By Quick-demon

Season: Stargate SG-1 - Set before season 6. Danny Phantom - Set before Phantom Planet.

Summary: Being imprisoned on a Goa'uld mothership, the team meets a peculiar boy that maybe their ticket out of there.

A/N: Incase you didn't notice this is a crossover with Stargate SG-1 & Danny Phantom. :)

This story is un-beta-ed. All mistakes are mine.

"Another day, another snakehead" Colonel Jack O'Neill groaned as he lay on the hard slab bed of the Goa'uld jail.

"Could be worse sir," Major Samantha Carter commented, stretching her legs for her seat opposite of him.

Jack peaked though one eye at her, "How so Carter?"

"We're not being tortured."


"We are still in the planet's orbit O'Neill. We still have time to escape and return," Teal'c pointed out from his position near the door.

"Also true."

"And they didn't take our watches this time," Dr. Daniel Jackson added from his seat on the floor leaning against the wall.

Jack brought up his wrist to his face, "Very true."

Jack rested his arm back down, only to find himself looking at a face that looked down upon him from the grey ceiling. He blinked wondering why the heck he was seeing a child's face. He rubbed his eyes and still saw the boy staring at him with neon green eyes as his messy white hair hung towards him with gravity.

"Um… Carter?" he prompted hoping to get another opinion on what he is seeing.


He pointed up. She looked up to find a young boy's face sticking out of the ceiling. Startled by the strange apparition she got up and moved in to get a better look. She stared intently at the head that was out of place against the flat worn surface of the ceiling. Upon her reaction, Jack realised he wasn't crazy and got up to quickly step away.

The boy looked startled but remained curious. He fell from the ceiling as if in slow-motion, the rest of his body unsheathing from solid matter. He floated down, twisted to right himself and land on the floor on his feet.

By now Teal'c and Daniel were standing up and staring at the new intruder in bewilderment.

The ghost cleared his throat breaking the silence that was almost deafening (do ghosts develop irritated mucus filled throats?).

"Um hi," the boy said awkwardly, "Look I'm not sure where I am but if you point me to the nearest exit I can be on my way and leave you guys in peace."

For a long moment the silence continued. The team studied the boy now visible in full form. He had messy white hair, a very pale complexion. He wore a black and white jumpsuit and with white gloves and boots. He also had an emblem on his chest that looked like a 'D'.

"Erh... quiet types huh? I'll be on my way now," the boy seemed self-conscious at the attention he was getting.

He turned to find a tall dark skinned man and a bespectacled man who both looked at him with a wary curiosity. He stopped in his tracks upon meeting the two extra people that he didn't notice before.

"Ok, you just did not come through the ceiling!" Jack frowned, triing to get his head around that fact.



The boy turned back to the older man in puzzlement but the older man shot a look to bespectacled man who returned it. The boy didn't miss the silent communication that shot between the two men.

The child raised his white gloved hands up in a surrender pose, "Look I don't mean any harm. I just took a wrong turn and want to know how to get out of here."

"Ok start from the top, who are you and what are you doing on a Goa'uld mother ship," Jack countered determined not to let this go.

"I'm on a mothership?" the boy was flabbergasted, "Wait a minute... I'm in space?"

"What Jack means is that we would like to know where you come from so we can help you out," Daniel said diplomatically, driving a point home to Jack's bluntness.

The boy seemed dazed but then looked to the archeologist, unsure if he should talk. Daniel kept his gaze, giving his best trusting face, hoping to convince the child to open up. Like many other aliens and people before him the child gave in to the trusting blue eyes.

"I came through a portal and ended up here," the white-haired child said finally, "I was looking for an exit when I stumbled into you guys."

"Portal, what kind of portal?" Sam asked naturally interested anything that is remotely technology sounding.

"A naturally occurring inter-dimensional portal," the young man said casually, "That leads to the Ghost Zone."

"Ghost Zone?" Daniel frowned at the unfamiliar term.

"Yeah, a place where the ghost's live, like the afterlife or limbo."

"Wait, wait, hold up. You're a ghost?" Jack raised his hands and said with disbelief.

"Erh... Boo?" the boy said nervously.

Jack and Sam stared wide-eyed at the child at a loss for words, while Daniel and Teal'c seemed to stare.

"That's impossible!" Sam broke the small silence and stared at the child incredulously.

"Are ghosts really a far stretch from what we've seen already?" Daniel asked with a raised eyebrow.

