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Chapter 7 Part 1

23th of Evening Star, The Pale – 7:40 pm

"Snow, snow, oh, more snow… why am I not surprised?"

After hearing this, a tall muscular man who wore a heavy iron chest plate laughed soundly at his friend´s obvious discomfort. The wind played with the falling snowflakes as three travelers hurried to find shelter in order to avoid the approaching snowstorm.

"Cheer up, woman. Soon we´ll be enjoying a tankard full of warm mead and then sleep on warm and comfy beds." The tall man said before taking off the horned helmet he wore on his head revealing his shoulder-length blonde hair and strong face.

The woman scoffed as she tried to warm herself. "Typical Nord, you only think in drinking, fighting and women… how simple minded you are," Her golden eyes glared at him from under her leather hood. "As soon as we enter the Inn you will grab the nearest wench in the place and forget about us." Her words were almost venomous as she lowered her head once more.

"Is that jealousy I hear in your voice, little elf?" The Nord´s blue eyes had a mischievous glint and immediately he dodged the dagger that was thrown in his direction. "So you are indeed jealous, that makes me feel special." He continued his teasing and immediately raised his left arm in order to block his friend´s quick blow with the shield he carried.

The third traveler, who was busy reading until a moment ago, chuckled before stopping. "You can kill him later, Nadira. The Inn is close and my feet are sore," Unlike his traveling companions, the third traveler wore a dark cloak over his clothes and his face was hidden by the hood of the cloak. Also he was the shortest of the group. "I need to deliver the book first; you know that the old Orc gets very cranky when he doesn't get his precious books on time."

The Nord laughed once more as he stopped next to him. "That Orsimer sure knows how to annoy people and for that I thank the gods for not being part of your college."

The elven woman, Nadira, scoffed once more. "With your simple and unnaturally small brain is not surprising," Her dark lips curled into a mocking and bitter smile as the Nord man glared at her. "All your brain can process is how to swing a blade… and barely must I say."

"Says the archer without a bow."

Their friend chuckled. "Now it´s not the time for fighting, children," Sadly his words were ignored and his friends continued with their fighting. Sighing he removed the hood from his head revealing his dark hair and green emerald eyes. "You know, one might think that there is no sexual tension between the two of you." Their companions comment caused them to jump away from each other while he laughed.

"Not funny, Adrian…"

Nadira narrowed her eyes. "You are too young to talk about that…, you are lucky that we are friends, boy." Sometimes she wondered why she was friends with these two.

The thirteen year old boy simply grinned at her. "It´s part of my charm," She snorted a walked away from them while the two males laughed at her obvious frustration. "I´m telling you, Talion, one of these days she is going to kick you where the sun doesn´t shine if I´m not around to save your sorry, and pale, Nord ass." With that the two of them walked calmly a few steps away from the furious elf.

The blonde Nord laughed once more while wrapping his arm around Adrian´s neck. "You have guts, my friend. I´m sure that not even my fellow Shield-Brothers have the courage to even look at our little elf. Why don´t you just leave the College and join me and my Shield-Brothers? We could use someone like you."

Adrian chuckled at his friends offer while unwrapping Talion´s arm from around his neck. "Thanks for the offer but no. You know that I´m a bookworm and besides you know that killing isn´t my style, I…" He tried to follow his father´s teachings all the time.

"You can extort, traumatize and even cripple your foes but killing is not your favorite option…I know friend, don´t worry," Talion interrupted him. "Still, I think that you are worthy of becoming a Companion and if you ever change your mind just look for me in Jorrvaskr." With that the Nord put on his horned helmet.

Adrian let out a snort like laugh. "Sure…, if I ever want to become a big smelly dog I´ll look for you…" Quickly he dodged Talion´s punch and ran away while laughing.

With that the three travelers continued their way up and down the road with Nadira leading them knowing that the elven woman hated traveling at night, especially when they were in this particular area thanks to her past experiences with the Frost Trolls.

The snowstorm started when they were just a few steps away from the Inn and the falling snow clouded their sight, thankfully they still could see lights coming from the Inn. The three travelers sped up and quickly turned right and climbed up the almost invisible path that led them around the Inn and ran up the wooden stairs. Once they stood under the Inn´s roof they brushed off the snow on their clothes.

Talion opened the door for his friends and Adrian let Nadira go inside first and once the three of them were inside the Nord shut the wooden door close and then the sighed relieved.

