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Forbidden Sweets and Breakable Rules

Chapter 2

Daten City.

Two weeks had passed since the incident back in the city. Officially, for at least Panty, that was the last time the Anarchy angel sisters had met the devil sisters.

Same thing couldn't be said for her sister Stocking. Today was Friday and like any Friday or any other day in general, Panty would be out the whole day and evening to pay a visit to as many bars and clubs as possible while getting laid as much as possible.

Meaning that Stocking had the church to herself, mostly. Garterbelt would be off somewhere, doing God knows what, and Chuck would just linger around the house. All part of her plan.

"Oi, Stocking! Are you sure you don't want to come with me to the clubs? Lots of hunky guys are going to be there~!" Stocking Anarchy simply rolled her eyes while reading a book about desserts. "I'll pass. You go and be a whore on your own."

"What was that? !" Panty yelled, now running up to her sister, fuming. "At least I get exercise so I don't end up being a fat cow that hogs the couch!" Stocking glared at her, obviously upset, but she returned her attention towards the book while pointing at her ample chest. "All fat goes here. Where it counts. The reason you get laid a lot is because you're easy and the guys need a dumpster."

Panty glared daggers at her sister, but said nothing. She eventually turned around and stomped her way out of the living room, grabbing her coat on the way. "Fucking fatass bitch!" She yelled before slamming the front door behind her on the way out. Stocking simply sighed before a smile crept over her lips, and immediately grabbed her cell phone, punching the numbers in without a second thought.

She listened patiently for the person to pick up. A couple of dial tones occurred before a voice finally answered it. A voice that she longed to hear every day and every night when the person wasn't around. The voice that made her heart melt no matter what it said.

"Mochi mochi, Kneesocks speaking."

"Hey there~" Stocking purred into the phone. Her smile grew wider as she heard a light gasp, followed by heavy panting into the speaker. "Do you always have to purr like that whenever you call? You know that I blush easily…" Kneesocks said with a shaky voice. Stocking giggled into the phone. "It's a bad habit… Anyway, I just called to tell you that…. I have the place for myself."

Silence dawned over them. The only thing they heard over the line was each others heavy breaths until Kneesocks finally spoke up in a still shaky, but yet sultry tone. "Give me five minutes, yeah?" Stocking giggled again, returning the husky voice. "Five minutes, demon-darling… That's a R.U.L.E." With nothing but a snicker as a reply, Kneesocks hung up, leaving the gothic angel smirking to herself as she leant back with a content smile. She would finally meet her girlfriend again after two days. Two long days of not having the girl of her dreams in her arms and kiss her passionately. Ever since they confessed to each other two weeks ago, they had met in secrecy at hotels, the church, or just spending their dates around town, and so far it had been no problems.

But little did the two lovers know, that a fell wind was blowing.

The red-skinned demon smiled happily as closed her cell phone. She could tell that she was blushing, but she dismissed it at this point. Knowing that she and her angel girlfriend would soon be together again in a empty house. It would just be the two of them.

Kneesocks kept snickering at the thought. "I feel like I'm dreaming… Me and Stocking, together! Who would've thought…"

"Who would've thought what?" Said a voice behind her, startling the one-horned demon who released a loud, short scream. She turned around swiftly only to see that the voice belonged to Scanty, her sister, who stood near the open door with a smirk. "Did I scare you Kneesocks-san? Sorry about that, but I couldn't help overhear you talking. So, who would've thought…What?" Scanty asked in a false curious tone. Kneesocks tried to regain her composure, coughing nervously as she did. "I-I-I was just thinking loudly to myself! Yes, exactly!" The glasses-wearing demon stuttered, already feeling her face beginning to heat up again. She tried to keep herself calm and collective, but the piercing gaze of Scanty made it hard for her.

"Thinking loudly huh?" Scanty said, getting a shaky nod from Kneesocks. The green-haired demon kept staring with a sceptical look until she sighed. "I wont pry then. Anyway, what are your plans for today?"

