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"Hello" - Talking

´Hello´ - Thinking

Forbidden Sweets and Breakable Rules

Daten City. The city on the fault line between Heaven and Hell. The humans here lives under constant threats of attacks from ghosts, evil spirits and the like. Every day the city is battled over by the messengers of God and the servants of Satan. But even here does love bloom.

The Church.

Stocking Anarchy was lying on her bed, currently eating an Angel Food Cake while writing in her diary, occasionally kicking or stabbing the life out of Chuck before throwing him out of her room.

Dear diary: Its been months now since I first met the demon sisters, Scanty and Kneesocks. They're our enemies, but furthermore, they are our rivals. But Kneesocks.. Oh, the mere thought of Kneesocks! Although it does anger me, she has such stunning features! What I wouldn't do to have her right here, right now; her hair, her -horn-, and especially her glasses! She's such a hot meganekko.. I could worship her perfect body all day and night.. Amongst other things.

Who would've known that girls had so much more to offer than guys?

Before Stocking could finish her writing, her door was bashed upon followed by the yelling of Panty, her sister.

"Oooi! Stocking! Trouble in town again, most likely the fucking bitch demons! Hurry up, I got guys waiting for me and they aren't gonna blow themselves!"

Stocking sighed. Her sister was a nymphomaniac slut, and she was glad she didn't share that trait. But when it came to Kneesocks, she could consider it. A lot.

"Yeah yeah, I'm on it!" Stocking said as she swallowed the last bit of her cake on her way out of the room, her diary casually thrown away across the room. Getting out of her room, she immediately joined her sister to their incredibly speedy automobile "See Through".

As they sped off towards the scene of action, and ignoring Panty's constant talk about sex or how annoying the demons or ghosts was, Stocking ran through the same scenario in her head over and over.

´I'm gonna meet Kneesocks! I'm gonna meet Kneesocks! Fuck it! What should I do? ! I'm not used to be.. Like this! God fucking damn it! Its not like I can be casual around her… She's the enemy! If only… Oh! Hang on now, what if I lure her away in the midst of fighting… That could work! With no interfering, I could perhaps… Yes, Yes! That can work! Hah!´

With a sly smirk decorating her face, Stocking was in her own little world with her fantasies running rampart. Only after a "light" punch to the shoulder did she snap out of her trance, her eyes glaring at her nymphomaniac-sister. "What was that for?"

Panty frowned and spat right back. "Its here! Those fucking bitch demons are releasing ghosts right over there in case you've become blind!"

"Tch, shut up. Lets just get this done and over with." Stocking muttered.

"Yeah! Lets fuck them up!" Panty replied loudly.

Oh wicked spirit born of a lost soul in limbo; receive judgement from garb of the Holy Virgin; cleansed of worldly impurities; return to Heaven and Earth. Repent!

With weapons in hand, the sisters charged into the fray, slashing and blasting every fake ghost they could find on their way.

Meanwhile, at the heart of the ghost-infested district.

"Ahahahahahah! I would love to see the barbaric angels´s faces right now! These ghosts are not only stronger than the last ones, but they are almost twice as many!" Scanty, the older of the demon siblings, laughed loudly. Ever one to hold a grudge, she was determined to bring the angels to their knees.

"Yes, dear sister. This time we'll surely put them in their place. They will learn not to mess with our rules!

Her younger sister Kneesocks, while agreeing and fully supporting her sister in the matter, still frowned mentally while adjusting her glasses with the tip of her fingers.

"Speaking of which, there appear to be a ruckus over there. Looks like those undisciplined angels have arrived!"

Scanty´s face immediately lit up with glee; revenge was in their grasp now. "Fantastic! Shall we?"

Kneesocks nodded at her sister with a confident smirk. "Of course."

May the earth shatter; may the oceans dry; may the sun extinguish itself; grant upon us the power of Our Lord Satan in Hell. We are demons! High Class Commander Demons!


"And her sister, Kneesocks!"

The demon siblings rushed over to the fray, armed and ready to take on the angels. While both of them seemed more than willing to settle the score, Kneesocks was less thrilled about it for a single reason; ever since her first meeting with the angel sisters, her thoughts had always on at least one occasion per day been about Stocking. It sickened her how that unruly, gluttony angel yet appeared as a beautiful form of life. The fact that it was a girl didn't bother as much, hell, she and her sister Scanty was every now and then enjoying each other in the incestuous acts of pleasure.

