The Final Note

Appreciations: To the author of this fine diary who lost her life to drugs and all who read it. And whoever reads this story.

Disclaimer: I own a copy of Go Ask Alice and Jay's Journal, but I am not the owner or publisher of them.

Because the drugs never work, they're gonna give you a smirk, 'cause they got methods of keeping you clean. They're gonna rip up your heads, your aspiration to shreds, another cog in the murder machine.

The murdered do hunt their murderers.

-Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

Your POV

You had been living in this new town for a while now. It was nice enough, but you had recently heard faint rumors about drugs being sold to small children. The very horror you can only imagine what others must think and how the children got addicted.

You have just taken a stroll around the new neighborhood full of rather large houses when a small paper flew out of an open window towards you. Surprised you watched as it fluttered in the non-existent breeze until it floated close enough to pick it up without moving. Curiously you looked towards the now mysteriously closed window and back to the paper. Cautiously you bent down and picked up a small piece of paper. It was stark white and crinkled in your hands. The handwriting was in black ballpoint pen, neat, and curled letters. Surprised (once again) you took another look at the window and turned so your back was to the sun letting the light brighten the page. Preparing for something like a to-do list, your eyes widen when you actually read it.

Dear stranger,

I do not know who you are. I do not know if you are male or female. I don't know if you were on your way home to wife and kids or if you're going to the store. I don't know you, but I need to ask a favor anyway.

You see this is my suicide note. Now do not drop this paper yet you have come to far already. It is not a big favor truly. You see I am in pain. So much pain over a little button in my soda. I do not have enough room in this paper to tell you everything, but I can tell you I have fallen down the rabbit hole. My parents and siblings think I'm through, but you can never get back up once you've fallen. I cannot go back to the pain. The pain of seeing my family horrified. The pain of a friend's betrayal, the pain of not remembering the year or even my own name, the pain of being raped the painful magic of drugs.

I know I am taking the easy way out so please do not pity me or look down on me. I am guess I am being ironic since they were my beginning and my end.

My wish is that you give this note to everyone. I want people to know the pain of drugs. I want people to know what they reduce you to.

I want people to help others instead of just watching.

I want you to save me.


After you finish reading you sneer and drop the paper in the street.

Author's note: Woooo! Done, did you like? Please give criticism.