When I reach my bakery the rest of the day flew by and before I knew it, it was closing time. I walk to the front counter and Alice and I finish up with everything before we leave. As we are walking home I turn to Alice and said, "hey Al have you heard from Rose since we went to the mall yesterday?" No, Bella I haven't heard a word from her. I wonder who this mystery man of hers is ? I don't know Al, but he must be some kind of special if she's keeping him such a secret.

We get home and open the door to go in we hear voices coming from the living room letting us know Rose is home and someone is here with her. Alice and I look at each other and just shrug because we have no idea who it is. Alice grabs Penny from her stroller and goes into the living room with her while I'm putting our things away. As I'm folding the stroller I hear a very familiar booming voice laugh out. I freeze right where I am and silently pray that the voice doesn't belong to who I think it does.

After a few moments Alice yells to see where I am. I take a deep breath & let it go before I head into the room. As I get to the door I see my prayer isn't going to be answered because sitting there on the couch with Rose holding Penny is none other than my Emmy Bear, Emmett, Edward's brother. He looks up from Penny and sees me as I enter the room. When he sees me he hands Penny off to Rose and jumps up squealing like a girl and runs up to me grabbing me in bone crushing bear hug screaming "my Belly Boo" where the hell have you been I've missed you so much and so has everyone else. I hug him back saying "Emmy Bear" I can't breathe and I've missed you too.

Oh sorry Bells I forgot how much of a weakling you are. I blush and hit him on the arm and tell him he better not make me open a can of whoop ass on him and he knows I'll do it. We hear a clearing of a throat and remember we aren't alone. We turn toward the couch and see Rose and Alice staring at us with their mouths wide open and confused looks on their faces. Rose speaks up and says, "what the hell Bella?" Before I can speak Emmett tells her that we grew up in the same town together and same school. Alice then says this has been an interesting day to say the least. Bella you've ran into two different people you went to school with and grew up with today. Rose then says who else have you ran into today Bella? I tell her Jasper, Alice's new love interest.

Wow, it's a small world after all. Huh, Bella? I said no kidding Rose. Alice gets this familiar gleam in her eye and I know I'm about to regret what is about to come. She turns to Emmett and says, "since you and Bella went to school together you could tell us who her boyfriend was and who Penny's dad is." Emmett just looks at me like he doesn't know what to do, I subtly shake my head no. He tells Alice he doesn't want to be rude but that isn't his place to tell. I jump up and say I'm going to get Penny a bottle and start dinner, I ask Emmett if he'll be joining us and Emmett being Emmett jumps at the chance to eat dinner. I get up and go into the kitchen a few minutes later I'm joined by Emmett. He clears his throat and asks if we can talk I say sure because I know he has questions and wants answers. Before he can say anything else Alice bounces in to get Penny's bottle from me she asks if I'd care if she invited Jasper to join us since Emmett's eating with us? I told her that'd be fine there would be more than plenty. She squeals and bounces out of the room.

Emmett looks at me with a raised eyebrow, I tell him apparently Alice met Jasper yesterday and they seem to have a connection. He just nods and takes a deep breathe and looks at me. He says so Bella does Edward know he's a dad? Yes Emmett he knows I was pregnant when I left I told him I wouldn't let him put his dream of having a music career on hold for me and the baby. I wouldn't do that to him or any of guys you all had worked too hard for your dreams for me to be the reason Edward quit. He wasn't happy with it but I knew it was the right choice for everyone involved. Please don't hate me, I promise I'm going to talk to Edward I want her to have her dad, awesome uncles, and wonderful grandparents in her life. She is a very special loving baby. Bella I fell in love with her soon as I laid eyes on her before I knew she was yours.