"But ghosts... really? They're scientifically proven inconclusive, there is no way they can exist," Sam argued.

"What about those glowy tentacle things," Jack asked.

"Ascended, Jack."


"Look I don't care if you believe me or not, I just need to find a portal and go home," the boy snapped, his patience wearing thin.

"We are currently in a holding cell, awaiting the false god's decision on our intrusion," Teal'c voice boomed, "We are in no position to help you look for a portal."

The boy turned and stared up at the Jaffa, obviously intimidated by the sheer size and presence of the man. The ghost soon regained composure.

"Ok then, if you help me find a way home I can bust you out of here," the boy looked towards the older man. He had a feeling that he was the authority in their group.

"Anywhere but here is fine with me."

The boy gave a childlike grin and thrust his hand out to Jack, "My name is Phantom."

"Jack O'Neill," Jack introduced himself shaking the boy's hand feeling it was cool at the touch, "Next to me is Sam Carter, behind you is Daniel Jackson and the big guy is Teal'c"

Phantom shook the hand of each person in turn, with the exception of Teal'c who bowed his head. They noticed that he was well mannered and familiar with the earth custom of the handshake and how cold he felt, it was a bit unnerving.

"So, Phantom, how are you going to 'bust' us out?" Jack repeated his phrase from earlier knowing the boy spoke way too casually for an alien-ghost thing.

"First thing's first," Phantom raised his hand, "Do Gooulds, ghools... erh… or whatever trapped you here, know anything about ghosts?"

"As far as I am aware Phantom, they do not. They may use the superstition to scare slaves and enforce their rule but they themselves do not believe in them," Teal'c informed the young ghost.

"Right, ok then, this makes this a lot easier," Phantom replied and passed Teal'c to head for the door.

He touched the steel bars and after a few seconds it turned transparent.

"Ok let's go."

Four pairs of eyes looked at him in astonishment.

"Did he just..." Sam stuttered completely speechless.


"But it's...it can't..."

"Well I'm not going to look at a gift horse in the mouth," Jack commented and stepped forward.

He went to the door and pushed his hand through and found nothing to touch. He waved his hand around; cutting though the bars like it was an image on a hologram.

"Um I can't do this all day," the boy prompted.

"Right," Jack stopped his musings and steps through into the corridor. His team followed, feeling like they had stepped through air. The boy was last. He left the door and after a few seconds it regained its solid form.

Jack took point with Teal'c behind him. Sam and Daniel brought up the rear with the ghost boy trailing behind. They turn down another corridor and climbed a set a stars. Marching feet stomped close by and everyone but the ghost fell into the shadows of the side columns.

As the Jaffa patrol grew closer, Jack motioned the boy to hide. The ghost grinned before disappearing into thin air. Jack blinked but decided to stay quiet and focus on keeping his team safe. That was much more important than wondering where the ghost went.

The marching boots approached and the team poised themselves for an ambush. They would much rather avoid conflict when weaponless but they were backed into a corner so they were forced to fight.

"Jaffa kree!" a loud voice boomed, "Investigate that area!"

The patrol stopped short from their hiding spot in the same corridor. They dare not risk taking a peak from their hiding place for fear the patrol would spot them, so they sat and waited.

One set of boots marched away in another direction with the sound disappearing in silence. A tense moment before the Jaffa leader's voice snapped in Goa'uld to his subordinates and then two sets of marching boots left the group. After a long few minutes the leader yelled at his remaining Jaffa. The small group decided to go to the suspicious location together. As their boots marched away SG-1 relaxed a little. Jack swung his head around the corner to make sure it was clear, and it was.

"What happened?" Sam asked as they move out of hiding.

"Looks like something attracted their attention and spooked them," Daniel explained his mind already translated the language spoken.

"Spooked about what?" Jack asked.

"The soldiers failed to report back," Teal'c informed standing next to him "Also they talked of sightings of a strange being on ship. This has made the Jaffa here uneasy."

"Missed me?" a voice quipped.

They turned to the ghost boy who had reappeared.

"Did you do that?" Jack demanded wanting to know if the strange occurrence had to do with their new tag along.

"What?" Phantom blinked innocently.

Jack gave his best intimidating glare, not in the mood for playing games.

Phantom shrugged, "I saw that they were heading our way and I diverted their attention. I just took advantage that I'm a ghost and made them disappear, just like in the horror movies..."

Teal'c looked very uneasy, Jack frowned, Sam was in disbelief and Daniel raised his eyebrows.