"Welcome…, Adrian! Good to see you and your friends again, my boy," They were greeted by tall blonde woman who carried a tray with tankards and the three travelers were slightly surprised to see that the Inn was more crowded than usual. The blonde Nord woman´s hair was messy and her face showed how tired she was. "By Talos you are all freezing! Go and sit by the fire, if you can find a place to sit, while I´ll bring you some warm mead and food." With that she disappeared in the crowd leaving them no time to say anything.

They all three sat on a corner of the Inn next to some barrels and a pile of Firewood leaving their bags and equipment next to them. Adrian took off his dark cloak revealing his mustard-yellow robes and brown hood and he placed his dark cloak on the floor for him to sit on.

"Looks like we are sleeping on the floor …again, we´ll have to take turns to sleep I´m afraid, there are some people here with sneaky hands." Adrian said casually as he crossed his legs and stretched his arms. Talion being the Nord he is simply laid down on the floor after placing some furs for him to sleep on.

Nadira, who sat next to Adrian, snorted. "I'll take the first turn and the Nord can take the last, I don´t want sleep hearing his snores."

"You love my company little elf, don´t try to deny it," Talion said crossing his arm behind his head. "If the storm calms down I say we try to get to Windhelm instead of sleeping here, I hate to say it but this place is perfect for an ambush." He yawned and Adrian nodded.

"I know and I also know that you guys already noticed that we have some company."

Nadira and Talion nodded at his words and remained still. The elven woman fixed her eyes on one of the tables on the right side of the inn. Even though the place was crowded she could feel the constant looks from the people on that table and judging by their armors they were all mercenaries.

"There are six of them, what do you think they want from us?" She asked Adrian who once again was lost in one of his books.

He changed the page before answering her. "There are two possible options, one: they were sent by those Necromancers to retrieve their precious book or two: they want me, a Mage, to turn all their possessions into gold just like the last group we came across in the Reach," He then closed his book. "They´ll probably wait for us to fall asleep before making a move, also they can wait for us to leave and follow us." He then continued with his reading while mumbling something about turning wood into gold.

"Either way we will have to fight them, I say we take this outside when the storm is over." Adrian and Nadira agreed with Talion and a few seconds later Hilda, the owner of the Inn, appeared once again carrying plates of food and drinks.

After thanking Hilda they ate their food in silence and like the rest they waited for the storm to be over. As promised Nadira took the first turn and looked after her friends and their belongings, her eyes watching every move of the mercenaries. However her thoughts were interrupted by Talion´s snores as the Nord turned around in his sleep while Adrian simply sat next to her with his eyes closed.

Three of the mercenaries remained on the table while the other three retired to sleep in the biggest room of the Inn. Hilda gave some furs and pillows to those who were sleeping on the Inn´s floor before heading down to the Inn´s cellar to check on her children. There was a complete silence with the exception of the snores and grunts of some travelers. The three mercenaries who were supposed to watch them had fallen asleep almost an hour ago but still Nadira kept her hand close to the dagger hidden in her boot.

"Don´t worry about them…," Nadira jumped slightly at the sound of Adrian´s voice. Looking to her side she found him with his eyes closed and his arms crossed looking very calm. "Ignore them and rest, we have a lot of things to do in the morning." She stared at him a bit longer, clearly not satisfied with his answer, but for some reason he ignored her.

"Let him be, woman," Talion, who´s back was facing the mercenaries, said while looking at her. "He knows what he is doing and you of all people should know that by now. Our friend might be young but he has proved himself countless times before." The Nord almost whispered his words to her. She scoffed and said nothing to him.

She sighed with despair but followed her friend's advice. Once she fell asleep Adrian opened his eyes and stared at his friends to make sure they were sleeping, he then focused his gaze on the sleeping mercenaries. Making no sound he got on his feet and moved towards the mercenaries taking note that they were all Orcs, frowning he moved towards the door and with a wave of his hand the door opened slowly.

The room was dark as he entered closing the door behind him and moved towards the bed carefully avoiding the two sleeping man on the floor. Adrian almost laughed at the snoring guards as he approached the old Orc that was sleeping on the bed.

Narrowing his eyes he approached him carefully and stopped only a step away from the bed, wasting no time he raised his hand and a small glowing green orb appeared on his palm. Suddenly the Orc tried to reach for his sword but his body froze as soon as Adrian touched his shoulder.

