"All hostiles... non-hostile."

"Hah." Adrenaline drove Wrex to be even louder than before, and his huff of a laugh echoed up through the ExoGeni tower, vaulting nearly as high as the ceiling and ringing around them.

Shepard watched as he ducked behind the cover Tali was hugging like it was some long lost friend. He boosted the quarian up around her waist and nearly dragged her out in the open, placing her indelicately right between them. "You've really gotta stop hiding when things start getting fun."

"My shields can only take so much punishment," Tali reminded him as she cradled her shotgun in her arms. "Unlike you two, I'm not a portable tank."

Laughing at that, Shepard shook her head. "Don't mind him." She glanced in the krogan's direction to see him waiting, anticipating what it was she had to say. She didn't disappoint. "There's a reason the krogan don't have two brains despite all of their other redundant organs. They don't use that one as much."

"That's not –"

Tali's quick attempt at tempering Shepard's comment with an edge of youthful diplomacy stopped short when she realized Wrex was laughing. He grabbed at the shoulder of her heavy armor and tugged her closer, turning the commander around in the direction they were originally heading. Before the geth got in their way.

Content that they wouldn't be attacked for a while, he rested his hand at her small of her back, beneath her assault rifle and above her shotgun.

"Wouldn't get anything done if I hid," she could hear him say up ahead, though she knew he was talking to Shepard and not among the party as a whole. "You'd kill 'em all before I could get a shot in."

A/N: Thank you everyone for the alerts and reviews and whatnot! I just wanted to say that these are so short for a reason. They're drabbles as opposed to chapters. Brief little snapshots from Flynn and Wrex's relationship. Most of them are going to be out or order, too, so... it's basically just fluff vomit because there is such a lack of femShep/Wrex in this fandom!