Kneesocks let out a sigh of relief. "Just.. Going out, take a look around and relax before our big job next week, you know." Her sister Scanty resumed her sceptical visage for a few seconds before turning around to leave the room. "Right. I'll see you later then. Have fun." The green-haired demon-sister began again after a single step. "Your face is as red as a beetroot."

Scanty marched out of the room, now walking aimlessly around their lair with a heavy frown, accompanied by fuming thoughts. ´Tch! Yeah you'll have fun alright! Seeing that angel again…! I know you've seen her these past weeks, evading my watchful eyes in the process… But! This time, you'll see! I'll definitely follow you without fail, and then we'll see who have fun!´ The green-haired demon snickered to herself in a low tone as she went ahead for preparations. Her foul mood had been replaced by a cunning malice; a malice that was fuelled by its own wants and needs.

And Scanty felt at that moment that she couldn't be happier.

Adjusting her glasses with her fingertips, Kneesocks walked calmly, but still with a sense of urgency. Every now and then, she would quicken her pace, checking her watch just as frequently. Kneesocks had decided to wear a black tank top with a pair of jeans to go with it. Casual, but something Stocking hadn't seen her wear yet.

She let out a happy sigh. "Just up this hillside…. Oh I can't wait!" The demonette smiled greatly as she sprinted the last few yards until she stood right in front of the door to the church. She took a deep breath to calm herself down before her finger was pressed against the doorbell. Her excitement grew stronger, resulting in her body tensing up as each second passed and as every sound of footsteps was heard.

Kneesocks nearly burst when the door handle was facing downwards, the door itself opening up.

They both looked passionately into each others eyes, their lips unable to hide their joy.

"Hi there…"

"Hi yourself…"

And their feelings got hold of their bodies, along with the actions that ensued. Their lips was tightly locked together, while their arms embraced the other's body, grabbing and stroking every inch of their backs and waist. Fingers was occasionally buried within the long lines of hair of the two of them while their tongues snaked around in their dens, moist and warm.

While the angel and the demon themselves forgot about the concept of time, any third party person would have counted it to be a full ten minutes before the two of them came to a stop, only to gaze lovingly at each other.

"I've… missed you…" Stocking said in a dry response, clearly dazed with love at the moment. Kneesocks began to reply, only to fully eye her girlfriend up and down and process the image of what she was wearing; a dark blue long-sleeve shirt with a black corset over it, and a black/purple skirt with matching stockings and a simple black choker. Her hair was set up in a similar ponytail as Kneesocks.

Kneesocks had successfully been silenced, and could only blush over her girlfriend's beauty.

"You…I… I mean…uuh…"

Stocking giggled. "Like what you see? I got it arranged, just for you~" She stepped back slightly, only to slowly spin around to give her demon girlfriend a full proper view. "Well? How does it look?"

Kneesocks stared wide-eyed at Stocking for a few seconds, before she finally managed to snap out of her daze. As she reached out to gently caressing Stocking's cheek, she smiled. "You look absolutely gorgeous, Sugar-Cake…" The gothic angel, while originally surprised, smiled sweetly back, leaning in to catch another kiss. "Thank you~ As do you, my Darling Succubus…"

They shared a heated kiss before Stocking pulled Kneesocks inside, closing the door. Today was going to be a great day.

Scanty, hiding in some nearby bushes, watched with jealousy as her sister and enemy angel kissed ever so passionately before heading inside. Jealousy aside, she felt a mixture of feelings; anger, betrayal, curiosity and lust all at once. Anger and jealousy because of what Kneesocks and Stocking had between them and what they were doing, betrayal of just exactly what Kneesocks was doing with the enemy. She was curious though about the whole thing, and she would be lying if she said that she wasn't interested in Stocking, or found the situation she just watched to be in her words "Hot and exciting."