´Tch! Now I -have- to see her… That angel.. There got to be a way around. I've been able to resist the urges for so long, but its getting harder! Why, no, HOW can I like that detesting glutton? !´ The horned demon's face was grim, completely sunken in annoyance and confusion. Her grip tightened around her weapons as she and her sister made a final dash and ended up in the centre of the battlefield; all fake ghosts in the vicinity had already been taken care of, and the angels were in sight, charging.

´Not good!´

Stocking and Panty had just finished off the last of the fake ghosts; due to being fake, they could hardly take a punch. The two angels had a minute or two to breath before they noticed two familiar faces dashing towards them. Panty grinned, loading Backlace in preparation.

"Took them long enough! I'll handle gun-bitch, you take care of scythe-bitch!"


´Time to put the plan in motion!´ Stocking thought with a small, cunning smile. She took off her panties, handing them to her sister who made another gun out of them. Taking off her other stocking, and now wielding her two katanas Stripes 1 and 2, both angels were ready and charged towards the demons.

Edge met edge with the company of bullets as the two pairs clashed. Scanty and Panty ran and jumped around the battlefield of wrecked cars and partly ruined buildings, showering each other with bullets while Kneesocks and Stocking battled it out a few yards from their respective sister. The demon swung her twin scythes, Double Gold Spandex, rapidly at the gothic angel, each potential strike being blocked or parried by the katanas and vice versa. As the two fought, Stocking allowed a small grin to form on her lips; during the bladed brawl, she had jumped and occasionally running further away from Panty and Scanty into an alley. Kneesocks had taken the bait, much to Stocking's delight. The demon pursued her into the remote alley where they clashed blades once more. Crossing blades, Stocking smiled at Kneesocks, much to the latter's confusion.

"What are you smiling for?" Kneesocks asked, clearly annoyed with Stocking and the whole situation. Alone with the angel she loathed, yet made her heart beat faster than ever before. Stocking simply giggled, her cute face, framed by her alternative hair, slowly turning to a scarlet shade which both amazed and annoyed Kneesocks further.

"Oh silly Kneesocks.." Stocking said in a sweet tone. "I'm just being happy!"

"Tch, for what?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Stocking teased cutely, causing the demon to blush heavily. Stocking giggled upon noticing the blush; she had adored that aspect of Kneesocks the most.

"Aww, Kneesocks you're blushing~" Kneesocks remained blushing, her strength to keep Stocking's katanas in place slowly disappearing. "I-I blush easily.."

´Curses! That hideous smile of hers! Must… Not.. Look..´ Kneesocks mentally chanted in her head, but to no avail: her eyes could not be fully torn away from the gothic angel, and for every second she absorbed her visage, she felt herself loosing control.

"Oh? I wonder, how did that happen, neh? It couldn't have been because.. " Stocking shifted her weapons aside, guiding Kneesocks weapons away in the process, allowing herself to step closer to the demon.

´This is too good to be true! Her reaction.. Could it possibly be..? Please, let me not wake up! I want this to be real!´ "…Because of me, could it?" Stocking said with a smile. Kneesocks arched her head backwards, trying to get away. Her legs wouldn't move.

"I-I blush easily n-no matter the circumstances! And don't get too close, please!"

With a giggle, Stocking stepped even closer. "You're not very convincing, Kneesocks.. Aahn~ Just saying your name feels so heavenly~" The angel almost sang, her voice being on the border of lustful and romantic, causing the demon to raise an eyebrow in confusion.

"..What are you on about? This is why I've never understood you angels. T-This is why rules are needed, to solve this chaos you call freedom, and-"

"Kneesocks." Stocking said, silencing said demon. The two of them stared at each other. "Shut up. I honestly don't give a shit about your rules and whatnot. All I care for right now is you, and me, together. Deal with it."

The angel's speech left Kneesocks utterly flabbergasted and stunned. This rule-breaking, undisciplined brat continuously showed no respect, nor did she make any sense; Kneesocks reached the boiling point, no one messes with the rules!

"Now hang on a minute! I know that the concept of rules and order may be too hard for a bottom-feeding brute like you to understand, but this is disgraceful! Rules are not meant to be broken, and order are not to be thrown into chaos! Angels and Demons have been rivals since Creation, and i-if you're implying what I think y-you are then you're not only causing disorder but also breaking a MAJOR TABOO RRUURRUUE-" At this point Kneesocks was almost hyperventilating, her face blushing light red like a beetroot. What stopped her loud rambling was the soft lips of Stocking; she pressed her lips, engaging the demon in a traditional French-kissing make out, effectively draining Kneesocks energy and silencing her.