Alice, Rose, and Penny came back in the kitchen with Penny's bottle and Alice told me that Jazz would be there in about 10 min and he was bringing his brother so he wouldn't be alone because their other brother went mia. When she said this Emmett busted out laughing Rose asked what was so funny he you told them I'm the mia brother. I felt like I was having a heart attack because I couldn't breathe. Everyone turned toward me and asked what was the matter? Emmett knew what I was freaking out about. He came over to me and got down in my face and made me focus on him and breath with him until I had calmed down a little.

Emmett was telling me everything would be fine that he and Jasper were there for me and he'd understand and wouldn't be mad at me and he'd be putty in Penny's little hands. Alice and Rose just watched Emmett knew what I was freaking out about. He came over to me and got down in my face and made me focus on him and breath with him until I had calmed down a little.

Emmett was telling me everything would be fine that he and Jasper were there for me and he'd understand and wouldn't be mad at me and he'd be putty in Penny's little hands. Alice and rose just watched everything that was going on. Rose took Penny to her playpen and put her in to play for a bit. When she came back in she said O.K. you two I want to know exactly what in hell is going on here and who is the "he" Emmett's talking about?

I looked at my friends with tears in my eyes and said, "well Alice you're finally going to find out who Penny's dad is." I heard Alice say what are you talking about? I took a deep shaky breath and prepared to tell them my story. I saw Emmett move to the chair beside me he was holding one of my hands and soothingly rubbing my back with the other. He said Bells you don't have to if you're not ready. I told him no I had to tell them now.

Have a seat ladies I told them. As you now know I knew Emmett, Jasper, and their brother Edward who you'll meet when Jazz gets here. We were all really close and great friends. Edward and I started dating during our freshman year. We were so in love nothing was going to ever keep us apart, that was until right before graduation. You see the guys had started a band in our sophomore year and were headed for stardom I was so proud of them. Right before graduation the guys had been contacted by a record label to do a album and tour, right after that I found out I was pregnant.

I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life I chose to let Edward go. I knew he would drop out of the band and put his dream on hold for us and I was not going to let him do that. The record deal was a great thing for the guys and I couldn't have lived with myself knowing I was the cause of him leaving his dream behind. I left him with no choice I didn't tell him where I was going and made sure no one else told him either. So now here we are Penny's dad's on his way here and about to get the shock of a lifetime because unless Jazz told him about Penny and me living here he has no idea what he's about to come here to besides dinner at his brother's girlfriend's house and her roommates.

I looked over at the girls Rose was speechless and Alice was vibrating with excitement. All I thought was uh-oh I know that look. She looked over at Emmett and said look after Penny please Rose and I have to take care of something real quick with Bella. She jumps up and grabs Rose and mine hands and heads to my room. She rushes to my closet telling me to strip and for Rose to get my hair put up in a messy bun with little whisps of hair hanging down the sides. And my make up while she gets me a drop dead georgous outfit that will put Edward on his ass.

I hear the doorbell ring I jump at the sound. I'm feeling like I'm going to hyperventilate at any moment. I can hear the guys in there talking. I hear Penny starting to wake up from where she fell asleep playing in her playpen. There's a knock on my door and Emmett pokes his head in to tell us he thinks she may need a change and he doesn't know anything about changing a diaper. He takes one look at me and wolf whistles damn Bells you're sexier than I remember. Edward's gonna flip when he sees you by the way they're in the living room. Rose gets up and goes to show Emmett where all of Penny's stuff is and give him a lesson in diaper changing.

I turn to Alice and say well here goes nothing. I walk out of my room toward the living room I see him standing with his back to me talking to Jasper. Jasper sees me and Alice over Edward's shoulder. Edward turns to see what Jasper's looking at, as he turns he sees me and I hear his breath hitch and he says Bella?...

A/N: Have any of you seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet? Our local theater had the Twilight marathon on the 15th. I camped out from 3:00 A.M. that morning until we got in at 10:30 to be seated. It started at noon. I would do it all over again if I could. I've seen it 3 times so far and every time I'm riveted and spellbound when it comes to the fight scene.