Scanty crawled out of her hiding spot. "Looks like I'll have my own fun sooner than I thought. As long as I can get inside that is…" The green-haired demon silently sneaked up to the church wall, to the nearby windows. Checking the first window to see it was locked, which it was, Scanty silently moved on to the next one a few feet away. To her grim joy, it was opened up a bit, enough for her to open it up fully with some effort.

´And now we play the waiting game…´ Scanty thought with glee. She silently hurried out of the kitchen and headed for the currently best place to hide; the bathroom.

´This will leave the angel open and alone… Perfect!´

The grim smirk on Scanty´s lips was ever so wide at that moment. But that's what it was; temporarily. Various thoughts entered her mind all at once, leaving her to question herself and her actions.

"….What am I doing? Am I honestly hiding in a enemy bathroom, waiting for my own sister's girlfriend to step in so I can get in on that action?" She shook her head. "This is exactly what those unruly toilet-angels would do! Have I honestly stepped so low..? No! I haven't been so rule-breaking that I'm at such low level! I merely… I merely…!"

Scanty stared at the nearby mirror. Her reflection stared right back at her, and soon her lips smiled wickedly.

"I'm merely going to experiment. And that angel just so happens to be my sister's girlfriend. No sweat."

The couple had entered Stocking's room a few minutes ago, and they were already all over each other in a dreamy daze of kisses and touching. Sitting on the gothic angel's bed, which had black and green striped sheets, the two of them kissed with a passion that seemed to never fade. Kneesocks had now positioned herself atop of Stocking's lap, running her fingers through the violet/pink hair while meeting her lips in a make-out session that was beyond romantic. Their ponytails swayed with every motion, their touch sent jolts of pleasure throughout their bodies. Despite of all of this happening, they could only let out muffled moans until Stocking withdrew for oxygen.

"Mmh… Hah… Kneesocks…" She panted lightly, the look in her eyes beaming with affection towards her red-skinned girlfriend. "I…I love you… I love you so fucking much…"

Those words had been exchanged a lot since the two of them found each other, and every time they were spoken, it filled their hearts with a joy that made reduced everything else next to nothing important. After all, they had secretly harboured feelings for each other for a long time; those feelings needed to be vented out.

"Hate to break it to you Sugar-Cake, but I love you even more." Kneesocks said with a smirk before catching Stocking's lips once more, kissing her with all her might. They didn't have a clue about time, but eventually Stocking pulled back yet again with a sheepish smile on her cute face.

"Eheh… Will you excuse me for a minute? I need to freshen up a bit."

A light chuckle was her reply, along with a light kiss on her nose. The demonette simply smiled with a light nod before Stocking got up and hastily went to the bathroom down the hallway.

Closing the door, the gothic angel immediately went to the sink and turned on the cold water, splashing some on her face. The coolness of the water and the heat from her face clashed and settled, only for the cold to win. She felt her heart begin to beat more slowly as she calmed down; while she didn't look like it, she was feeling like shout and running around due to her joy and excitement.

"Geez Stocking, calm down already… Be confident." She stared at her reflection in the mirror with a smile. "This isn't a dream… Is it?"

"It may appear like it, but don't worry; I'll bring you down to the reality." A familiar voice behind her said, catching her off guard. Before she could retaliate however, Stocking found that an object was pressing against the back of her head, rendering her unable to move. Thanks to the mirror though, she didn't need to.

"Scanty..! What are-"

"Save it. I aint interested in your questions. You know, I have to admit; while traps like this is degradingly simple, it worked wonderfully. Remain still would you, and please don't get any idea of yelling. It'll be a lot more pleasurable if you remain silent during the ordeal."

"W-what?! What ordeal- Ahh!" Stocking let out a yelp as she was cut short by Scanty who, beyond Stocking's understanding, was groping her right breast in a manner that was anything but gentle. The gun was still pressed against the back of her head, which forced her to remain still, much to her despair. Scanty however seemed to enjoy the situation quite a lot, judging by her mocking grin.