Kneesocks was in complete shock. The angel she both hate and secretly loved was kissing her, over and over. Her strength left her, causing her to drop her scythes. She was at the mercy of the gothic angel, her will was uneven and for every second she failed to resist, the more she came to want more from her captive of love.

´This cant be! I.. The rules..! Stop it… I…Oh… Oh goodness gracious..!´ Kneesocks thought over and over, but the soft pair of lips that kissed her was more than she could bare. While she and her sister Scanty had always been rough and wild, this was a whole new level; the gently, passionate and romantic kisses fired multiple sparks through her body and mind. THIS is what she wanted.

´Finally! I've been dreaming of this for months… This better not be a dream!´ Stocking thought merrily to herself. She had let go of her weapons as well, her hands now tenderly cupping the red face of Kneesocks. She eventually stopped kissing the demon, a single thin string of saliva connecting their lips as a result. Stocking stared into the dazed expression of her love interest with a smirk.

"You have NO idea of how badly I´ve wanted to do that.. I´ve always enjoyed forbidden sweets.." She said with a smile. Kneesocks simply stared right back at her, her lips slightly smiling in return. She adjusted her angular glasses.

"Ah… Uhm…I..I guess.. There are some.. Breakable rules, I suppose.."

Stocking giggled, followed by Kneesocks chuckle shortly after. They stared at each other in silence for a few minutes, letting everything sink in. Their breathing was heavy and their hearts beat at swift rate.

Stocking, while still cupping Kneesocks face with one hand, let the other hand grab hold of the tie she was wearing, gently pulling it to draw the demon's face closer, which Kneesocks happily obliged. They shared another lovely kiss, this time with Kneesocks kissing consciously back, her arms wrapped around the waist of the gothic angel, and vice versa. A tight, loving embrace.

Pale lips met red lips, kisses were exchanged, and their tongues danced in harmony. A blissful trance, their make out continued for what could have been an hour, or just mere minutes, they couldn't tell the difference. Regardless, Kneesocks suddenly stopped, causing Stocking to frown.

"What is it?" She asked. Kneesocks turned her face away.

"Since we've.. Ended up in this situation, I should… Apologise for calling you fat that time.. Amongst other things.."

Stocking stared at Kneesocks, clearly surprised for a second or two before letting out a giggle, earning yet another look of disarray from the demon.

"Forgiven and forgotten… as long as you don't call me that ever again." Stocking said with a glare that quickly softened with a grin. She back off a few steps spun around before stopping and put a hand on her chest and the other on her hips.

"Besides, all fat ends up in the right places, especially my breasts!" She said with a wink towards a blushing Kneesocks. "Places you're about to explore for yourself, in the near future."

Kneesocks felt a small stream of blood run down from her nose; quickly wiping it off, she smirked back at Stocking, adjusting her glasses. "Heh, selling yourself so quickly?" Stocking frowned, giving the demon a stern glare. "Don't mistake me for my sister. I prefer to have sex with one I love, rather than simple pleasure. I'll wait patiently.." Stocking finished with a soft tone and a gentle smile, which earned a smile in return from Kneesocks who stepped up to her, gently snaking an arm around her waist.

"Good answer.. Now, where were we?"

Stocking smirked. "The part where you initiate the kiss, passionately..~"

"Of course.. Ah yes, before I forget.."


Kneesocks flashed her fangs with a sly grin. "My unwritten rule; You. Are. Mine."

Stocking giggled with a cocky grin back at her lover. "That's one rule I can obey, as long as it goes both ways."

Kneesocks nodded. "Naturally~" And with that, she kissed Stocking lovingly, as they hugged each other tightly, not willing to let go.

Time was forgotten. They were in their own little world, with no intention of leaving anytime soon.

Meanwhile, in the shadows, a pair of demonic eyes stared at the two with jealousy. A beaten and bruised Scanty was watching, her teeth gritting and her fists tightening.

"Hmph! Look at those two… And here I was worried that the angel bitch had done something horrible to you Kneesocks-san.. Though its quite evidently that she's done something at least, heh."

Scanty continued to observe her sister and Stocking, how they hugged and kissed so tenderly and affectionately. She sighed heavily, her anger being vented as her scowl remain on her face, but slowly turned into a sly grin.

"Though, it does give me ideas… Kneesocks-san seems to enjoy it, maybe it isn't so bad.." She let out a quiet snicker. "I ought to try that myself.. But NOT with that blonde whore of an angel. No.. Heh heh heh… Stocking Anarchy.. You better prepare yourself."

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