"Well without the whole blood and gore… uh I didn't mean to sound so… erh never mind," the ghost winced unable to retract his comment, "I just trapped them in the wall."

"What? How?" Sam had to ask.

"Well you know how I made the door transparent?" He paused but didn't wait for an answer, "I pulled the aliens through partway and let it become solid again."

They looked at him dumbfounded. This was becoming a habit.

"They're fine, just stuck," Phantom grinned.

He seemed to be enjoying this strange attention he was receiving. It was a lot better than being chase around all the time. Although once they get their weapons it maybe a different story, however these guys seemed different. He had a feeling that they were from Earth… mostly.

"Oh also earlier, when searching for a way out of here, I think I found the weapon storage of this place," Phantom informed them bringing the attention to their situation.

"Great, where is it?" Jack asked all too happy to get his weapons and get the hell out of dodge.

"Down this way," the ghost pointed in the opposite direction and floated that way.

The team quickly composed themselves and followed the strange ghost as they were led down another corridor. Jack hoped the ghost wasn't leading them to a fate like he did to the enemy Jaffa. He suppressed the uneasy feeling in his stomach.

"Here," the ghost stopped before the door turned translucent at his touch.

The door disappeared to reveal that it was indeed the armory. Their equipment and weapons lay in the far corner of the room. Jack hesitated but then stepped inside. This team followed quickly grabbing their stuff. The ghost waited with a yawn as soon all the members left the weapon's vault; he stopped channeling the power and floated away.

"So how do we get off this ship?" the ghost boy asked.

Jack made a final check of his P-90 before looking up at the ghost kid.

"We need to find the transport rings."

"They should be nearby O'Neill," Teal'c informed.

"I figured," Jack muttered.

"Erh why? How do you know?" the boy asked.

"Snakeheads, they have no imagination. They tend to copy each other," Jack explained.

"Including ship layouts," Sam clarified.


Suddenly a loud screeching noise was heard all around them in a rhythmic tone.

"Ok kids, time to go" Jack prompted knowing that someone just found out that they weren't where they were supposed to be.

Teal'c took point this time, as he knew where to go better than the rest of them. Jack followed with Sam and Daniel behind him. They moved in a light jog, hoping to get to their destination before they would run into enemy Jaffa.

A loud buzz whizzed passed them.

"Jaffa Kree!"


The team took cover behind side columns as the Jaffa shot hot amber energy at them. They turned and fired with their own weapons. Phantom became transparent knowing full well that the alien weapons weren't anti-ghost. The sight of amber bolts passing through a seemingly human child, unnerved the enemy alien soldiers. Taking advantage of their hesitation, he fired his own green ecto energy from his hands. Much like a staff weapon blast it burned the Jaffa, knocking them down. The boy couldn't help but cringe.

The area was soon clear but knowing full well that there were more to come they continued on. They round another corner to almost collide with another patrol.

Everything exploded at once.

In an instant the second patrol raised their weapons and fired, already alert to expect intruders. Teal'c instantly shielded O'Neill without a second thought. Jack knew what was going to happen and his brown eyes grew wide with fear. He grabbed Teal'c's shirt hoping to drag the big guy down to avoid any injury.

But it was too late, blasts echoed and exploded, smoke filled the corridor.

Seconds dragged on forever, Teal'c's pained looks subsided seeing the horror stricken expressions of his friends. He grasped the Colonel's shoulders to try and steady himself. Instead of falling down he straightened up and turned, confirming he harbored no injury. Another second passed and their attention was drawn to what Teal'c was looking to and found their answer.

In front of them was a the ghost boy, Phantom, with his gloved hands stretched out, a green flat square was drawn across the space effectively shielding them from the onslaught of Jaffa energy blasts.

The boy dropped the protection as the Jaffa backed up, clearly spooked by the sudden appearance of the boy. They went to fire again out of fear but the boy curled his fists and fired green light from his hands, shooting around them, scaring them rather than hurting them. Surprised they hesitated their attack. Upon seeing their fear he disappeared.

Sam shivered as Daniel realized he could see his breath. The air around them snapped to a sudden chill of a frosty morning, lights flickered, the blaring alarm sounded strange and broken. Suddenly objects went flying, light fixtures, boxes from a nearby storage room and weapons.