"Mmm.. It feels so good, massaging these fleshy pillows of yours. I'm almost envious of the size, even if I am not that far behind. No matter, I'll just help myself to what you have to offer." She leant in, her wet tongue touching the skin of Stocking's neck in a repeated motion of up and down, still groping the angel. Said angel whimpered and squirmed slightly during the process, which didn't go unnoticed.

"Oh my, a bit rebellious are we? Don't be. I promise you, whatever Kneesocks-san did, I can do better~ " The demon nibbled on the angel's earlobe, whispering. "The thought about this occurred the moment I saw you and my sister that time."

Stocking's eyes widened, only able to watch from the corners of her eyes the smirking face of the green-haired demon. "You thought you were completely alone? I saw everything from the shadows. Naturally, I was against it, but then again… I cant say that my sister has no taste; you're not like your whore of a sister." She licked Stocking's earlobe continuously whenever she paused from talking, creating a blush on the angel's face. "Quite the opposite rather. I never gave it much thought, but at that time, I definitely knew. You are highly desirable~" Stocking wanted to scream, to just spin around and attack the demon that was harassing her, but her body wouldn't move. It couldn't move.

"Now.." Scanty said in a voice that was not unlike that of a moan. "I want you to tell Kneesocks-san that you aren't feeling well, and she should go home. Oh, you and I are going to have so much fun together~" Scanty´s hand let got of the marvellous breast she had been touching, letting it slowly trail down to the skirt, then underneath it. The angel let out a short gasp as the red fingers poked at her core, grinding teasingly for entrance.

"Go on. Call for her. Tell her what I told you… Once she's gone, I'll treat you real ni-"

The bathroom door was sliced open into several pieces, scattered over the room. As Scanty was forced to back away, leaving Stocking alone, the two looked up to see a fuming Kneesocks, scythes at the ready.

"I was right to go check if Stocking was alright! Care to explain yourself, sister? !"

With a grin like she had won, Scanty composed herself, gun still in hand. "The cat is out of the bag now I suppose." She said with a cocky tone. "Its exactly what it looks like! Me and Stocking over there were about to have some quality time together before you decided to rudely interrupt us!"

"Excuse me? !" Yelled Kneesocks in retaliation, her scythes now pointing towards Scanty. "That's my girlfriend you're talking about, sister!"

"Its not like you told me about this you know!" Scanty retorted. "YOU went behind MY back by not only start a relationship, but with one of the ANGELS of all people! …. Not that I can blame you, after sampling her myself~"

Stocking, who was mildly disgusted by Scanty, quickly made her way to her girlfriend who immediately took a step in front of her in a protective manner. Kneesocks was boiling with rage, she couldn't stay silent any longer. Her grip on her weapons tightened as she slowly approached her sister with a glare.

"You're forcing me to do something I never thought I would do. Ever."

"And what would that be, sister dear?" Scanty replied in a snide tone, her guns loaded and ready. As Kneesocks stepped forward, she raised her scythes up high, and with a mighty proclaim she dashed forward.



Edges against bullets. Loud clangs with heavy booms. In a matter of seconds, the bathroom had turned into a war zone where two demons fought savagely while Stocking watched in shock. Her girlfriend was fighting her own sister over her heart; was she supposed to be swooned or appalled? A black bullet grazing her ever so narrowly snapped her back from the stun.

"How could you do this to me? ! Trying to seduce my girlfriend for your own selfish needs!"

"Look who's talking! How did you think I felt when I found out that, while I was fighting that toilet-angel to the death, YOU were off having a romantic rendezvous with the enemy! Which you didn't tell me about!" The bullets continued to rain, the sharp edges kept on slashing through anything left in the room, leaving nothing intact. The room had become a battlefield.

"How could I just tell you straight away? ! I wanted to wait for the right time!" Kneesocks yelled, her scythes slashing away any bullets within her radius. "Are you kidding? ! Its too much of a deal to keep quiet about!" Replied Scanty, firing another salve in vain. The two of them was so busy with one another, they didn't notice Stocking join in the fight, her katanas at the ready; with a loud clang, the demons weapons had been blocked and disarmed from said demons, finally ending the brawl. The sisters stared in disbelief at the angel, who stood valiantly between them.