"Now my friend, there is no need to rush," Adrian invited himself into the Orcs mind as he sat on the bed next to the paralyzed Orsimer. "Why don´t we have a little talk? I know that you and your band are not here because of the delightful weather. Why were you waiting for us? There is no way that you were sent by those Necromancers because they are not themselves anymore," When he realized that they were not going to change their ways he adjusted their minds a little bit. "And I am sure that an old Orsimer like you is not stupid enough to believe that I can turn the wood into gold so, why are you here?"

Even though he was paralyzed Adrian could feel the Orcs glare as this one kept his mind silent. Chuckling Adrian snapped his fingers and a dome appeared around the bed leaving the two sleeping mercenaries out.

"Well, it is a shame that you refused to speak my friend because now, as one of my mentors says, I´m going to make you sing." With that pale pink flames covered his hand as a wicked grin appeared on his face.


Winterhold, 8:30 pm

"Get to the college! You there, help the women and children to get there safely!"


The usually tranquil city of Winterhold burned as its citizens ran for their lives towards the only safe place for them, the College of Winterhold. Gone are the days when the mages refrained from getting involved in the affairs of the city, gone is the fear and anger against the College, asides from a few stubborn fools, thanks to The Great Collapse.

It took time but eventually the College regained the trust of Winterhold´s citizens and now they need the mages help more than ever.

When the snowstorm stopped abruptly it didn't go unnoticed, the guards who were enjoying a tankard full of warm mead outside the Frozen Heart immediately tensed at the sudden change, especially when a mysterious mist began to flood the roads and alleys of the city. Within seconds every guard in the city stood in the main road with their swords and shields ready for any attack.

And when the first's screams of agony were heard… the chaos began.

Now every man, woman and child ran for their lives as many of one of the most feared creatures of all times slaughtered everyone in their path…


Fast and deadly…the legendary creatures of the night moved through all the city killing innocents for fun and occasionally grabbing a few poor souls to feed on their blood. They set the houses on fire to forcing the people of Winterhold to run away from the safety of their homes.

Even knowing they were no match for them the city guards fought them trying to save as many lives as they could… sadly their efforts were in bane.


A young woman shouted as she shielded her young siblings behind her and watched horrified as two vampires feasted on the blood of their parents. Her little brother and sister were crying terrified of the sight before them, desperate to get away she looked to her right towards the alley exit just ahead. She moved quietly and slowly while pushing her siblings behind her, suddenly one of the vampires turned his head towards them causing her to freeze momentarily earning a grin from the vampire.

"Divines… please have mercy…" With that she pushed her siblings towards the alley´s exit before grabbing the sword of her father. "Go! Get to the College!" Her siblings ran as fast as they could towards the College and when she saw them climb up the stoned bridge she turned towards the two vampires who now were moving towards her.

Just as they were going to jump on her a bright ball of light appeared in their way making them scream in pain as they covered their eyes, she jumped back when fire covered their bodies and turned around to find two tall figures standing behind her.

"It appears we underestimate the situation, brother." One of hooded Mages said before throwing a ball of fire to a vampire who tried to jump on them.

The second hooded Mage, who first pulled back his arm throwing an Ice spear to another vampire, looked at his sister before looking around. "Indeed sister of mine. What I want to know is how they got into the city."

"And where the rest of our colleagues are."

While they tried to unveil the mysteries, the Nord woman dropped the sword and shakily moved past them whispering a low "thank you" before running towards the College.

The siblings observed as she ran across the bridge before turning their attention back to the city. Something was definitely not right.

Wasting no time they both arms towards the sky and together the casted a big sphere of light right above the city and all the vampires in the streets screamed in agony as their bodies shook violently and some began to burn. Several managed to take cover inside the houses and as soon as the sphere was gone they tried to run away.

Tried being the key word…

Before they could set a foot outside the city a wall of ice blocked their escape route and soon after a circle of fire caged them all together.

With no hurry the siblings approached the burning circle while ignoring the dying screams of the vampires. The fire disappeared as fast as it appeared leaving behind several burned corpses than soon turned into dust. With no surprise the siblings turned to look at the person who stood behind them.

"Summoner, you are here," They greeted Adrian as one. "Where are your companions?"

He spared them a look before turning around fixing his eyes on the destroyed city. His silence was making the twins slightly anxious besides the fact that he didn't hesitated in killing the vampires…, something so unlike him. A sudden wave of magic alerted the twins as they moved to stand side by side with Adrian and soon after a group of people appeared before them.

