The night of Grunt's Rite, Wrex found Shepard sitting away from the rest of the group.

Jack and Jacob were taking bets towards how many shots of neon green booze the young krogan could hit before passing out, and others from Clan Urdnot were laughing and throwing out a few credits, as well. That was usually exactly her sort of entertainment, which was what surprised him when he realized she wasn't anywhere to be found. Instead, she was sitting in Cerberus black, white, and gold, legs dangling over the side of the cement slab she was perched on top of.

Urz was curled up at her back, though the fishdog lifted his head and then slinked off when he saw Wrex's approach.

"I've never seen you turn down a drink before, Flynn," he muttered, grunting under his breath as he settled his massive form down next to her. When she raised a bottle from where it'd been placed at her side for him to see, Wrex gave a knowing, "Ah."

Shepard took a long drink out of the bottle before passing it over to him. He took the offering without a word and downed the remaining few fingers of liquid. "You never told me there were fireflies on Tuchanka," she said. Leaning forward, hands planted on either side of her knees, her eyes traveled from the ground beneath her to the line of Tomkah trucks and crates of food in front of her to the sky above. With the sun set hours before, there was nothing to see overhead except stars and the faint outline of pale orange clouds. The colors were different from Earth, a palette to match their surroundings.

Closer than the stars, however, there were smaller dots of light, quickly moving this way and that. She hadn't seen many fireflies back home, but she knew well enough what they looked like.

"Those?" Running his thick tongue over his lips for the last biting taste of alcohol, Wrex chuckled. "That's not fire. Probably radiation or something."

Her first reflex was to give him a soft punch in his arm.

Her second was to lean against him, head against his shoulder and a hand curled around his bicep, callused fingers brushing over his warm, leathery skin.

She did both, sighing fitfully until her temple rested against the smooth curve of his armor. "They're still nice to watch."

"Yeah," Wrex murmured. "They are."