With chaos all around the Jaffa broke their formation, shouting in Goa'uld. The commander of the platoon was yelling at his subordinates but none would listen to him, too afraid of what was happening. Some had stayed and some had fled. One soldier started sinking through the floor as it became transparent under him; like quick sand it gobbled him to his torso before it became solid, effectively trapping him. He screamed in Goa'uld begging for help. The remaining Jaffa saw this, eyes full of fear of the unknown and ran.

The commander of the patrol turned to SG-1 seeing that they were watching the events unfolding. He raised his weapon only to be knocked down by Teal'c in a few expert hits with his own staff weapon.

The calamity died down, even the trapped Jaffa ended up in silence, either by fear or passing out. The ghost appeared amongst the debris grinning like a kid in a toy store. He looked around at his handy work.

"I always wanted to do that!" Phantom exclaimed to his companions, "High School Halloween party here I come! Although I might have over done it with the temperature though."

The ghost turned to his new acquaintances that were in shock. He waited until their expressions turned to disbelief. He'd forgotten that not everyone was familiar with ghosts, like those who lived in Amity Park, Ghost Capital of the world. Maybe he was over doing this, but it wasn't everyday he met a bunch of people who didn't want to kill him or wanted to 'glomp' him. And he was in a mother flipping spaceship... in space!

His friends would berate him on his immaturity but he didn't care. This was way too much fun.

"Well this is awkward. We should continue," Phantom seemed to compose his thoughts and before floating down the corridor.

"You heard him kids," Jack commented torn between relief and disbelief.

The team headed towards the ring platforms, through an opened area, thankful there we're no more Jaffa around… for the moment.

Four people could safely fit into the platform. Seeing there was no room for their ghostly guest Jack ordered his team go first then he will come down with Phantom. Begrudging or with acceptance the remainder of the team stepped inside the circle on the floor.

"Remember to keep your arms and legs inside at all times," Jack quipped as he activated the device with a few taps of a keypad on the wall.

Phantom watched in astonishment as four rings rose from the ground, one at a time in quick succession, a bright light enveloped them and they disappeared. Soon the machine powered down and the rings returned to the floor.


"Our turn," Jack motioned the child to enter the ring.

The ghost went inside. Jack punched in the same code and quickly hopped in before the rings rose, teleporting them down to the planet.

After a flash of white light left the ghost's vision he realized he stood with the rest of the humans in a small room that looked similar to the design of the mothership they were just in seconds before.

They left the little ruined temple that housed the Goa'uld rings and headed towards the gate with weapons raised, checking and clearing areas as they went until they hit the outside stone stairs that led to the ruins.

"So I assume we're not on Earth?" the ghost floated behind them easily keeping up with them, not concerned that there may be more enemies present.

"Yeah, we're on a different planet." Daniel answered.

"Supposedly uninhabited," Jack piped in sarcastically.

The boy stopped with realization before he flew back up with Daniel, "Then... wow... then that means the Ghost Zone covers the whole universe!"

"Well there is life on other worlds, so I don't see why there wouldn't be an afterlife here too." Daniel replied.

"I suppose. I never really thought about it," Phantom said thoughtfully.

Leaves crunched underfoot as the group hiked through the sparse woods that surrounded the temple. The team had arrived on the planet days ago, only to be ambushed by a Goa'uld who happened to be in orbit of the planet. It was only meant to be a quick survey of the mineral potential and if the ruins here were anything of interest that the UAV sweep couldn't determine.

"Are you from Earth?" Daniel asked taking advantage of the short reprieve of the situation.

"I was but now I'm dead and the Ghost Zone is what I call home," Phantom lied easily.

Phantom knew this moment was coming. They wanted to know more about him. Despite the power he displayed earlier they still haven't shown him any hostility, just wariness. For once he was appreciative that they hadn't decided to hurt him. He knew they couldn't hurt him with regular weapons but intentions spoke volumes.

He expected the standard military mentality of shoot and then ask questions but this military team seemed to be a little more adjusted to the weird. He wondered at what branch of military these people were, he didn't recognize their uniforms. Then again he was probably dealing with something major and top secret.

"So why the name 'Phantom'?" Daniel asked genuinely curious, "If you were alive then you should have a proper name."

"To protect my identity," the ghost said truthfully, "I have some pretty bad enemies. Let's just say you and I share the same first name."

"You're name is Daniel?" Sam spoke up. She was a few steps ahead of them but she turned to the ghost.

The ghost cringed and corrected, "Danny."

"How old are you Danny," Jack asked he turned slightly from his lead position.

"14," the boy responded and continued with a half truth, "Had an accident and electrocuted myself. Heh, not the best way to go."