"You're about to level the whole church if you continue on like this!" Stocking shouted. "And for the record Scanty, I have no interest in you. At all! I, Stocking Anarchy, love Kneesocks!" The angel spun around to face her darling, who she immediately kissed eagerly, wrapping her arms around the demon's midriff. Kneesocks returned the kisses just as eagerly with passion, making sure to moan a bit louder than usual for the purpose of annoying her sister greatly.

The two lovers eventually stopped and faced Scanty, who was glaring at them. "I believe the lady has spoken, sister. I hope for your sake that this is the only time I have to prove it to you." Kneesocks said with a stern voice, but her expression quickly softened. "I am sorry for not telling you right away. We'll talk more when I get back, okay?"

Scanty kept glaring daggers at the two, but slowly it faded, and the demon hung her head in defeat. Picking up her guns, Scanty began to walk out of the demolished room until she reached the remains of the door. "Kneesocks." She said in a commanding tone, gaining her sister's attention. The two shared gazes for almost a minute of silence before Scanty´s sheepish grin resurfaced.

"Your girlfriend is hot."


Kneesocks turned to her lover. "I'm so, so sorry for all of this, I honestly didn't think-"

Effectively silenced by quick kiss, Stocking grinned at Kneesocks in a sexy manner. "Forget about it. How about we resume what we started earlier? My bedroom is just upstairs…" Kneesocks felt her face heat up at the thought. "Y-Yes! L-Lets!" The angel giggled in reply. "Kneesocks, your face completely red!" "I.. Blush easily…"

It was already evening when Scanty was walking home. The clubs were busy, the streets were crowded and the demon was seething. Nothing had gone according to plan, and now she would never hear the end of how happy her sister was with her angelic girlfriend. She kicked an empty soda-can out of the way as she muttered profanities under her breath.

"Tch. Great. Just great. I bet she wont come back home until tomorrow or something… Predictable. This isn't fair. This isn't FAIR!" She yelled as she was about to turn a corner. She felt something hit her right on, forcing her to fall back onto her behind.

"Hey! Watch the fuck you're going, yeah? ! Hic!"

"I could say the same to you! How about You watch where- Huh?" What Scanty had bumped into was blonde, foul-mouthed, clad in typical club-clothes and was obviously drunk. There was no mistake.

"What are you shtaring at? Oh..? Hey! I know you! You're.. PANTY!" The blonde angel shouted, slurring and struggling to get back on her feet. The green-haired demon felt like deadpanning right then and there.

"No, you're Panty. I'm Scanty!"

"Wha…? Oh yeah! Ngahahahah!" Panty guffawed. "Thatsh right! So what, here to pick a … a… ah, whatever your bushinesh ish… Let me take off my pantishesh.."

"I rather that you kept them on. I wasn't looking for you, I was heading home, thank you. In fact, why am I even talking to you?" Scanty said, ready to draw her guns and, if anything, vent out her anger. Panty simple grinned in her drunken state, waggling from side to side. "You're right…! You know, we should.. We should… Totally make out! C´mere you.. Hic!" The angel said, effectively pulling Scanty towards her despite her drunken stupor. "W-what? ! H-Hey stop it-"

Scanty found her lips soon pressed against Panty's, who kissed the demon very thoroughly, snaking her arms around the body and pressed it tightly against hers. Scanty felt a rising urge to vomit; the breath and taste was purely alcoholic, along with something she didn't want to know what it was, and junk food. The angel's mouth was a mixer of flavours that didn't suit well with the demon. With a swift kick to the side, the angel was off, allowing Scanty to breath air again. Panty was giggling on the sidewalk, lying there without a care in the world. The demon on the other hand deadpanned without hesitation and hastily walked away from the scene.

"As I predicted; Stocking is the angel to go for." She muttered to herself.

The End

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