It was a large group of heavily armored people who immediately jumped into action by spreading through the city with crossbows and torches looking for any remaining vampires. The Dawnguard had arrived.

One of the tallest figures among the group chuckled as he approached the carbonized corpses of the vampires. "I hope you left something for us, son." He then approached Adrian and the twins.

"Trusts me, Idris…, there's more to be taken care of." With that he marched towards the College with the twins following him closely.

The Redguard man narrowed his eyes at Adrian´s cold voice but before he could say something screams coming from the college were heard and immediately the Mages and the Dawnguard were running across the stoned Winterhold Bridge.

Only to be welcomed by a horrific sight.

Somehow the vampires had managed to get inside the college´s grounds and were now feeding on the blood of the fallen Mages and civilians all over the entrance. Without any word or warning Adrian took immediate action.

With a wave of his arm several fire daggers flew towards two vampires that tried to jump on him from his right while and at the same time casted a fire rune right under another one who was trying to break the Hall of Countenance doors.

Not wanting to stay behind the twins headed towards the Hall of Attainment on the right side and the Dawnguard flanked Adrian while taking care of the vampires on the main courtyard. With a smile on his face Idris saw how one of his special bolts got a vampire right on his forehead before exploding.

"Why don´t you two ladies join us…" Adrian mumbled to himself before summoning not one but two Flame Atronach who danced around him before moving into action. The twins casted Stendarr´s Aura cloaking themselves to prevent any surprise attack and immediately aimed both arms towards the sky right above the main courtyard casting bright sphere of light that burned the remaining vampires.

Silence filled the main courtyard as the vampires burned to ashes and one by one the Dawnguard examined the fallen Mages and civilians making sure they remain dead. Adrian´s summons followed him as he approached the College´s main entrance. Idris commanded some of his man to inspect the towers to look for survivors or more vampires.

"Ansfrid…" Adrian called the male twin who immediately stepped forward. "I want you and Ansfrida to go to the Midden and help Talion and Nadira… they are entertaining our last unwelcomed guests."

Without asking they moved towards the trapdoor at the same time Idris signed his men to follow them into the dungeon.

"You seem to know a lot about their presence here, son." The Redguard man narrowed his eyes at Adrian who scoffed softly.

He nodded at his summons who twirled around before disappearing into a purple vortex. "I swear you are more paranoid that my father… and that is almost impossible." He mumbled before raising his hand, focusing magic on it, and touching the big wooden doors. A glow appeared on them before disappearing and immediately the doors opened slowly.

They found burned vampires outside the Hall of the Elements along with the bodies of more fallen Mages, the Hall´s gates were sealed with magic preventing the vampires from entering. Silently, Adrian sighed in relief when he saw that several young apprentices along with the surviving adult Mages were inside the Hall ready to attack but relaxed when they saw him and the Dawnguard.

Some of the young apprentices, mostly children, burst into tears when they saw him and the Dawnguard in a sign of happiness. The senior Mages lowered their arms and some let themselves fall to the ground completely drained and tired.

"For a moment I was sure we were going to meet Julianos…, I thank the Divines you arrived in time," The Mages inside the Hall moved aside as an elderly Mage made her way towards the gates. She wore a set of purple robes with the symbol of a tree on her back. "They took the Arch-Mage somewhere… I don´t know if he is alive."

Adrian eyed at the obviously tired Mage before bowing his head in respect. "Master Wizard Miriam… I apologize for arriving late."

The woman scoffed before waving her hand causing the gates to fly open. "Nonsense child, unless you are a seer there was no way you could possibly know about what happened here," She made her way out of the Hall but suddenly she loosed her step and Adrian reached to grab her. "Thank you child, this old sack of bones is feeling very tired." She chuckled to herself.

Slowly he helped her to get outside and watched as her eyes saddened at the sight of their fallen comrades.

"So young and promising…, a real shame indeed." She nodded at some apprentices and soon they began to collect the bodies of the Mages and civilians. Soon the members of the Dawnguard who were searching the towers returned bringing wounded civilians with the help of some Mages. A young Mage almost loose her step as a senior Mage shoved her way towards Adrian´s group.


The woman did not wasted any time as she tried to attack Adrian but was stopped by Idris.

The elderly Master Wizard narrowed her eyes at the furious woman. "Get yourself in control Adept Illusionist Hulda, now is not the time to behave like a child." She nodded at the newly arrived Mages who helped the civilians into the Hall of the Elements.

