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As Bo stormed back into the clubhouse, "I can not believe that Saska is really my mother. And that Dyson and Trick both knew about it." The succubus vented to her friend. "And the fact that she thralled Dyson into sleeping with her, that is just beyond wrong."

"So what are you going to do, I mean she is your mom?" Kenzi asked her friend.

"I don't know I have to stop her from starting a war with the fae though." Bo stated not understanding why her mother would want to start a war that would kill so many. "All I know is that I have to try and get her to see reason, before this gets out of hand."

Kenzi was just about to reply, when Bo's phone buzzed letting her know of an incoming call. She looked at the number but did not recognize it, as she answered. "Hello?"

"Hey Bo, its Matt," Bo recognizing the name and voice of the guard that she owed a beer to for getting her Lauren's new number.

"Hey Matt, can I call you back? I am in the middle of something at the moment." Bo answered not wanting to be rude but she was really needing to come up with a plan for her mother.

"No, that is okay. I was just calling to let you know that the Ash came back last nite and that Doctor Lewis came also. The Ash decided to cut his business short and came back early. I know you were looking for Doctor Lewis yesterday so thought I would give you a heads up."

"Oh, thanks Matt, now I owe you a few beers. What time did they arrive last night?" Bo asked thinking that she would go see Lauren first and then confront her mother.

"Around four thirty this morning, and from what I hear it was a very turbulent ride back. The Ash was all grumpy about him and passengers not being able to sleep much if at all on the plane."

Thinking there was no way she was going to wake Lauren up if she had gotten so little sleep, she decided to she would wait until later to talk to her. "Thanks again Matt."

"Not a problem, stay out of trouble," Matt stated knowing the succubus's tendency to find trouble. He enjoyed the succubus's visit, mainly because he liked that she had stayed unaligned and followed her own path.

Bo hung up the phone and was trying to think of something that would help when her phoned buzzed again. "Dyson, what do you want?" Still mad at the shifter for keeping her mother's whereabouts secret.

"Bo, we have a body down here and I think we may need your help on this one. It is kinda sensitve and we could use your help with this particular case." the shifter stated, wanting to get back on Bo's good side. He felt bad that he had kept her mother's secret from her, but he had given his oath.

"Sure, but its going to cost you." Bo replied, "we are going to sit down and you are going to tell me exactly everything you know about my mother."

"Deal, just hurry please." As Dyson gave her the address of where him and Hale were at. After hanging up the phone he turned to his partner. "They are coming to help, I hope this one is really just a random murder and not something worse."

"Yeah like that just didn't jinx us man," the Siren replied as he gathered evidence of the crime scene for the reports and took pictures of everything. "So you and Bo's mom? Man that is just going to be awkward you know that right?"

"Leave it Hale," Dyson growled, not wanting to get into this, especially as he saw Bo's car turning the corner. Shortly the car came to a stop and Bo and Kenzi both got out of the car and headed their way, standing up to greet them.

"So what do you have?" Bo asked not wanting to exchange pleasantries at the moment. "Looks like someone got killed to me."

"Yes, but this just happens to be a Light fae elder. And we need to know if it was a random killing or if someone targeted him." Hale answered her question.

"So why do you need me, looks like you guys got it covered?" Bo asked not really sure what she could for them, she was not a crime scene investigator.

"We would like for you to ask some of your dark fae contacts, see if it was a hit from them. Or if they know anything about it. Otherwise this may escalute into a war between the light and dark." Dyson answered, hoping that this was just a random mugging gone bad and that this was just a bad concidence.

"Sure I will look into it." Bo replied, hoping that it was just a random mugging and not her mother's work in starting this war. As she turned to leave indicating to Kenzi that they were leaving. She watched as the light fae security detail came and took the body away, probally to the Ash's compound and straight to Lauren's lab. This brought a smile to Bo's face since now she would have a reason to visit the good doctor, since she was on the case it would seem.

After dropping Kenzi off at the Dal, not wanting to take her to the Dark Fae contacts she had Bo decided to make a quick trip to the Ash's compound. As she pulled up she could see Matt at the guard station, as he noticed her he waved her on through the gates. Bo drove up to the visitors area and proceeded to the labs, as she turned into the doors she got her first look at Lauren. The doctor's aura blazed has it always did to Bo, and the succubus was always mesmerized by it. Walking up behind the doctor she noticed that Lauren was studying the elder that was on the table the intensity on her face always turned Bo on. Not really wanting to talk the "talk" here in the Ash's compound, Bo decided to ask the first thing that came to mind about the case.

"So was he killed by a succubus?" Bo could have slapped herself at that, she really did not want to go down this road yet about her mother.

"Bo? When did you get here, I was going to call you later to let you know I was in." Lauren answered a little startled by the sudden appearance of the succubus. She was still tired, the Ash had called her in this morning after only getting a couple of hours of sleep since they had arrived. The body of a dead elder pretty much taken presidence over sleep to all those concerned. "And these are just knife wounds and stabs, here take a look," as she pulled the sheet away from the body. "Why would you think it was a succubus? Do you know who did this?"

"No, no. I just ran into Saska again and I just wanted to make sure she was not involved. Please don't tell the Ash, I am looking into who actually did this." Bo pleaded with the doctor, not wanting to give her mother away.

"Okay, but Bo if she did this the Ash will find out and retaliate this is a elder that was attacked." Lauren stated not sure what do between her loyalty to the light fae and her love for the succubus. She really was too tired to trust her judgements. "I won't say anything."

