"OUT YOU GO YOU INCOMPETANT MAT!" I said as I threw out the frustrating mat outside. Why were mat's so hard to deal with? I never actually felt one, but it's just an inanimate object. How hard were mats? Well, this just answered my question. I never really want to deal with mats again, unless... hehehehee... Wiggling my fingers, I started to warm up. It's been a while since I used magic. Well, more like a few hours, but that's like a century to me! Walking back into the house, I looked around and found that it was spotless. So, I decided to start painting. With my magic, I got the paint buckets in front of me and decided which colour I should use. I had 20 different colours to choose from. What would complement the furniture? Scanning the colours, I found out that each colour would actually complement the furniture really well. GENIUS! Magic flew through the air when I got the paint brushes and dipped them into the colours, then; I splattered all the paint onto one wall. These were going to be abstract walls!

Working until I broke into sweat, I lasted about 30 minutes and have finished 3 walls in the living room. 1 more to go! Whoopee... I wonder, I thought... But I got nowhere with thinking because I fell on the floor asleep.

"Daddy? Mommy? Brother? Everyone? Why are you all on the floor sleeping? I thought we are supposed to be running from the big bad wolf! Why is the woods red Mommy? You told me it was green and brown. Daddy? Are we there? You told me I could play with brother when we got there. Brother? Are you still hungry?"

There was this little girl that kept going around asking the people of her clan to get up and run. She was masked with shock and confusion. Like what was happening, are mom and dad okay? I could faintly see her, clearest is a blur. The harder I looked, the more detailed it got. This little girl had black hair and black eyes. She was starting to cry... like she finally found out what had happened. Despair took over her body and she was filled with black smoke, the other Ayakashi and the other clans flew over there to kill the only survivor. I could see that she had fled, but when looking around, the assassins were cheering and happy, but weary looking. They thought they had won. Later, they left. I was still there, watching the people on the ground. Walking hesitantly, I went step by step closer to the dead bodies. Inspecting the one the little girl had called mommy, I bent down to look at her face. My hands cuddled her face as she lay there emotionless, pale and drained of life. About to put her face to rest, mommy's eyes fluttered and opened. Gasping in surprise, I jumped back and started to run. Suddenly, she was standing in front of me. Started by the intrusion, I fell backwards and stared in horror at mommy's dead corpse walking towards me. She was muttering something. Coming up to me, she clamped her white hand on my shoulder and peered into my eyes with her un-soulful ones.

"Run, darling. Run and don't look back. Live a life somewhere and don't be found, run! Remember that we love all love you very much Amaya."

And I finally got it. I was that little girl.

Waking up from the nightmare, I found this girl with, how to say, I found this girl who was very well developed shaking my shoulders and yelling at me.

"Wake up stranger! What are you doing at Yuuto's house? As his girl-" this girl was cut off by this guy who looked a lot like Yuuto. Everything was blurry.

"Hey, I know this girl. She was the one who came into class..." now Yuuto was heading my way. While walking over, his cat was stalking him with her vicious eyes. Suspicion in his eyes, he asked, "What are you doing here?"