"A child…?! I just saw how my friends were slaughtered by those monsters and you are calling me a child?!" She tried to pass Idris but the Redguard man stood firmly. "I have every right to know no… WE all have the right to know where your precious prodigy was when all of this happened. Why wasn´t he and his little friends here to defend the College like the rest of us!"

Adrian narrowed his eyes as some Mages nodded and whispered among them as they agreed with the enraged woman.

"I´ll tell you where he was you foolish banshee…!" A loud voice coming from inside the Hall got their attention as they saw how an old Orc marched towards them covered in blood with an axe on his hand and holding a severed head on the other one.

Adrian chuckled as the old Orc threw the head to one of the apprentices who screamed before dropping it. "And here I was hoping that you were causing trouble in Sovngarde and fighting some Nord heroes."

"Why would I go to that place? Crowded with idiotic Nords…" The Orsimer threw his axe at the wooden door and began to clean to blood on his hands. "Now, stop fooling around and give me my book."

Scoffing Adrian snapped his fingers and said book appeared right before the Orc. "Burgak gro-Magol…the only Orc in Tamriel who cares more about books than his own life." The Orsimer showed him a rude gesture causing Adrian to laugh.

"A book..? You let your comrades die because of a book?!" Hulda shouted in anger as some Mages winced at her voice. "I knew that trusting an outsider was a terrible idea, I am sure you help the monsters because you want to destroy the College! Olaf was right about you!" She tried to attach Adrian once again but was stopped by the members of the Dawnguard who were aiming their crossbows at her.

Adrian narrowed his eyes at her but before anyone could say a word a scream coming from the trap door caught their attention. Seconds later something, or rather a bruised and agonizing Mage was thrown though the trap door landing on a pile of snow and said Mage had his hands and feet tied.

"Olaf…!" Hulda ran pass the Dawnguard as she tried to reach the bruised Mage only to be stopped by something that landed right in between them. She screamed in fear as a large creature bared its fangs at her right before howling causing the Mages to panic.

Adrian, on the other hand, simply rolled his eyes and sighed at the large Werewolf.

"Oh for Azura´s sake stop that you walking flee-bag!" Adrian chuckled at his elven friends words as Nadia and the twins came out the trap door. She threw a bag at the large beast and he caught it with his clawed hands. "Put some clothes on before you blind us all!"

The Werewolf, Talion, growled at the Bosmer woman before making his way inside the Hall to shift back.

Once again, Hulda tried to reach Olaf only to be stopped by the twins.

"If adding the traitor is what you want…" Ansfrid voice was cold as he moved closer to Hulda.

"…then death shall you get" His sister finished the sentence as she moved to stand next to her brother and fire covered her hands ready to attack.

Behind them, two Dawnguard members were helping a bruised Arch-Mage to climb up the trap door and in a flash Adrian was there helping them. With a look towards the elderly Master Wizard she commanded two of her best healers to aid him as the three of them moved him towards the Hall of the Elements.

"If you are done we could use your help here" Adrian´s word were directed to a fully dressed Talion who shortly after walked out the Hall and took the Arch-Mage in his arms in order to carry him to his room guided by the healers.

"What are you doing?!" Once again Hulda caught the attention of everyone present when she saw how the two guards violently grabbed Olaf and pulled him to his feet only to cuff his hands behind his back and place a metallic collar on his neck and aid collar glowed for a second before runic marks appeared all around it. "Take it off of him! Can´t you see he is injured?!" The twins stopped her by grabbing her arms and Idris and Adrian approached the cuffed Mage.

Roughly, Idris grabbed the Mage by his hair and pulled his head back to take a look of his eyes. "Mmm…, the slight red color and the bags under his eyes are obvious signs but I want to know when and how he became a Vampire´s pet?"

His question brought fear among the Mages as they began to whisper among themselves.

"Lies…! Olaf will never do something like that! You are the one who brought this pain to the college! You should be ki…!" Her screeching was interrupted when the elderly Alterator slapped her; the twins released the screaming, and now silent, woman who stepped back with her hands holding her sore face.

"Can´t you see the truth before you child? My Precious Prodigy saved us all from a painful death while you're precious Olaf destroyed the lives of many in seconds." With that the elder Master Wizard turned her back towards the young Illusionist.