"Thank you, Lauren. I owe you big time, I am glad your back. I wish I could stay longer but I need to go look into this case. Dyson and Hale asked me to look into my dark fae contacts and see if this was sanctioned or if this was just a mugging gone bad." Bo answered.

"Alright, be careful Bo. There could be trouble if this was an attack, and I really don't want to see you hurt or even killed." Lauren blurted out, she really was tired and couldn't control the concern she had.

Bo noticed that the doctor sounded tired. Getting a good look at her, she noticed the exhaustion in her eyes and the bags under them indicating that she had not slept. "When was the last time you slept?" Looking closely, she noticed that Lauren's shoulders were slumped a little and that when she moved their was a slight shuffle to her feet as if it took effort to even move.

"I slept for a few hours this morning, but other than that the night before I saw you last." Not really wanting to bring up the conversation at the Dal, she was not alert enough for that talk. "But don't worry about me, I have gone longer before. I had an energy bar and coffee so I am good." Not really lying to the succubus, but not really saying that if needed she had and adrenaline shot waiting if needed.

"Well maybe I can help you out," Bo stated as she grabbed the doctor's hand and pulled her closer. As she touched her lips to the blonde's own, she sent some of her chi into Lauren. Not enough to enthrall her, but enough to help give the doctor's body some much needed energy.

Feeling as if she could run a marathon all of sudden, Lauren looked at Bo with a smile she reserved for the succubus alone. "Wow, what did you just do?"

"I gave you a little of my chi. It won't help long term, but maybe it will help get you through until you can get some rest." Bo answered, brushing a lock of the doctor's hair behind her ear. Bo knew she had better leave now, otherwise she would not be able to keep her hands off the doctor. "I better get out of here. Let me know if you find out anything, and I will talk to you later."

Lauren watched the succubus head out the door of her labs, she quickly turned back to the elder's body as her assistants came in the door. Yes she was feeling great about seeing Bo, and not just because of the chi the succubus had given her. Maybe she could salvage whatever she and Bo had. And as she thought of Bo, she vaguely remembered something in one of the texts she had read about fighting succubus...a ring or necklace, she would have to look into when she got a chance. But first duty called and that was the autoposy she had to perform now.


Later, after Bo had talked to her contacts in the Dark Fae community she called Dyson to let him know it was not the Dark Fae that did it. This left only two possible conclusions, one it was a random mugging gone wrong or two, Aife had struck at the elder hoping to frame the dark and starting a war between the fae. Bo pulled up to the clubhouse to change into something different when she realized that someone was already inside. Coming face to face with her mother who offered her a cookie.

"What is going on?" Bo asked her mom.

"Can't a mom, try and make up for all the cookies I missed baking for you?" As Aife offered Bo a cookie from the pan she had. Watching as Bo took one and took a bite from it. "I just want what is best for you sweetie."

Starting to feel drowsy, Bo realized she had just been drugged. And she started to move toward her mother when two men that were hidden away came forward and grabbed her arms at darkness came upon her.

"I guess I won't be winning any mother of the year awards anytime soon." Aife stated to herself and the unconscious succubus.


Meanwhile back at the Dal, Kenzi was sitting at the bar talking to Trick and Gaia. And for once was actually not drinking anything as she listened to the stories that Gaia had from all her travels.

"Wow, you have been all over the place, that is so cool." Kenzi stated, the excitement in her voice was infectious and brought a smile to Trick. Glad to see the human having so much fun. "So what was your favorite place then?

"Oh sweetie, I could not say what my favorite place was. When you have lived as long as me the places you go change so often, places you think of as being your favorite one century could literally be a hell hole the next century. No I prefer seeing new places and people, that is my favorite part of it all."

"I could see where that be cool also. Although it must be hard to see people then come back to find out they have died."

"Kenzi!" Tricked faltered not wanting the human to upset the Ancient fae.

"No, no It is very understandable and yes it is hard to lose good friends. Some more than others, why I remember my good friend Edwick. He was my companion on many of my travels for over two thousand years, him I miss very much." Gaia replied thinking of the friend that had taken her daughter to safety, mourning his lost perhaps more than anyone else she had known. "Why that man could tell a story like no ones business, and always knew just what to say and when to say it. Never took crap off anyone and that includes me or my sisters. He was a good friend and I miss him alot."

"What happened to him?" Kenzi asked not knowing the entire story.

"Honestly I don't know, little one. Maybe one day I will find out." Gaia stated a sadness in her voice that none but the very perceptive human detected. "But that was then and this is now, so tell me childe what brought you into the world of the fae?"

"Oh, that is a story for the ages." Kenzi stated overly dramatic, she liked the Ancient Fae and hoped that she could cheer her up a little. As she started to tell the story of how she met Bo and then got sucked into the Fae world.


At the Ash's compound, one of the security forces knocked on the Ash's office. Sir i think we have a lead on who's responsible for the attacks. A succubus named Aife it would seem.

"Are you sure it is Aife?" the Ash asked wanting to make sure he heard correct. "Yes, one of our men spotted her last night going into a club owned by the Dark Fae. She never came out so he did not report it until now. He did not want to leave in case."

"Thank you, that will be all." the Ash dismissed the guard. As he picked up the phone to call someone that might know more. "Well barkeep, when were you going to tell me that Aife was back in town? Please come to my compound now, I think we need to talk." He waited long enough for the barkeep to accept and then hung up the phone. He needed to call the council together and figure out a plan of attack, if this was Aife.