Silence fell among the group. Jack swallowed as painful memories seemed to swell up but forced them away. Phantom didn't mean for it to be so serious but it seemed the team took the afterlife a little differently. He didn't want to dwell somewhere that wasn't necessary especially if his own death wasn't really a death.

"How long have you been dead?" Daniel blurted the question almost didn't make it past his lips.

"A year," the ghost replied and decided to try shift the heavy atmosphere, "It was hard to adjust at first but then I got use to it. I found I had these abilities and decided to try and help people."

"How do you help?" the anthropologist continued, his curiosity sparking again.

Phantom smiled, "Other ghosts attack humans sometimes, so I go in and stop them. Unfortunately that means I've made some big enemies but I wouldn't trade my powers for the world."

"Are your powers were the ones you used earlier?"

"Yup… well some of them. I can do some pretty neat stuff. Sorry if I freaked you out earlier, but you did take it well. Every time I use them people run away scared or attack me. It was kinda nice that you guys didn't attack me out of fear."

The ghost child's sincerity carried through to them and silence resumed.

"So… erh where are we going?" the boy asked hoping to change from the subject feeling like the air was heavy again.

"To the Stargate," Sam replied this time.

"The Stargate? What's that?" the white-hair child frowned.

"A large device that creates interstellar worm-holes that allow people to travel across thousands of light years across the galaxy" Sam explained.

"Or the condensed version is it's a giant stone looking ring doohickey that will take us home," Jack explained.

The boy frowned thinking about all the sci-fi stuff he had watched with his friends, then he blinked with realization, "Wow that's awesome! You mean you can go from Earth to any planet that you like?"

"Only if that planet has a Stargate."

"Wow!" the boy seemed excited and floated near the blond Major, "I always wanted to go to space but this is like one step in the awesome direction!"

Sam couldn't help but smile at the boy's excited and awe stricken expression. He reminded her of Cassie when she got excited about something. It was a pure innocent expression of happiness. She felt a pang of pity for the boy who was now a ghost.

They soon reached a clearing and the ghost saw the device in the distance. It was definitely a stone ring. He wondered what it was like to travel and then realised that he will soon find out. He excitedly hovered around acutely aware not to stray too far. He maybe a ghost but he was on an alien planet.

A distant screeching was in the air. They turned to find two black specks in the cloudy grey sky.

"O'Neill," Teal'c prompted.

"Crap! Let's move!"

The team broke into a run as the specks grew in size and the screeching became louder, sounding like an aircraft. Phantom looked up to see two semi-circle disk shape spacecrafts speeding towards them. They were coming in low. The ghost saw that the team was already a ways ahead of him and he quickly caught up as the ships began to rain down hot amber bolts of fire.

Ground exploded around them with smoke and burnt earth trailed in their wake. The team barely missed the large bolts with a few stumbles and luck. The gliders quickly passed the escapees, did a wide turn and came back around to start again. Fear rose in the boy. He shot out far and high above the fleeing group.

Not wanting them to become permanent ghosts he took a large breath.

"Phantom!" he heard someone call but he ignored it.

The gliders flew in close, blasters at the ready to drop their payload.

He screamed.

Vibrations tore through the air echoing across the sky. Scaring off any local wildlife and making anyone in proximity cover their ears. One glider shook, being battered by ulta-sonic waves that were unseen but clearly heard.

The pilot struggled for control but the instruments weren't responding and his glider veered to the right, onto the path of the second. In an instant there was metal screeching crash, then an explosion. The remaining chunk of the aircraft fell to the ground veering away from the team into the nearby woods. A loud crash was heard before a second explosion boomed and a pillar of smoke signaled its location.

Jack stood still completely in awe of what had happened. He knew his team was near him with the same disbelief. This kid…

"Phantom?" Daniel's voice called in concern.

They all turned to find the boy on the ground, on his hands and knees puffing, sweat brimmed on his forehead his green eyes… blue?

The ghost child squeezed his eyes shut trying to slow his breathing. Daniel was already next to him with a hand on his shoulder. The rest stood around concerned, bewildered and unsure how to treat a ghost.

"Sorry," the boy gasped after a while of heavy panting, "Strongest attack… I… have… takes a lot... out of me."

"For crying out loud, why are you sorry? You just saved us, again might I add," Jack groused feeling like Danny had a little more in common to Daniel other than their namesakes.

The boy gave a wry smile, "I… suppose… sorrier… for myself."