Everyone present remained silent as the elder Mage stopped before the statue of Julianos in the middle of the courtyard.

"Given to the severity of his injuries our Arch-Mage is in no condition of commanding right now, as the active Master Wizard of this College I will take control of all activities until he is fully recovered," Every Mage present moved to stand tall in a straight line before her. " Novice and Apprentices will remain here adding the injured while all senior Mages will form squads with the Dawnguard to make sure that this city is completely out of danger… you will search every inch of Winterhold until all those parasites are completely gone"

Following her command all the children and young-adult Mages headed toward the Hall while the rest of them along with some members of the Dawnguard marched towards the city.

"Pardon the interruption," Idris stepped forward as two of his guards stood behind him with Olaf. "What should we do with him? I doubt you want him here:"

Miriam looked at her now former student before looking at Adrian who stood beside Nadira. "What should we do with him child? His fate rests in our hands after all…" Her words brought Adrian into deep thoughts. Discreetly, he looked over his shoulder and set his eyes on Hulda who was leaning against one of the stone columns while two female ages were trying to comfort her.

"If you pull some Friendship power crap right now I swear to Azura that I will jump off the roof…" Amused by her words he focused on his elven friend for a moment before addressing the elder Mage.

"Before doing something we might regret later… or maybe not, I brought a present for you Idris," With a wave of his hand a glyph appeared on the snow covered ground before rising from it leaving a paralyzed orc behind. "Sorry if the red bow is missing but I was in a hurry, our friend over here along with the rest of his group were hired to keep every Mage they saw away from Winterhold. I got very little info from him but perhaps you can help with that…feel free to use our torture chamber"

"And him?" Nadira nodded towards Olaf.

"Oh, right. Perhaps our Healers can do something before he becomes a full vampire and also we´ll need some Illusionist to keep him in control. Right now I have my hands full but I´m sure you´ll find someone to help you." With that he turned around and marched into the Hall followed closely by Nadira.

It was more than obvious that his words were for Hulda who almost immediately approached the Master Alterator.

"I´m sure you are aware that someday that is going to come back and bite you in the ass, mark my words," As soon as they walked into the Hall his friend didn´t hesitate in sharing her thoughts, Adrian chuckled at the shocked expressions on the faces of the civilians before they climbed up the stone steps.

"Miriam will watch her like a hawk, she might be old but not stupid," She nodded at his words as they continued their way up to the Arch-Mage´s chambers. "He should be fine with some healing potions if not Idris will put him out of his misery."

They reached the top minutes later where Talion, who sat on the wooden bench, was waiting for them.

"If you hurry you´ll get in time for the Vampire bonfire down stairs, maybe you can cook your dinner while you are at it." The Nord chuckled at his friends poisonous words before addressing Adrian.

"Your Arch-Mage is out of danger friend, the healers took care of his wounds. He wants to talk to you before going to sleep." Adrian nodded and walked into the room. Nadira sat beside Talion who immediately put his arms around her. "How about we go and find ourselves a comfy bed? What do you say to that woman?"

The Bosmer elf simply took his helmet and threw it through the door. "Fetch…" With that she shoved his arm off her and crossed her arms.

Adrian tried his best to ignore his friends as he walked around the botanic garden. He passed one of the healers who carried a plate full of bloody bandages while the other one collected the empty flasks; she bowed before leaving them alone.

"How many…?" The Arch-Mage´s question caused Adrian to sigh as he sat on the wooden chair next to his bed. Tiredly, the young Mage pushed his hood back revealing his dark locks as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Too many to count them all…the same for the villagers," He leaned back against the chair while rubbing his forehead. "All this was planned months ago…someone from the inside betrayed us, they knew where to look"

The elder Mage nodded at his students words. "The mind of the man is weak if you know what the man is craving for; luckily for us what they were looking for is no longer in this realm…thanks to you they will never find her again."

Adrian scoffed slightly. "Yes, try telling that to my father. When he hears about this I´m sure I´ll never leave the house ever again…I just pray he won´t tell Mamie or I´ll be grounded for life." His mentor chuckled at his words.

"You are truly blessed, young Mage. You have many around you that care for you and you should be thankful for that." The Arch-Mage moved carefully as he lay down on his bed. "Please make sure that our fallen brothers and sisters have a proper burial and inform Miriam to write to their families…it´s all we can do for them right now."

Adrian nodded sighing tiredly before looking at the ceiling. "Alfred is going to have my head for this..."

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