AN: So, this story is based on a prompt from the mass effect kink meme regarding the Shepard Siblings. To break down the prompt:

John hadn't told anyone he had a sister. Jane some how comes to join the Normandy crew. Garrus instantly takes an interest.

Full prompt at: http:/ /masseffectkink .livejournal .com /4309 .html?thread =9312213#t9312213 (without the spaces)

Guess I should also add that most of this story is actually already written and posted at the kinkmeme. Just posting it here as I revise it.

Heads up, this will content mature content in later chapters, and I will adjust the warning accordingly. Also contains some Mshep/Tali, and minor Vega/Cortez

Sister Complex

Chapter 1

"So, this is the Normandy" Lieutenant Jane Shepard muttered to her self as she gazed up at the holographic map of the ship in the center of the CIC. She'd been on one other stealth frigate during a mission in batarian space a few months back, and though it had been designed after the original Nomrandy SR-1, it had been nothing like this. No, this was a marvel of engineering and design, truly a beauty if she ever had seen one.

A few weeks back, she'd been recalled, along with numerous other units across the galaxy, to be stationed on Earth for an undefined amount of time. No one knew why, exactly, but there were rumors it had to do with the recent arrest of the famous Commander Shepard. She narrowed her eyes. iJohn.../i

She'd punched more than one FNGs for parroting the media's bias against her brother during the course of the past two years. She wasn't entirely sure what to believe, herself, but he had saved thousands of lives over the course of his career and he deserved their respect, dammit. Neither she, nor their mother, had heard anything from John since his miraculous reappearance months ago, but it was common knowledge now that he was alive and kicking, regardless of the tears shed at his funeral two years ago. Deep down in the little hole she kept her personal emotions in, she was hurt that he'd neglected to inform his own sister that he was alive. Dear big brother's face had an over due appointment with her fist...

Jane tore her eyes away from the holographic ship, and made her way up toward the cockpit. Regardless of her bitterness, she had jumped at the chance to volunteer to head up the security team posted aboard the ship as it was being retrofitted. Having a chance to be aboard the ship that her brother had commanded and loved so dearly... She'd gotten a few messages from him during his mission to catch the rogue spectre Saren, and he'd had nothing but good things to say about the ship and her crew. She would also have to admit that she took the position partly because she was bored out of her mind. She could only deal with so much time spent twiddling her thumbs before she went completely insane. She'd tried to visit her brother a few time, but getting through security was turning out to be a bitch. Upon reaching the cockpit, she greeted the pilot they'd escorted aboard earlier that morning.

"Moreau. I've heard you're quite the pilot."

"Among other things." He grinned cheekily, and she rolled her eyes, feeling a corner of her lips curl upwards. A moment later, he sighed melodramatically and added "But with all these retrofits and upgrades, I'm going to have to almost completely relearn my baby."

"She was quite impressive to begin with, I'm surpri-"

"Lieutenant Shepard!" She was interrupted by one of her marines who was jogging up toward her. He came to a halt and saluted her. "Lieutenant Shepard, you have a call from Alliance Command." She looked back to the pilot, who's eyes had gone wide suddenly as he mouthed her name silently. His eyes flicked to the N7 insignia on the chest of her hard suit, before returning to her face.

"Holy Shit."