White light appeared around the boy's waist, almost looking like a glowing ring. The child panicked.

"No, no, no, no, not here! Not now!"

Daniel moved back unsure what was going to happen with the strange event.

"Phantom?" Jack called clearly concerned about the kid. The boy didn't respond, kept his eyes shut in concentration.

"Danny," Jack used his name.

The boy opened his neon green eyes in response and slowly the ring disappeared. The boy gave a huge sigh of relief and decided to roll over onto his back and lay down for a while.

"What happened?" Jack demanded.

"I have to go home," Phantom replied his voice low, "I can't stay in this state for much longer."

"What state?"

"My ghost form. I have to go back to the Ghost Zone… or afterlife whatever you call it."

"Why?" Daniel asked.

"I start to destabilize" Phantom winced, not at his statement but telling these people he had come to know another half truth

It was true, he had to get home. He had to change back soon or his body will eventually do it for him.

"Well no time like the present," Jack quipped seeing the gravity of the situation.

The ghost nodded sitting up before standing slowly to avoid any unnecessary dizzy spells. Teal'c moved in to lend the boy a helping hand as they moved towards the gate.

As they neared it Phantom could finally appreciate the full size and detail of the ring before him. It was easily five stories with chevrons circling it on the outside. On an inner ring, strange symbols covered it being a stargazer hobbyist the ghost somewhat recognized the symbols as constellations. He saw small stone steps leading up to it and noticed how it was embedded into the rock to keep it up right.

Sam instantly headed towards the DHD and pressed in the Earth address. Phantom saw the symbols lit up in sequence on the panel. In response the gate whirred into life, the inner ring moved to the first symbol and the first chevron on the left slid and out before lighting up. The inner ring moved again and the second chevron activated the same way.

He watched in awe as the device locked in all seven symbols before blue energy emerged shooting from the middle of the circle like an underwater jet. As quickly as it shot out, it collapsed back onto itself, leaving a shimmering liquid surface.


Completely transfixed onto the alien device he didn't notice the smug looks of glee that appeared on the three human faces and one stoic Jaffa.

"Let's go home," Jack announced as he keyed in the code on the GDO.

After a few minutes they reached up into the event horizon, the ghost boy completely transfixed on the shimmering blue surface.

"See you on the other side," Jack commented before stepping through.

Sam followed with Daniel and Teal'c guiding their guest.

"So past this water is Earth?" the boy spoke for the first time since the gate was activated.

"It's technically not water, but yeah. One step through and we're home," Daniel explained.

The boy pulled away from Teal'c's supporting grip and touched the surface. He didn't feel a thing. With an involuntary breath he stepped through only to find himself being catapulted through a rollercoaster type journey. After a tense few seconds he ended up on the other side almost hitting a metal ramp. He caught himself with his powers of levitation and floated to compensate for the lack of grace. He eventually stood on solid metal ground.

With a muted slurp noise he saw Daniel and Teal'c step in behind him. He looked ahead and found he was in some sort of barricaded room. He instantly knew this was a military installation. With a roaring deactivation the Stargate became dormant.

"Welcome back SG-1," a voice over the intercom came.

Phantom looked up to see a few people behind a glass window. A man dressed in a blue uniform, stood over a small microphone. Beside him were a few staff looking like they maintain a large computer. Probably all these computers were here to make this Stargate work.

"Who is this?"

"His name is Danny sir," Jack answered, "He helped us stage a jailbreak on a Goa'uld mothership."

Phantom was startled by the use of his given name.

"Very well. Go to the infirmary and we'll debrief after. Dismissed"

Jack nodded. Phantom watched as the team he was with headed down the ramp and veered off into their left handing in their weapons. He had the sudden urge to disappear and find out where he was and go home. At least he was on the right planet now; he had hoped he was in the right country.

After a moment of internal debate, Phantom decided to stick around for a little while until he had more information and to be honest he had come to trust the team SG-1. In a way he wanted to be friends with them.

With the ever present threat of the GIW on his mind, he knew he was taking risk but be hoped that he could disappear before the GIW showed up. With that the ghost followed SG-1, making sure he didn't use any of his ghost abilities. He didn't want to unnecessarily spook anyone, even if his unearthly aura earned wary looks.

He hoped his trust wouldn't be betrayed by another government body.

To be continued...

Originally this was meant to be a one-shot but now its a multi chapter...

I just wanted to see how SG-1 would be with Amity Park's ghost hero.

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