walk down the hall and into the Twins room. They looked just like their mom, both with heads full of curls. I would just stand at their cribs and watch then sleep.

But as they twins got older and grew into toddler beds I realized I couldn't do that anymore, they would wake up and see me and not want to get back to sleep. So now I let them all sleep and just bask in the warm fuzzy feeling I get knowing they are here.

I felt Carol move and I looked at her as her eyes opened

"Hey," I say to her as I push the hair out of her face.

"Hi," she says still coming out of sleep. I lean over and kiss her cheek. She smiles and kisses me back. We lay quietly for a while longer before I hear the distinct voices of our daughters.

"I'll go gather the troops," I say as I get out of bed and pull on a tee shirt. I open our door and immediately a cold breeze rushes in. Walking down the hall the voices get louder. I open the door to the girl's room and am surprised to see both of them sitting up in their new toddler beds, each girl's hair in a different state of disarray.

Kate scampers into my arms and I hold her there for a few minutes until her older sister reaches for a hug. After a few minutes of holding my girls as they wake up fully, I lead them down the hall and through the open door of the master bedroom. The bed lay empty, the covers thrown in a heap. I pick each of the girls up and toss them onto the bed. They fly through the air giggling and land on the bed where I jump on and tickle them. Soon enough we are all laughing.

"Daddy, can we go swimming today? 'Cause it's really hot," Kate says to me after her giggles had died down.

"Sure thing little kit-kat," I say to her as I pull out my swim trunks and Carol's bathing suit. "Why don't you girls go put your swim suits on while mommy and I get dressed and I will meet you down stairs, OK?" I ask as I push them towards the door.

"OK," they both say racing each other to their room.

I open the bathroom door a crack and slip the bathing suit into Carol. A while later all four of us are out on the dock behind our house. The one upside to living on a lake is having a place to put your boat. Of course the girls are forbidden to go anywhere near the water unless Carol or I is with them; usually they are very good about this. But every once in a while one or both of them will get caught and have to be put in timeout, they don't like it, but it's for their own safety.

We were all slathered with sunscreen and had a cooler full of drinks and snacks. I put Tess and Kate into the boat and we headed off to find our favorite spot again. It's a little cove with soft sand and the water slopes down, so the girls can go as deep as they want, so long as they have life vests on. We all had a grand time. Swimming, digging in the sand and just enjoying the warm summer weather.

Everyone was so tired when we got home that night. We ate a small quick dinner and fell asleep, the window thrown wide open.