*Next day at work*

"Max, Max snap out of it!" Caroline snapped her fingers in front of brunette's face, breaking her weird distant stare. Max snapped her head up, and pushed the plates she was holding into Caroline's hands, and then made a B- line straight to the bathroom.

Caroline sighed as she placed the dirty plates on the counter. Then she thought for a moment and took both of the plates to the kitchen sink, she really didn't want to try to cheer Max up while she was barfing. She'd probably just get yelled at for not working.

Max then entered the kitchen boosted herself up on the metal island. She then proceeded to throw her shoes off and lay down on the island. "So you can work while being pregnant." Caroline mocked her poor choice. Max shook her head and stared at the ceiling.

"I can't! My feet hurt, my back hurts, and I'm puking every three minutes. I just can't do this." Max said; Caroline could see Max was really upset. Caroline then took Max's phone off the counter while she was still lying down.

Caroline then scrolled to Sam's name and clicked new text message. Caroline couldn't help but see the other messages. They were all so sweet, not as much from Max's side as much as his but she understood they really did like each other.

Caroline then sent Sam a message to pick her up from work. Caroline tucked Max's phone in her apron and carried on while Max cleaned and did stuff in the back. Mostly when Caroline looked back there she was rubbing her lower back or her feet.

Caroline then sent Sam another text asking him to give her a massage when they got home. He sweetly replied a minute later with 'Anything for you babe, be there in a bit.' Caroline smiled, wishing she had a relationship like that. Caroline snuck into the kitchen while Max was slumped over the island and placed her phone back on the counter.

Within an hour of sending the first message Sam walked into the diner. Sam smiled at Caroline and gave a small wave. "She's in the back" Caroline walked with him to Max. "Your shift ended an hour ago" Sam lied right before the moment Max was about to ask why he was there. He glanced at Caroline; he knew she sent the messages.

"C'mon, let's go." He said taking her hand and pulling her up. Max walked out into the diner and began to talk to Earl, with her head against the counter. Sam turned to Caroline as he took Max's phone off the kitchen counter. "Thanks for looking out for her, but next time, tell me it's you. You probably know by now she'll work herself to the bone. She doesn't always have a good understanding of when enough is enough." Sam said. Caroline nodded; "Oh, before I forget here is our new address." Sam said handing Caroline a card "I can send someone to pick you up when your shift ends."

"That'd be great. I don't want to take a taxi to Manhattan." Caroline joked. "Ok I'll call someone, thanks again Caroline." Sam smiled at her.

"Alright preggers let's go" Sam said to Max as he took her hands and pulled her next to him, he waved to Earl as they left.

Caroline knew Max had found someone who truly cared for her. She was hoping they'd be together for a while. "Excuse me miss but can I get my order?" An old woman called to Caroline. "You'll get it when it's done!" Caroline shouted back, she realized she had just become Max.